• Singles Available!!

    28 Jan 2011, 05:12 by soulicitrock

    Finally Soulicit's two new singles "You Are the Song" and "Blow Me Away" are available for download at www.soulicitrock.com These songs are a major leap forward for the group and they are proud to cut them loose.


    Singles Release

    Blow Me Away

    You Are the Song
  • Soulicit Hits 10,000 Plays

    6 Dec 2010, 18:55 by soulicitrock

    Soulicit and their debut album "The Right Time" has broken the 10,000 play mark. Big thanks to everyone who got us to that point!!!!

    Soulicit The Right Time

    19 Oct 2010, 20:56 by soulicitrock

    Soulicit is pleased to announce that they have 2 new singles mixed and mastered and ready for release. However before they are relesed, they will be offered exclusively to members of Soulicit's All Access Club before they are released to Itunes, Amazon, and Last.fm. Go to www.soulicitrock.com to be among the first to get the new singles before the release party.


  • John Mayer Fans - - Have a Little Fun!

    14 Nov 2009, 18:39 by marissamiller

    With the release of his new record, "Battle Studies" out this Tuesday, November 17th...John has been busy reaching out to audiences in almost every medium. The anticipation for the album is very, very great and I can be near certain that fans (as well as new listeners) will not be disappointed.

    Interestingly, in an interview with Rolling Stone, John had this to say about "Who Say's" the first single. "The song’s first lyric, 'Who says you can’t get stoned?' was not about weed but, being “in control of the pleasure in your life.” In the same interview, John goes on to talk about the idea of this record being a battle (given the title of the album) in that it goes from a bright and rather sunny scape to a dark and dreary battle field. This visual sets up the record for much anticipation! Be sure to check it out!

    ALSO| The John Mayer camp has set up a really cool interactive video for "Heartbreak Warfare". You can use your webcam to alter the 3D video.

    Pre-order Battle Studies on Johnmayer.com and you will get a special Ticket Master code to order tickets for when the spring tour goes on sale. Dates were be announced this week.

  • Selling my entire CD collection - a quarter to 5 bucks each... very sad

    30 Jul 2008, 22:54 by feydehway

    depressing as it is, i am having a yard sale august 2 & 3 and selling all my cds. going through them i keep remembering when i bought a Depeche Mode disc back in high school, when an ex gave me a New Order ep i wanted, ordering Love Is Colder Than Death disc online because i couldnt find it anywhere else, when i had a majour panic attack on bart coming back from telegraph ave having bought my dave mckean tarot card set and a rare Joy Division vinyl ep bcos the boy i was with... oh never mind... *heavy sigh*
    anyway, so if you love goth, ebm, alternative, synth, 80s, darkwave, ethereal music and would like to buy some much loved cds - message me. [also on myspace]
    you can basically tell what i have by looking at my lists although i have sold some to half price books and streetside [or is it light? whatever]
    they will be from a quarter to five bucks for the rare imports. i am selling most of my physical possessions to afford my plane ticket to teach in asia.
    I FVCKIN LOVE PHYSICAL COMPACT DISCS AND VINYL. the mp3s will never replace the liner notes, the etchings on the inner grooves of the vinyl... *heavy hearted*
  • The Bravery get scared...

    7 Jul 2008, 20:55 by Joey96

    Wed 2 Jul – The Bravery

    ... by KC's horrible weather. I can't blame them, though.

    The stage area was thoroughly wet and obviously would not have been a safe place for rocking it out.

    Needless to say, I was rather disappointed after driving all the way downtown in the midst of Wednesday night's hailstorm and mini-hurricane only to find out the show had been canceled.

    My take-away lesson is that the Kansas City Live! Stage (even though it is covered) is apparently not impervious to a torrential downpouring of rain blown horizontally by 50+ mph winds.

    Several of us resorted to huddling together in the foyers of the various bars and restaurants waiting out the storm, thus providing an interesting albeit uncomfortable bonding experience with some total strangers.

    Altogether, it was a rather surreal and surprising evening, but disappointing nonetheless since it lacked the expected pleasure of The Bravery's tunes.

    The Bravery

    Kansas City Power And Light District
  • I need new music! ARRGH!

