• Underblood Fest VII (Recife - PE) (15/12/2012)

    1 Dec 2012, 00:00 by UltraJohnny

    O histórico evento de metal pernambucano UNDERBLOOD FEST chega à sua sétima edição, cada vez melhor. Esse ano as atrações são a pernambucana Implement (death metal) completando dez anos de banda gravando seu primeiro DVD oficial. Também estarão presentes as também pernambucanas Soterion (black metal), Salário do Pecado (brutal death metal) e After the chaos (deathcore), fazendo seu show de estreia na cena. Também estará presente no evento a banda de Salvador, Bahia, Dynamus (thrash/death metal), lançando seu primeiro álbum "Quando Estou Fraco Então Sou Forte". Não percam, pois esse evento promete!

    Underblood Fest VII
    Data: 15/12/2012
    Local: Teatro Maurício de Nassau
    Início: 21 horas
    Ingressos: R$ 10,00
    Contato: (81) 8868-6676/8809-1455

    Fonte: 15/12/12 - Underblood Fest VII (Recife - PE)
  • Vote in the MI Fullride Contest This Friday

    26 Jul 2010, 22:09 by Vyan1

    Vyan has entered the Musicians Institute Fullride Scholarship Contest on Guitar - the First Place Finisher gets all his tuition paid plus $10,000. The first round start this Friday and is open to the public for Voting -- just click here and "VOTE" to make your voice heard and push forward the next generation of great music.
  • dUg...

    30 Jun 2008, 05:01 by KingsXno1

    Doug Pinnick (born September 3, 1950 in Braidwood, Illinois) is an American musician known as the bass guitarist, songwriter, and co-lead vocalist for the hard rock/progressive metal band King's X.

    Regarded as having one of the most distinctive and soulful voices in rock, Doug is highly sought after as a guest vocalist and collaborator by many other bands and musicians. He currently has 15 albums with King's X, 5 solo albums, and numerous side projects and guest appearances to his credit.
  • Self-Titled Album and Track

    28 Dec 2007, 03:25 by _Tarkus_

    This is a sequel to a journal written on my previous account here.

    To recap, I was listening to Black Sabbath, and it struck me as odd that they had not only an album, but a track named after themselves.

    So the point of this exercise is to discover other artists that have done the same. Here is what I have so far:

    Abydos - Abydos - Abydos

    Angel Witch - Angel Witch - Angel Witch

    Animations - Animations - Animations

    Bad Company - Bad Company - Bad Company

    Bad Religion - Bad Religion - Bad Religion

    Blackfield - Blackfield - Blackfield

    Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

    Cloven Hoof - Cloven Hoof - Cloven Hoof

    Deicide - Deicide - Deicide

    Eisbrecher - Eisbrecher - Eisbrecher

    Go Four 3 - Go Four 3 - Go Four 3

    Grand Magus - Grand Magus - Grand Magus

    Hellyeah - HELLYEAH - HELLYEAH

    Horizon 8 - Horizon 8 - Horizon 8

    Iced Earth - Iced Earth - Iced Earth

    Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden

    The Jelly Jam - The Jelly Jam - The Jelly Jam

    Krux - Krux - Krux

    Living in a Box - Living In A Box - Living in a Box

    Lucifer's Friend - Lucifer's Friend - Lucifer's Friend

    Lunatic Soul - Lunatic Soul - Lunatic Soul

    Metal Church - Metal Church - Metal Church

    Minor Threat - Minor Threat - Minor Threat

    Motorhead - Motorhead - Motorhead

    Rain Tree Crow - Rain Tree Crow - Rain Tree Crow

    Return to Forever - Return to Forever - Return to Forever

    Sledgehammer - Sledgehammer - Sledgehammer

    Slowdive - Slowdive - Slowdive

    Soulfly - Soulfly - Soulfly

    The Storyteller - The Storyteller - The Storyteller

    They Might Be Giants - They Might Be Giants - They Might Be Giants

    This Light - This Light - This light

    Train - Train - Train

    Triangle Theory - Triangle Theory - Triangle Theory

    Victor - Victor - Victor

    Special thanks to gary_lankford, le_hamster, higginz, gotroot801, AuToBaNd, Loefster, CrazyChris576, retuow, alfvaen and ac196nataku for their contributions to the original journal.
  • Court rejects RIAA's 'making available' piracy argument

