Hi All;

    I got back from 6 days of hectic travelling, sat down at my computer to do some work, clicked on iTunes, clicked on Radio/Alternative and then on KGRL and heard SILENCE.

    For a few months now, I had been expecting it, but discovering it still made me sad; KGRL may not have changed my life, but it damned well did change my listening habits, my iPod and brightened up every day I listened to it.

    The only bright spark in this gloom (and a small one at that) is that when this unfortunate event seemed likely to happen, I downloaded about 90 hours worth of KGRL, someday soon I will listen to it, but not now.

    Bye KGRL & Mysty, we never met, but I felt that I knew you & I thank you for your efforts.


  • OK, I spoke too soon


  • I don't know what our fellow Flowerite Flour said to convince Mysty to go online again but I'm sure that the kind words about her and KGRL all over the internet helped a lot.

    ♫ not a day without music ♫ Dieter
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