    22 May 2008, 22:53 by sbmusicpants

    Here's the thing - the recommendations i've been getting lately from the blogs that i used to get my music from have been crap. i hate Vampire Weekend. i dont hate but dont like Lykke Li. the long and short is that i want new music but am not getting anything decent here.

    of course, listed below is my current top 20 artists so you know what to go by, and feel free to stop by my page or leave comments. ask me questions, give me recommendations and check out the bands i listen to that you don't know yet.

    peace and love

    FeistBrandi CarlileEelsThe DecemberistsDeath Cab for CutieDavid BowieThe ShinsWilcoAndrew BirdSplit Lip RayfieldTed Leo and the PharmacistsMy Brightest DiamondLimbeckJeff BuckleyWeezerDoshk-osStarsRilo Kiley
  • Top Records of 2007

    27 Dec 2007, 03:06 by xblakeyoung

    Continuing with the tradition... I like to get it done early so I don't have to feel like I am just doing a replication of all the other lists.

    Here are my favorite records from 2007.

    John Davis
    30. Arigato!

    This was probably the sleeper hit of the year for me. This is Superdrag frontman, John Davis' sophomore solo record which has a very vintage Superdrag sound to do it. It was recorded at Foo Fighters' 606 Studios. If you have a few extra bucks, I suggest getting it from their website. It's good to see people still doing the thing.

    Black Francis (Frank Black)
    29. Bluefinger

    Pixies frontman, Frank Black's newest solo effort is a return to form of sorts to what I love about the Pixies in the first place. It's poppy, fun, and exactly what should be popular in music today. Pick this up.

    28. Liars

    As strange as this album is, it is definitely a step up from Drum's Not Dead. This is what Liars should sound like.

    Saves the Day
    27. Under the Boards

    The second part of Sound The Alarm, this picks up with a stronger pop approach. Just like most Saves the Day records, this won't be able to be compared to any of the old records.

    Between the Buried and Me
    26. Colors

    The most technical release that I have heard from a "harder" band this year. These guys make everyone else look bad at their instruments.

    José González
    25. In Our Nature

    This is my favorite José González record. It has a really haunting element to it with the vocal approach. Check it out.

    Jonah Matranga (Onelinedrawing)
    24. And

    Far, New End Original, and Gratitude frontman, Jonah Matranga is back with his solo pop effort of 2007. Highly enjoyable.

    Sean Na Na
    23. Family Trees -or- Cope We Must

    Sean Tillmann (AKA Har Mar Superstar) brings back his indie pop project for another release. I listened to this record for like 6 weeks straight before I was able to listen to anything else. Paddy from Dillinger 4 plays on the record as well. Good stuff.

    The Good Life
    22. Help Wanted Nights

    Not as good as Album of the Year, but what is?

    Ryan Adams
    21. Easy Tiger

    I love the way this guy writes. Amazing record.

    20. Harmonium

    Members of Engine Down, Denali, Sparta, and Ambulette. Kind of reminds me of Joy Division in a way. Really dark and the vocals are amazing. Sadly, this will probably go unnoticed.

    19. Heresy And The Hotel Choir

    All the same things that made the last record great. Probably would have been higher if it didn't sound so much like the last record.

    Animal Collective
    18. Strawberry Jam

    This album took me a while to really "get". Eventually I started to love it despite all the hype behind it.

    Boys Night Out
    17. Boys Night Out

    Easily one of the catchiest records I have heard all year. They removed the screaming and brought some life to a dying genre. Some of the most fun I have had all year with a record. Pick this up.

    The Weakerthans
    16. Reunion Tour

    This took 3 years to write. Luckily, it's worth the wait. Incredible record. It works even better live.

    15. Our Love to Admire

    A lot of people hated this record. I have no complaints.

    Angels & Airwaves
    14. I-Empire

    This is a record I will probably always get flack for loving. Honestly, I was a huge doubter, especially after the hype and the mediocre first record. The more I listen to this, the more I love it though. The lyrics are really incredible. It's hard to find a band that is willing to try something like this and expect it to do well in the mainstream. A great record to drive to at night and just let the lyrics soak into your ears. Check it out and give it a shot. It may save your life!

    13. Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

    This band can do no wrong. Everything they touch seems to be great.

    Minus the Bear
    12. Planet of Ice

    I didn't love this record as much as the last few but it really grew on me the more I listened. This band is getting more technical per record.

    11. Autumn Of The Seraphs

    Most of Pinback's records sound the same. They seem to be going for a darker theme lately. The vocals on this really make the record.

    Explosions in the Sky
    10. All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone

    This is way better than the Rescue. They still seem to be following the same approach with the way they write their songs. It would be great to see them try something completely different. Still better than most bands. Especially live.

    Jimmy Eat World
    9. Chase This Light

    Jimmy Eat World is one of those bands that always seem to have a good record, no matter what genre they attempt. This is a straight up rock record with lyrics that can both crush and inspire. The UK bonus track, Be Sensible, should be enough for you to want to purchase that version of the album. Incredible stuff.

