Killer Instinct

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Created on: 16 Oct 2008
Para los fans de este mitico juego de peleas.
For fans of this legendary game.

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  • gustavokblo

    Hello, everyone! I added some pics to the Robotech 'artist' here in ( ) - and I know it's not an actual artist, BUT still THIS IS HOW I FUCKIN' TAG MY SONGS, DAMN IT - anyway... And then... there's this fuckin' retard: - ALWAYS voting negative on the pics 5 times and then posting a stupid random picture just to FORCE people to tag their artists in a different way... - just DELETE the pics then, instead of acting like a complete IDIOT (great job, moderator)!.. So.. if you guys can/want, just go there and support the pics I added and, if possible, post even more pics - lol!

    10 Jan 2013 Reply
  • FuckerDance


    4 Mar 2012 Reply
  • ganya_masiva

    es la raja!!!

    3 May 2011 Reply

    Probably one of the best fighting games ever made. And to the legendary Super Nintendo. [:

    12 Mar 2010 Reply
  • theAntipopNL

    I found eyedol by accident hah hah

    7 Mar 2010 Reply
  • wormsaiboty

    eyedol is a kremlin, lol

    30 Dec 2009 Reply
  • b0rt

    huh anarquia

    19 May 2009 Reply
  • fuckingabstract

    me voy

    10 May 2009 Reply
  • fuckingabstract

    ayudenme a conquistar el mundo, expanda el mensaje de Killer Instinct

    13 Apr 2009 Reply
  • bgtaM

    Metallica, Kreator, Black Sabbath, Testament, Deep Purple, ... los fans del Killer Instinct tenemos unos gustos musicales de la ostia! jaja

    15 Mar 2009 Reply
  • fuckingabstract


    15 Mar 2009 Reply
  • b0rt

    con el zsnes se puede

    12 Mar 2009 Reply
  • wutangmaster

    No, no... Dije que a la hora de emular los dos KI, MAME me dio menos problemas que U64Emu. Obviamente MAME no siempre es la mejor opción. Por ejemplo, yo nunca uso MAME para jugar a los arcades de Capcom y Neo-Geo, prefiero Nebula y Winkawaks.

    7 Feb 2009 Reply
  • b0rt

    nah, que mame emule muchas cosas no quiere decir que sea el mejor. Para este el u64emu este va casi perfecto en máquinas poco potentes.

    5 Feb 2009 Reply
  • fuckingabstract

    yo juego snes, pero mame es el clasico para el arcade.

    28 Jan 2009 Reply
  • wutangmaster

    ¿Que emuladores utilizan para jugar al Arcade en PC?, MAME me dio mejores resultados que el U64Emu.

    27 Jan 2009 Reply
  • chuche7787

    Eeees cierto que estan haciendo un nuevo Killer Instinct!??!?!?!!?!?!?!?!??!?

    17 Jan 2009 Reply
  • victormontes

    THREE ARTS AGAINST EVIL ARTS The idea I want to propose to you is divided in three timings: A time for words… A time for images… A time for music… In the first time, for two days, poets on facebook shall write some lines, prose or verse, to reflect the part of the tragedy seen from each person’s point of view, that view shared by all of us and which we call reality, so diverse and so enriching. During the second time, the graphic artists of this platform shall devote two days to upload illustrations to reflect their vision as the poets did first. During the third phase it will come the time for musicians to put the sound into each of them. We would finish this action by setting up a high quality video that we would deliver to a wide range of international institutions, showing our rejection of these times we are living. Know more: Sign up here:

    16 Jan 2009 Reply
  • fuckingabstract

    online por emulador e.e

    13 Jan 2009 Reply
  • fuckingabstract

    Todavia puedes jugar tu bajar ese emulador! o prende la consola!

    7 Jan 2009 Reply
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