• Jennifer Paige Interview - Singapore 2002

    4 Nov 2008, 11:56 by rosa_spain76

    Second Time Around by Anne NG
    Jennifer Paige Interview from Singapore magazine.

    In 1998, she hit the charts with Crush – before disappearing from the scene. Now, Jennifer Paige is taking a second shot at fame.

    LINE: We haven’t heard from you in ages. What happened after Crush?
    JENNIFER PAIGE: I was travelling all around the world. After that, I did a movie called Country Bears, a Disney film. It’s coming out now in the States.

    Since Crush was such a massive hit, you’d probably be signing it 20 years down the road. Is that good or bad?.
    Right now, it’s still fun for me to sing it, but I don’t know if I’ll feel the same in 20 years.

    Your new album Positively Somewhere reflects a more grown-up you. What’s the biggest showbiz lesson learnt?
    You have to be careful who work with. There are so many opportunities for you to get taken advantage of… you have to be smart. Make sure everybody has your best interests at heart.

    What motivates you to get up in the morning?
    Coffee. (laughs) I’m kidding! Music. I love to sing for people – and that’s the main reason why I work.

    Your current single is Stranded. When was the last time you were uh, stranded?
    In my video. I Steal a car, my car breaks down and I’m completely stranded throughout the rest of the video. It’s all acting but it’s very funny, actually.

    Besides singing, what are your other passions?
    (Excitedly) I lurrrve to cook! I love to have people over for dinner parties. I love to take long drives in my convertible. I love to hang out at the beach.

    Describe your most humbling pop-star moment.
    One night I was doing a show in Belgium and as the sound was ready to roll, I walked out on the stage and my mike didn’t work. It was so humiliating!

    What’s your idea of girl power?
    It’s all about being strong. I mean, I love men and I don’t think we should overpower them or anything like that. But it’s important for a woman to be strong and know who she is.

    And you seeing anyone at the moment?
    No, I’m completely single.

    Who fits your bill of a drop-dead gorgerous hunk?
    I like Matt Damon’s looks. I don’t know him personally but I’ve met him before. I think he’s a kitty-pup!

    What do you remember about Singapore from your last trip here?
    I remember how clean the place was. It’s spotless!

    If you had 20 bucks left, which album would you buy: Linkin Park, Enrique Iglesias or Britney Spears?
    Linkin Park. I like them the most.

    When you released Crush, Britney was just a blimp on the pop radar. Are you nervous about making a comeback, what with bombshell competitors like Britney and Shakira?
    We don’t have as much in common. I’m a bit older than them, maybe five years or so. My music’s more organic also, Everybody’s got something great to offer, good for them. That’s what makes me look so cool ‘cos there’s room for everybody.

    What’s the silliest rumour you’ve heard about yourself?
    There was one about me dating Joey from *NSYNC. It wasn’t true at all! We’re just friends.

    Celebs shouldn’t get so uptight about public discussing their private lives. True or false?
    It’s definitely true. People are really interested in getting to the bottom of my life. They want to know all the information they can get. It’s doesn’t bother me.

    What’s the most exciting thing to happen to you this week?
    Just being here in Italy [on a promo tour] is exciting, having this great food and the meal I had last night – the pasta, it’s phenomenal! I have to be careful because it’s easy to eat a lot when I’m on the road.

    Tell us something surprising about Jennifer Paige.
    I have a lucky teddy bear I carry around with me whenever I travel. My dad gave it to me when I was a little girl. It brings me luck. It’s old, tattered and has a long life in the suitcase.

    Positively Somewhere is out stores this month.
  • Underestimated video

    14 Jul 2008, 23:27 by TheWitchdoktor

    Jennifer Paige has a new video for the song Underestimated. Thanks to rosa_spain76 for posting the news at, and

    Click here to see the video:
  • "Crush" 10th anniversary Contest! Win 2 singles cds

    7 Jul 2008, 23:58 by TheWitchdoktor

    To celebrate "Crush" 10th anniversary, is making a contest among Jennifer Paige fans worldwide.

    If you want to participate, you have to make a cover version of "Crush" and upload it in The most viewed and best voted will be the winner!! You must be a member of to participate. Click on the link to join us!

    The prize will a be a "Crush" single and a "Underestimated" single.

    Crush single

    Underestimated, next hit single

    More info soon!

    Jennifer Paige Fans

    7 Jul 2008, 23:19 by TheWitchdoktor

    Para celebrar los 10 años de la publicación del single de Crush, vamos a hacer un concurso con los fans de Jennifer Paige de todo el mundo.

    Si querés participar, tenés que hacer una versión de "Crush" y subirla a ¡¡El más visto y más votado será el ganador!! Es imprescindible ser miembro del FORO LATINO DE JENNIFER PAIGE para poder participar. Entrá en el link y hacete miembro, vas a ser bienvenido!

    El premio serán los singles de "Crush" y "Underestimated".



    Más detalles próximamente...

    Jennifer Paige Fans
  • New Jennifer Paige single "Underestimated"

    23 Jun 2008, 22:47 by rosa_spain76

    Underestimated will be the second single of Jennifer Paige album Best Kept Secret released by GLOR Music Production GmbH. It will be released on 1th August, it is a great summer song!!

    And Jennifer Paige just announced in her MySpace blog that next week in going to do the video in Marseille, France.

  • Hi! First day = 9 members!

    21 Jun 2008, 14:07 by TheWitchdoktor

    Hi Everyone! I just wanted to say hallo to all the new members on the first day of the group. As you know, this group will provide you of updated information about Jennifer Paige. All this information will be found also at and it's forums in Spanish and English. Fell free to join them too.

    Special thanks to rosa_spain76 and the guys at for helping to make and promote this group.

    We'll surely meet soon with good news of Jennifer!