Kamelot piano sheets?

  • Kamelot piano sheets?

    Hello. Does anyone have piano sheets for Kamelot's songs? I would really like to learn some of their songs, especially Abandoned. Unfortunately I lack talent to figure them out by ear. So does anyone have any sheets or know where I can find some? I've tried googling with zero results. If you have them, could you put them up on a file sharing site or email them to me at "phsopher at yahoo.com" (without spaces and with @ instead of "at" of course). Any information is appreciated. Thanks.

  • I'd be interested, too - or rather a friend of mine.

  • I really wanted to play Anthem on piano but there is so much stuff over the top that I can't figure it out! I might sit down again sometime and give it a try though. The intro to Abandoned doesn't sound too hard, but as the song progresses, I have difficulty distinguishing where the piano is/isn't/

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  • There are sites where you can download guitar tabs in format Guitar Pro. They often have the keyboard parts in them and Guitar Pro displays sheet music as well. They aren't always perfect but it's better than nothing, Unfortunately, there was no tab for "Abandoned" for a long time, though, and even now they only have the intro.

    Here's the most complete collection I've found:


    You can download Guitar Pro software here:


    You only get the trial version for free, of course, There are some limitations on the demo version so if you like I can convert the tabs into midis or some other format for you if you like, as long as it's not too many.

    I would still like to find the sheets for the whole "Abandoned" though so if you find anything please let me know.

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