    Blonde Redhead
    8. 23

    Heartbreak never sounded so gorgeous. An album filled with hooks and a voice that will cause you to zone out and look back at your life. Incredible.

    Jackie Carol
    7. Check Check

    This album for me was one of those records that I just couldn't put down. Nathan's vocals are incredible on it and the "dreamy" songs on it really blow you away. This is way better than The Casket Lottery. Try to find a better song than Let's Fall In Love. It can't be done.

    6. The Reminder

    This will probably be on everybody's list, respectively. Leslie's vocals are incredible (even on the really simple songs).

    5. the flying cub cup

    Again, these guys keep putting out more records that sound like nothing else. It can get really frustrating at times but they seem to keep up with the same sound every release. Look into this.

    Paul McCartney
    4. Memory Almost Full

    Despite this being played (and sold) in every Starbucks ever, this record is probably the best thing Paul has done solo in years. He uses a lot of strange string arrangements within this record. It's good to see Paul still relevant after all these years.

    3. Sky Blue Sky

    I love this Wilco record way more than the last one. They have yet to top Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, but this record might be a close second for me. There really isn't anything happy about it lyrically, but the music tricks you with how upbeat it is.

    2. In Rainbows

    Thom Yorke and company have a hard time writing a bad song. It has been years since I have honestly been disappointed with a Radiohead record. Nothing really needs to be said about this release. Just give it a spin and you'll realize why it's so high on the list.

    Panda Bear
    1. Person Pitch

    This feels like it was released so long ago. It almost feels like a Brian Wilson record at times. There is nothing boring about this record and I can't think of any record that comes close to touching this.

    Best EP of 2007...

    The Numbers Twist
    Imaginary Demons

    Members of Red Animal War and Flickerstick. Digital only release. Check it out on itunes. Amazing stuff.

    Great records that didn't quite make the list...

    Say Anything
    In Defense of the Genre

    Say Anything really surprised me on this record. I sorta enjoyed the first record enough to want to check it out but I couldn't get into the songs on the reissue.. Not expecting much, this record is exactly what Say Anything should be... heavy sometimes, witty, awkward, and cute all within the same 2-disc record.

    Jeremy Enigk
    The Missing Link

    Not as good as Sunny Day Real Estate, but still pretty great for a solo effort. The vocals are obviously the strong part.

    The Starting Line

    A guilty pleasure of sorts. A great pop rock record.

    Armor for Sleep
    Smile For Them

    Probably the tightest this band has ever sounded musically. A great rock record.

    Talib Kweli
    Ear Drum

    I wish all hiphop sounded like this.

    Circa Survive
    On Letting Go

    Circa Survive return with a record that should be better than it is. The vocals are incredible but sadly, most of the record sounds the same with only a few standout tracks. Hopefully this band can take the creative parts and try and mix it up more on the next record.

    Nine Inch Nails
    Year Zero

    Way better than With Teeth. This is a return to form for Nine Inch Nails. Good stuff.

    HORSE the band
    A Natural Death

    The instruments are amazing and sometimes the album gets really weird. Still a great release and a step in the right direction.

    The Ataris
    Welcome The Night

    Everyone hated this record but I truely started to "get" it upon multiple listens. The vocals are a little strange at first but once you sit down and actually give the record a shot, you learn to love it. The members of Bad Astronaut on the record helped as well.

    The Wonder Years
    Get Stoked On It!!!

    I didn't get this record until late in the year but it is probably one of the more fun records I have heard in forever. It's catchy as hell and will make you want to listen to all your dusty Blink182/NFG records again. I expect great things in the future from this band.
  • Review of Low at the Record Bar, Kansas City, 10-5-07

    7 Oct 2007, 04:30 by waynerman

    Fri 5 Oct – Low
    Saw them live for the first time, and I wasn't disappointed. I wished they had played some of the older stuff (I'm a "Secret Name"/"Things We Lost in the Fire" kind of guy), but of course they had to play material from their latest. In addition to the "Drums and Guns" tunes they did include "Like a Forest" and "Silver Rider." For the encore they did "Sunflowers" and "When I Go Deaf." (That was for the guy in the crowd who had been screaming "When I Go Deaf!" all evening long...I'm glad they heard him.)

    Before the encore Alan gave an amusing rant about how we should stop using the phrase "giving 110 percent" and notch it up to "giving 120 percent" instead. But you know, he really does give it 120 percent. A great pleasure to watch such a professional band that wants to please the crowd.

    Charlie Parr, also from Duluth, was the opening act, and he was great. An authentic folk singer/songwriter and impressive musician, really knows his way around a steel guitar.
  • But double-decker taco supremes are so good.

