Kt back on Later...with Jools Holland

    • catch22 said...
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    • 1 Nov 2005, 14:25

    Kt back on Later...with Jools Holland

    Almost a year later, KT Tunstall is back on Later this Friday 4th of November on BBC2.

    Don't miss this!!!

  • Desperately seeking...

    If anyone knows where I can get hold of MP3s of KT's performance on Jools Holland's show last night, I would be eternally grateful!!!! I particularly want to find Tangled Up In Blue, which was awesome, but now I am deeply upset because I want to listen to it again but I didn't record the show (d'oh!).

    If anyone can help me please send me a PM message.

    Many thanks y'all.

  • I was just thinking "I hope someone out there is recording this" whilst watching it last night!

    Here's hoping someone was...I'd love a copy too!

  • No joy so far but fingers crossed...

  • yep, you can get the videos here:


  • I got the "Under the Weather" single and the Jools verion of "Tangled Up In Blue" is the B-Side on it. It's a brilliant version of the song.

  • Tanks Ozzy

    Have now got the video of it, thanks Ozzy, that's a great tip-off from you. Many many thanks - good man!

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