Flickr: The MP3

  • Flickr: The MP3

    I love Flickr (the song... I'm kinda meh on the service). But up until now, I had to go to the video podcast even if I just wanted to listen to it. I wanted an MP3 of it.

    Well, I found it.

    Everyone else probably knows about this by now, but I'll share it in case you don't.

    Under the songs page (, you can listen to all of his songs (and even download all of them if you have an older/less compatible browser that doesn't support streaming the content... Lynx anyone?) and DL some of them for free. Flickr is one of them.


  • It's interesting ... I was listening to the song on his site for a long time before I saw the video and made the connection (I really thought it was just a song about the site) ... it seemed like such a random collection of lyrics, but so cool even as that.

    • bran371 said...
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    • 16 Sep 2006, 17:09
    You can download them if you have a good browser too, you just have to right click and "save as". (In Windows, I don't know shit about Macs.)

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