    9 May 2007, 07:47 by paultagonist

    Well I was going to post the lyrics to Mac Lethal's "Walkin On Nails" song, but I couldn't find the lyrics anywhere. So I typed them up myself and posted them to lyricwiki.org. Take that, interweb! Incidentally, you should really probably download this song from his MySpace. Then you can listen to the song and read along!
    This is why I love Mac so much. He raps about shit I can relate to. I mean, I, too, have read Hunter S. Thompson's suicide letter; and I, too, love cold beer, all those movies, masturbating in the shower, and shooting pool!

    Mac Lethal - Walkin' on Nails

    "Are you absolutely sure she was in love with you?"
    "Mmmhm. Why?"
    "If you both take this potion, and you are in love with her but she never really was in love with you, you will love her for the rest of your life. And she will hate you for the rest of yours."


    Come on.
    Man, I got this new girl that I like, heh, I fucked up. I pissed her off today.
    Um, you know what though? Let's be in a good mood today. Let's, let's let's go happy with this one.

    Ease back the trigger, talks too much and it never listens,
    I build a house from all the novels that you read in prison,
    I got a bottle full of bud heavy,
    I'm bunk bedding with the betty hearing problems 'til there's blood shedding.
    I toss some pizza in the oven for the piece of me that's buggin'
    and the women that are trying to make me Jesus for a husband.
    But leisurely I'm single 'til I'm capturing your psyche,
    I'm passionate; your daddy wouldn't like me.
    I'm 5'9" and 49, 50 and
    snort a line borderline hippie-flip,
    shoot needles porcupine hissie-fits,
    From my misery and lit flames,
    Kissin' in my '66 kittie with the bent frames,
    Suckin' down a camel light,
    I poke holes in an empty can of Sprite
    'til I make a quick and handy pipe.
    And I can smoke all my problems like drugs,
    Here's a list of things that I love:
    I love Twix bars, credit cards,
    new socks, rainy days,
    cold beer, shootin' pool, Tupac tapes;
    I love little kids, givin' hugs, ladybugs,
    Tarantino films, Amelie, and The Boondock Saints.
    Readin' magazines backwards, wrinkle-free trousers,
    Takin' percocet and masturbatin' in the shower;
    I love my independence, my family, my life,
    And everyone that came here tonight.

    Throw your souls up!

    This little life of mine is turning pretty crazy,
    so I'm gonna dig into it 'til the harmony just let's me go;
    I'm walkin' on nails witcha,
    Walkin' on nails witcha,
    Walkin' on nails 'til the sun don't show.
    This little life of mine is turning pretty crazy,
    so I'm gonna dig into it 'til the harmony just let's me go; (uh huh)
    I'm walkin' on nails witcha,
    Walkin' on nails witcha,
    Walkin' on nails 'til the sun don't show.

    I read the suicide letter of Hunter S. Thompson,
    I gotta say I was inspired by it,
    My life is kinda it;
    I'm gettin' bored of takin' everything so seriously,
    Things are getting crazy now and quite defiant.
    Out the cake hole, screamin' "How'd your day go,"
    Clouds and halos, couch potatoes,
    crowds of girls with bouncy J.Los, (wooo)
    You hound the payroll, you're helping me destroy myself now,
    count the pesos.
    Cuz I should be a vegetarian - I know I should,
    But double-decker taco supremes are so good.
    Junior bacon cheeseburger rude awakenings further,
    This is for the people that still party when they're broke.
    This is for the people that find happiness in love,
    And this is for the independent rest of us that don't, like Earl.
    He joined the yacht club,
    Hurled from poison chopped drugs
    Surly noisy rock stud with boys and girls in hot tubs.
    His cocky ass hit me in the face,
    So I wrote him down a list of things I hate:
    I hate Larry the Cable Guy, the way cucumbers taste,
    People actin' tough and girls that invade my space.
    I hate bill collectors, I hate bad news,
    And people askin' me to talk about my tattoos;
    I hate the person sittin' in your car talkin' shit about my songs,
    Don't fight the urge, sing along.
    I hate my songs,
    I hate Mac Lethal,
    I, hate, people.

    Take me home.

    This little life of mine is turning pretty crazy,
    so I'm gonna dig into it 'til the harmony just let's me go;
    I'm walkin' on nails witcha,
    Walkin' on nails witcha,
    Walkin' on nails 'til the sun don't show.
    This little life of mine is turning pretty crazy,
    so I'm gonna dig into it 'til the harmony just let's me go;
    I'm walkin' on nails witcha,
    Walkin' on nails witcha,
    Walkin' on nails 'til the sun don't show.