Gonzalez gone.

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    • 24 Apr 2009, 20:58

    Gonzalez gone.

    We traded a 10x pro-bowl tight end for a second round draft in 2010. ARGGGHHH! I know he wanted out last season, but this does not make me happy. I know, I know...I can't say anything till I see what Pioli does in the draft...but still...is he going to be able to turn this into some kind of line that will actually protect Cassel? Or a receiver he can hook up with?

    So I think until I see which way the wind is blowing up north, I'm going with the Falcons this year/ LOL At 11-5 last season and Gonzalez coming in, I'm thinking this may be a good year for um.

  • Pioli's looking at the big picture. A 2nd round pick for someone TG's age is a great deal. Even last year, when he was a year younger, TG himself criticized Peterson for not accepting a 3rd rounder, because he didn't think anyone would give a better deal than that for someone his age.

    He only plans to play another couple years, and his last season with the Chiefs, they went 2-14. So other than sentimentality, there was really no reason not to make this deal. Pioli has no emotional attachment to TG, so he was able to be completely objective.

    Regarding the Falcons, everything fell into place last year. They had a ridiculously easy schedule, and their division was horrible. Combine that with losing several defensive starters this off-season, and I think TG will find that the (fake) grass is not greener in Atlanta.

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