Welcome to Jerry Goldsmith group

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    • 14 Sep 2006, 14:08

    Welcome to Jerry Goldsmith group

    I,m the first member of this group. If you want to know more about this genious of the soundtracks, you can visit http://www.jgoldsmith.bravehost.com (in Spanish), or www.jerrygoldsmithonline.com

    Whats your favourite Goldsmith sountrack?

    For me, its very difficult to choose between nerly 300 scores that Goldsmith scored in his large carreer.

    Medicine Man was my first cd of him, but maybe Alien is my favourite score. Very difficult to listen, but it works perfectly in the film. This is how a score must work in the picture.

  • I haven't heard much of his work, though I've recently been listening to his three Rambo scores; I originally overlooked them in favour of Brian Tyler's score for the fourth film, but going back, I've found some fantastic stuff. I love the different interpretations of the Rambo Theme, as well as the new theme from Rambo III (in "Questions", "Then I'll Die" etc.)

  • Merci!


  • Musica in my Life

    Well i can tell some i love the Forever Young,Star Track,The Haunting,The Russia House are many can not tell one from Goldsimth songs!

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