Your fav Fripp's guitar solo

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 28 Feb 2008, 18:39

    Your fav Fripp's guitar solo

    Hi everyone, i think it might be the solo from "the night watch", it's just amazing.

  • Good topic, but way too difficult for me to answer. :/

  • Omg very hard to answer... guess Night watch is one of the most beautiful Fripp-solos anyway!!!

  • Easy.

    Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Pt. 1. This is the song that inspired me to start playing guitar. I will not rest until I can play the solo of this song.

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  • I guess it's Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part Three as far as I could recall at the moment ;]

    • iturra said...
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    • 7 May 2008, 08:56

    and: "St. Elmo's Fire" (Brian Eno)

    And what exactly is a dream?
    And what exactly is a joke?
  • I reckon it would be something on Fripp and Eno's "Evening Star", but I'm not sure which one yet.

    For King Crimson, I think I'm gonna have to go for Larks Tongues In Aspic Pt. 1

  • The Power To Believe II (EleKtrik-Version)

  • Fracture and all Larks Tongues are superb. Anyway all of his solos are amazing.

  • Off the top of my head, Baby's on Fire by Eno.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 2 Jul 2010, 11:10
    Sheltering skies, Requiem, Blue.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 10 Jul 2010, 01:30
    The intro to Larks' pt 3.... and Starless :D

    • Erol88 said...
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    • 6 Sep 2010, 13:53
    Hmm... difficult but good topic. I think Starless it would be The sheltering sky, Satori in Tangier, Larks' tongues in aspic part one. I must say I'm a big fan of live improvisations from 1973 - 1974, especially Ausbury park (one of the greatest Fripp's solos) and middle part of Easy money.

    • Yurko said...
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    • 7 Sep 2010, 18:38
    The Night Watch. Never tired of listening to it

  • 21 century schizoid Man off of earthbound (live) is killer...some of his newr stuff is great too like Constuction of light or "Fractured" or Electrik.
    Soundscapes are great too...hmmm how bout "A SAILORS TAIL" off of Islands Too many to pick from...I love that Asbury Park improv too...

    • escvdo said...
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    • 18 Oct 2010, 13:56
    rRoyTreygWyr пишет:
    Sheltering skies, Requiem, Blue.

    hmm.. Blue. From which album this composition?

  • starless. it's just brilliant.

    • t3hpez said...
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    • 3 Dec 2010, 00:42
    Fracture... and Larks' Tongues Part IV (2). Yep. Super. Sheltering Sky and Starless are of course, stunning in their own ways.

    The two years in-the-making Fuente album is called '1700 Recycled Brothers + Sisters of Bedlam'. Enjoy it for free:
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 18 Jan 2011, 21:50
    I very like solo from Sailor's Tale, but how you said its difficult to say which solo is the best

    • Dustijn said...
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    • 19 Jan 2011, 04:24
    The Night Watch

  • Starless and Lark's part I.

    Non-existing entity...
  • pictures of a city also has a great one.

  • Is there nobody, who listened to Super Heathen Child of Grinderman? This is mystical

  • Tough question, but I'd say FraKctured, Three of a Perfect Pair (live - Cirkus) and the Nightwatch...

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 17 Nov 2011, 19:10

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