What is your favourite Julie Christmas project?

  • What is your favourite Julie Christmas project?

    Mine is Battle of Mice. What is yours?

    • Taggueg said...
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    • 14 Sep 2009, 20:38
    I prefer Made Out Of Babies, especially their first album ;D

  • definitely [artist]Battle of Mice[/artist]!!!

    ´cause the other stuff is good too :)

    Julie is tha shit :D <3

  • I'm looking forward to her solo project. And I really wish that Jacob Bannon from Converge and Julie would do something together. I think they would be so good together; there would be fireworks.

    • svjchtr said...
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    • 19 Sep 2009, 18:51
    Battle of Mice!! Might be the most powerful album I've ever heard.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 Sep 2009, 07:33
    Made out of babies

  • hmm, it depends of the mood..
    when i'm angry i prefer more MOob.
    And when i'm 'in clouds' i prefer BOM.

    I also have one song from her solo project, but in bad quality.

    But i've to say, that BOM are that what i need more :)

  • I'm so sorry that BOM is over. I wanted 100 albums from them. I wanted to listen to them until I died. But anyhow, Julie is still alive =)

  • Battle of Mice

  • Trophy is my favorite, especially Gut Shoveler and Sugar. Creepy breathing with repetition of lyrics makes me happy. I like A Day of Nights more then the last two Made Out of Babies albums. The two songs from the Jesu split are also great.

  • all are great. depends on the mood. for last few months it's Made Out Of Babies

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  • That question is like asking me where you want to be shot. Like do I want to be shot in the head (Made Out Of Babies)? Do I want to be shot in the heart (Battle Of Mice)? Or do I want to be shot in my jewels (Spylacopa)? I recently discovered Battle Of Mice and Spylacopa but have been listening to Made Out Of Babies for a bit now. But I do say Battle Of Mice is my favorite. That shit is seriously disturbed! I love it! Just a shame we will never hear another album from them.

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  • Wow, that is the greatest answer... Battle of Mice was intense. I'm still very sorry about the break up.

  • ooops twice =D

  • Battle of Mice and Spylacopa!!

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  • Battle of mice!!!!Dark and powerful!!!!Just amazing!!!! i expect something like another a day of nights from her solo project....

  • Dude made out of babies is the best, the best. Their first album is the best, then the ruiner, and then coward, but they're all perfect. I usually dont like that type of music either, but theyre awesome.

  • BoM, although that might be because I've simply listened to a lot more of them. The singing in Wrapped In Plain is just insanely awesome.

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    • jayjech said...
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    • 26 Jan 2010, 23:57
    Battle of Mice is at the top for me, probably for those brief Red Sparowes moments that shine through every now and then.

    Looking forward to The Bad Wife. Julie Christmas is music corrupted... I love it.

    • KMFCM said...
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    • 23 Jun 2010, 01:00
    Battle of Mice, with Made Out of Babies a close second

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    • Drewsy said...
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    • 6 Oct 2010, 20:03

  • Battle of Mice, hands down. Perfect album. Probably in my top ten albums.

  • Made out of babies. The Ruiner is just perfect... and her solo album was amazing as well...

  • i definately vote for battle of mice...there was something unique there! there was passion and i believe it had to do with the passion between julie and josh. haters and lovers...battle of mice on of my favs!her solo project is also brilliant i've been burning this album!!

  • Made Out Of Babies!

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