    30 Apr 2008, 14:09 by _Tarkus_

    April 29, 2008 6:45 PM PDT

    Court rejects RIAA's 'making available' piracy argument

    Posted by Steven Musil

    The recording industry's music piracy fight was dealt a setback Tuesday when a federal judge rejected the RIAA's "making available" argument in a lawsuit against a husband and wife accused of copyright infringement.

    In Atlantic v. Howell, Judge Neil V. Wake denied the labels' motion for summary judgment in a 17-page decision (PDF), allowing the suit to proceed to trial. The argument--that merely the act of making music files available for download constituted copyright infringement--has been the basis for the Recording Industry Association of America's legal battle against online music piracy.

    The RIAA sued husband and wife Pamela and Jeffrey Howell for copyright infringement in 2006, claiming the couple had used Kazaa to make copyrighted files available for download. In a deposition, Jeffrey Howell admitted loading the file-sharing software onto his computer and that the songs listed in the complaint were for personal use but that he had not placed the files in the program's shared folder. He said that the recordings were copies made from CDs he owned placed on the computer for personal use and not copies downloaded from Kazaa.

    He also argued that that he was not the one sharing the files, but that it was the computer that was sharing the files.

    While the couple lacks legal representation, the Electronic Frontier Foundation said it filed an amicus brief on behalf of the couple (PDF). The EFF argued against the RIAA's "making available" position, saying in a statement that it "amounts to suing someone for attempted distribution, something the Copyright Act has never recognized."

    Judge Wake apparently agreed with that position.

    "The court agrees with the great weight of authority that section 106(3) is not violated unless the defendant has actually distributed an unauthorized copy of the work to a member of the public," wrote the judge in his order. "Merely making an unauthorized copy of a copyrighted work available to the public does not violate a copyright holder's exclusive right of distribution."

    The EFF called the order the "most decisive rejection yet of the recording industry's 'making available' theory of infringement."
  • Jerry Gaskill: Email interview, March 2008 – part 2

    29 Apr 2008, 19:40 by JaseJ

    Credit to Maladroit_2 for conducting this interview - I'm just spreading the word! You can find part 1 of the interview at:


    17. How did you develop your drumming chops? How did you get unbelievable timing to go along with your speed and precision?

    A: I've never taken lessons or even sat down with anyone to have them show me anything on the drums. I've learned everything on my own. I learned from listening to records and watching some of my favorite players live. I got to see Led Zeppelin in 1970 and also in 1972 just as their fourth record came out. We had ninth row seats on the floor. They were like gods up there, we were so close to them. I learned a lot from John Bonham that night. Also throughout the years playing with other great musicians such as Ty and Dug among others I've had no choice but to try to take what I do naturally and make that work along with everybody else's ideas. Fellow musicians can see and hear some things that we might not be able to ourselves and that can be a great help....

    18. Have you ever considered stepping aside King's X for a regular paycheck doing studio work? Perhaps touring with another well known artist?

    A: I'm definitely open to whatever avenue that might become available to me. If it came about where I was asked to go on a major tour with a major artist I would do it in a second. I wouldn't leave King's X to do it. We would just have to work it out...

    19. Do you have any plans to do another solo album?

    A: I absolutely plan on doing another solo record. As a matter of fact I am going into the city soon to lay down some new ideas with a friend of mine from the band Bully who also served as my solo band along with Andee from Black Sugar Transmission and PSK. I am very much looking forward to that. When it will be done and out, I have no idea...

    20. If you could handpick other musicians for a side project, who would you choose and what kind of music would it be?

    A: I don't know. It would have to be people I feel comfortable with and feel like we have some of the same ideas on how the music should turn out. I think I just want to do my own music. Yet at the same time being a part of someone else's project can be just as enjoyable if not more so at times. I'd like to do something where I feel free to be myself...

