Favorite King's X Album

  • My Big 5:

    1.) Out of the Silent Planet
    2.) Dogman
    3.) S/T
    4.) Gretchen
    5.) Ogre Tones

  • Wow such a tough decision, I'd probably put Out of the Silent Planet at no #1 closely followed by Gretchen Goes to Nebraska and then Tapehead.

  • first five albums i was a huge fan; "tapehead" was a grand letdown and then they got out of my focus ... recently i checked out some of the later stuff and "mr. bulbous" seems quite good ... maybe there's some potential for ignition of passion for their newer work.

    "Wenn die Musik der Liebe Nahrung ist, spielt weiter. Gebt mir volles Maß!"
    - William Shakespeare -
  • Can't decide between Faith Hope Love and Gretchen. I guess as a complete album, Gretchen is preferable, but in terms of individual songs, I'd go with FHL.

  • #1 Dogman
    #2 Ear Candy
    #3 King's X
    #4 Tape Head
    #5 Black Like Sunday
    #6 Faith Hope and Love
    #7 Live all over the place
    #8 Gretchen
    #9 Out of the Silent Planet (good books as well)
    #10 XV
    #11 Orge
    #12 Please Come home
    #13 Manic Moonlight

  • 1 - Out of the Silent Planet
    2 - Dogman
    3 - Faith Hope Love

    Jesus nas linhas, sublinhas e entrelinhas.
  • Faith Hope Love was my first album.
    But I also listened to a lot of King's X and Dogman

  • For me, the best thing about King's X is that whichever album of theirs I happen to be listening to at any point of time, becomes my favourite King's X album by default...till I happen to play some other album of theirs...ad nauseam

  • For example, I'm listening to Manic Moonlight right now and boy I'm shocked how underrated this album this is even for such an underrated band....there are some absolute gems on this album.

  • A band that changed my attitude on numerous things. Dogman was my introducton, followed by Ear Candy. Over the years I have listened to the majority of their catalogue. Faith, Hope, Love and XV are my favorites as well. However, my quintessential favorite, and one I always go back to is Dogman. It was just a mixture of raw rock combined with blues and soul that really stuck, I suppose.

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