Nostradamus on trial !

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 10 Feb 2009, 03:07
    GreaT AlbuM ! Rob Halford voice sounds awesome on each one of tracks of the album

  • I am trying hard to listen to it, but it's no Welcome To My Nightmare.

    I'd've rathered a long epic story about all their characters in the same plain of existance. The Hellion, the Painkiller and such.

    • destard said...
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    • 3 Jun 2009, 13:54
    Complete crap 2/10

  • Nostradamus is diffrent. it doest like nothing judas has done before so heavy judas fans did not like it much as i exept. But its a concept album and its realy great example of a concept album

    as a heavy judas fan: whatta hell is this?!? 3/10
    as a fair listener: nice music... 8/10

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 12 Sep 2009, 22:00


    I am a major Priest-fan, and have been for some years now, but I really liked Nostradamus! I would'nt call it a masterpiece, but it is absolutely an awesome album!

    I think a lot of the material is beyond kick-ass, but it gets a little boring, because it is so damn long. But, I love to listen to the album, and I think the band should be really proud about this piece. Although, I don't want them to perform the album in it's entirety, like they have thought of.. They need to move on now, and maybe begin working with a new studio album when they comes back from their break in 2010.

    I would give Nostradamus 8/10.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 19 Apr 2010, 10:53

    Nostradamus on Trial

    I'd call it a brave experiment that wasn't entirely successful. There are some tracks I love, but others are just embarrassing.


  • 9/10

  • 10/10
    I love Priest and even though this is different from their other albums there is just something about it that makes it great.

  • Judas Priest going Pink Floyd all the way!!!

    Considering Nostradamus is a concept album (not just collection of unrelated songs) this is an absolute masterpiece. Beside that it has good metal songs like Death, Visions, Prophecy and many more. You gotta judge this as a concept album to like it really because as a heavy metal album Angel and Painkiller are a lot better. That's for sure;)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 Oct 2010, 19:24

    new, different (and a brave move), interesting, has a point

    nice vocals, drums (Scott is awesome) and Glenn and KK kick ass as usual. effects. makes me feel like I'm floating in space.

    just love the feeling I get when listening to it, tho comparing it with Screaming For Vengeance or other classics goes down hard.

    • Vantaig said...
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    • 5 Nov 2010, 16:19
    Totally different, unexpectable, MAGNIFICENT.

    Probably my favourite from the Priest.
    I don't like a couple of songs, but that's it. All other is brilliant.

    Masterpiece. 10/10

  • Great!

    When you listen to the songs separately, most of them don't sound great.
    But when you listen to the whole album, you get incredible feelings. Nostradamus and Painkiller are my favourite albums.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 20 Nov 2011, 10:24
    It's a Spinal Tap moment. Baselessly self-indulgent and pathetic (in the sense of PATHOS), fairly unprogressive and boring when you look past all the symphonic bombast, and the lyrics could have been written after 15 minutes on wikipedia. Crap/10

  • i think its an amazing album, & one of the best, an amazing powerful & interesting album,its great how it takes you on a journey through each song

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