    21. What was it like unexpectedly jamming with Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, Billy Joel, and Jimmy Buffet at Bon Jovi's party? Was it surreal to share the stage with a Beatle? How often do you bring up that night just to make Ty jealous?

    A: The whole evening was truly amazing. It was a star studded cast of people there just hanging out and being relaxed. It was a true honor to be a part of that. The greatest moment for me was after the show when Paul McCartney invited me to sit next to him and we talked just the two of us for about ten minutes. He told me Beatle stories, we talked about his thoughts on his upcoming tours. We just talked as friends. At one point he looked at me and said, "You're a good drummer, keep it up." I shared that with all the guys including Bon Jovi and they all found that quite humorous and beautiful. That night made me feel that everything can be OK. I felt hope that seemed would last forever. And I've really only talked to Ty about all this once, the day after. I had to tell everybody. It's something I will always cherish in my heart and it's just a beginning...

    22. Jerry, why does it hurt when I pee?

    A: Well, it could be because of that thing you jammed into your urethra while you were masturbating. Or it could be sin in your life. Or it could be that you can't differentiate between pain and pleasure. Whatever the case you should probably see a doctor. And when you do don't forget to mention the things I said...

    23. Who do you plan on voting for in the upcoming elections?

    A: I'm not exactly sure yet, but it surely won't be a Republican...

    24. What bands / CDs have you been listening to lately?

    A: My son just recently turned me on to a band called Stateless. I'm really digging that...

    25. What happened to Ego, it seems he is absent from the KX world?

    A: I've always liked David and have appreciated all he's done for King's X. He did what he did because he loved the band. He's always been supportive and always seemed to know more about us than I knew. Where he's at, I don't know. David, where are you? All my love to David...

    26. What is the most crucial piece of advice you would give to someone trying to "break-into" the music business?

    A: Always have a backup plan. It's a very hard business and there are at least a million other people doing exactly what you're trying to do. You have to believe what you do. I tend to think in order to "make it" you have to have something that is the greatest thing anybody has ever seen or heard at least for one second. Be yourself and do what you do. Good luck...

    27. Any future plans or ideas worth mentioning for the next King's X album?

    A: Plans and ideas are still being worked on. Touring and a video are for sure in the works. More on all that will be known as it all comes about...

    28. Have you kept track of how many drum sticks you have went through in your career?

    A: 28,653 and a half...

    29. It'll be the 20th anniversary of the release of OOTSP this month, has it stood the test of time?

    A: You'll have to tell me...

    30. What would you like to say personally to the fans? Feel free to say what's on your mind...

    A: I'd like to say thanks to all the fans. It's always an honor and even humbling to know there are people out there who appreciate and enjoy what we do. Over the years some of the greatest words and expressions of love have come from the fans. For that I will always be thankful. You guys help my world to be a little easier to be in...


    Interview by James Brown (Maladroit_2) via email, March 2008. With thanks to all the King's X fans who suggested questions on various message boards.


    Jerry Gaskill
    Come Somewhere

    King's X
    Out of the Silent Planet

    Dug Pinnick
    Doug Pinnick
    Ty Tabor

    King's X group

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  • Jerry Gaskill: Email interview, March 2008 – part 1

    12 Mar 2008, 20:11 by JaseJ

    Credit to Maladroit_2 for conducting this interview - I'm just spreading the word! You can find part 2 of the interview at:


    1. The new King's X album "XV" releases May 20th. When can we expect the 1st single to release and what song will it be?

    A: A little too early for me to know that one. But I can say, it will be King's X and it will be from the new record and it will be great and will become greater the more you listen to it...

    2. What are your personal favorite moments from the new album?

    A: Hard questions, because for me I try to make all moments my favorite. Not saying that they all are, but somewhere in myself I try. When it gets right down to it, my favorite moments are when we see the music coming together and have a type of vision that this whole thing might work. That's exciting to me. Making a record is a lot of hard work, at least for me. Also, my lovely girlfriend Julie came to Nashville for a visit and we had a wonderful time. A very nice dinner together just the two of us and also a great evening out with Michael Wagener and his beautiful lady. I had to fly home to do a show in New Jersey with some of the great friends and musicians I've met since moving there and Julie and I flew home together. That's a great moment...

    3. If you had to compare the new album to past work of the band, what would it be and why?

    A: I'm not one to really compare things with other things. I've come to realize for myself that each day and each moment, for that matter is new and capable of all possibilities. I was in different places for Ogre Tones than I was for XV. And I'm in different places now than I was recording XV. I've always told my kids that everything changes and that the only thing that doesn't change is that things change. So, what was the question?

    4. What has been the pros/cons working with a producer again?

    A: For me working with a producer only has pros. I want somebody outside of the inner workings of writing the songs to be involved and having an input. Something that I might not be able to see. That makes sense to me when making a record. I want us to be a band and I want a producer to be the producer. And also by saying that, the producer must have a vision of the music that brings out the best of what we feel the music is to begin with...because it's all about me and oh dUg and Ty too...

    5. Which has been more enjoyable? The making of "Ogre Tones" or "XV" and why?

    A: Refer to question #3...

    6. Where did the title "XV" come from? Can you explain the story behind the title?

    A: For many years now we have struggled and sought and pondered and wondered what would be the best title for the new King's X record. dUg, Ty, me, Gunter and his wife Betsy and Julie and her sister Susie were all hanging out at my house in Jersey, (where a lot of great things happen), after having breakfast together, looking at the photos we had just done the previous day with the legendary Mark Weiss, (also from New Jersey) and somebody said, "How many albums is this now?" And somebody else said, "I think it's fifteen." And somebody else said, "We should call it Fifteen and have it etched in the wall of the cover in Roman numerals!" And we all said, "OK." And now it's the new King's X record XV...

    7. How much do you guys plan to tour for the new album? Where will you play? How much new material will you cover?

    A: I think we plan on touring as much as it takes until the whole world sees what you guys have seen for years now. We'll play all over the world wherever it makes sense to play. We will also do as much new material as makes sense. We will only do things that make sense. And the question of the day is...what does make sense?

    8. What are your 3 most favorite cities to play in?

    A: I couldn't narrow it down to just three cities. Wherever people are coming to see us is my favorite city and I mean that.

    10. What is you favorite King's X album, and least favorite?

    A: I love them all and I hate them all...More love than hate though...

    11. How has your move to New Jersey affected your role with King's X?

    A: I don't know that it has changed my role in King's X at all. I feel the move has changed my role in myself and in general greatly. Moving here has been beautifully bittersweet. I have experienced incredible things that I never would have, had I stayed in Houston. Yet at the same time I had to leave all that I love in Houston to have what I have now. I feel moving to New Jersey is one of the greatest decisions I've ever made. Fortunately or unfortunately, all great things come with a price...

    12. How does it feel to sing lead vocals on a KX album again? You sing lead on the track "Sorry, Julie". Who's idea was it for you to sing lead? Care to explain the meaning behind the song?

    A: dUg is one of the greatest singers that has ever been. For me to sing lead on the same record makes me feel that I must have some worth. Plus, I wrote the song and it's about something that only I could have sung. Unless of course somebody who automatically sells millions of records wanted to record it, then they could sing it as well. As for the'll have to hear it and come up with your own conclusions.

    13. What is a "Pianto"?

    A: Many years ago before King's X, before Houston, before moving back to New Jersey I was going to church. My ex wife was the piano player. The pastor's wife, whom I love but haven't seen in many many years was praying one day in church. People pray out loud on behalf of everyone in church sometimes. I don't go to church anymore. She spoke stoically and with passion and at one point said, "And Lord please bless Grace at the pianto." I shared that with the guys. And because I wrote that song on the piano and played the piano part on the record, I believe it was Ty who thought it would be quite hilarious to call it Jerry's Pianto. I agreed...

    14. Do you feel like you get enough of a creative outlet through King's X?

    A: King's X is the band I always dreamed of. I will always be thankful to have met dUg and Ty. I feel we've made great music that only the three of us can make. That in itself is a dream come true. I've also discovered a great joy in playing with other musicians. There is an encouragement and a certain sense of camaraderie in that situation that doesn't necessarily happen within King's X. There's so much that can be learned musically and personally by stepping outside of your comfort zone. I've had the opportunity to make music with some truly great musicians recently. That's something that I wouldn't trade for anything. I also have music in me that is not always gonna be on a King's X record. So solo records are another source of necessary creativity. I love King's X and I love the whole world of music possibilities outside of King's X. But when it gets right down to it, I owe it all first and foremost to my experience with King's X.

    15. Could you explain the meaning/inspiration behind the songs "Six Broken Soldiers" and "American Cheese"?

    A: Yes I could...

    16. How is your hearing after all these years of being a musician? Do you keep after it?

    A: WHAT???

    Interview by James Brown (Maladroit_2) via email, March 2008. With thanks to all the King's X fans who suggested questions on various message boards.


    Jerry Gaskill
    Come Somewhere

    King's X
    Sorry, Julie
    Ogre Tones
    Ear Candy
    American Cheese (Jerry's Pianto)
    Faith Hope Love
    Six Broken Soldiers

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  • At last! King's X finally decide to 'go tell somebody' about their new album.

    4 Mar 2008, 21:05 by JaseJ

    It seems to have taken forever, but King's X have finally decided to tell the world that they'll release their new album in May 2008. Rock!

    "XV" will be released on InsideOut Music between 16-20 May, depending where you are in the world. It is set to feature 14 tracks, the first new material since Ogre Tones in 2005. Michael Wagener has again handled most of the production work, as the album was born out of a series of studio workshops (known as MOAW) open to paying guests at his WireWorld Studios during 2007.

    Recent interviews with Doug Pinnick suggest the new album will be a return to the hard edge crunch of the Dogman era. It's known that dUg himself took a lot of material to the album sessions, although it has also been said that they returned to the song writing techniques employed on their early albums too.

    Maybe we can get an idea of the strength of the new material from what was 'rejected'. Most of dUg's 2007 solo album Strum Sum Up was offered for use by the band and it's a pretty strong release. It is definitely dUg's most coherent and listenable album to date, helped no end by collaborations from several other respected musicians, such as Wally Farkas of Galactic Cowboys fame and Steve Stevens. (Incidentally, dUg provides vocals on a cover of "Day of the Eagle" from Steve's new album Memory Crash. It's available on Magna Carta, along with dUg's Strum Sum Up and his previous release Emotional Animal.)

    Ty Tabor is also in good form, having released his fourth solo album Rock Garden on InsideOut Music in 2006 - a collection of straight-ahead rockers featuring his distinctive tone and writing style. Ty also adds guest vocals to a track on the new Ayreon double album "01011001" and has released two albums of ambient guitar/electronic music with Wally Farkas under the name Xenuphobe.

    To top it off, Jerry Gaskill performs lead vocals on one track on "XV" (apparently called "Sorry, Julie"), his first lead performance since his superb Come Somewhere solo album in 2004. (And if you're a King's X fan and don't own Jerry's album, you need to go shopping right now!)

    It's certainly great news to hear something substantial about new King's X material in the month that the band's debut release Out of the Silent Planet will celebrate it's 20th anniversary. If "XV" comes anywhere close to that first offering, it'll be a killer album. Ogre Tones was certainly a return to form, so lets hope "XV" takes it to the next level.

    Just in case you don't get the reference in the title of this journal entry, "Go Tell Somebody" was a previously suggested title for the new album.

    For the benefit of anyone reading this that is out of the KX information loop, both dUg and Ty have released some early demos of King's X songs via Molken Music - "Songs From the Closet" and "Tacklebox". A classic live show from the 1994 Dogman tour is also available ("Live & Live Some More: Dallas '94"), as well as a short CD of studio rehearsals. Material is available via mail order from the USA or as downloads. More is promised in the future, including a live DVD, so check it out at

    Anyone who wants to pledge their allegiance to King's X on should join the King's X group.

    www.kingsxrocks.comKing's X official site's X Pinnick Tabor Gaskill Jelly Jam