Anyone alive out there

  • Anyone alive out there

    Not sure if this group is pushing up daisies or not, but we'll see.

    What 10 songs would you use to introduce a newbie to the legend of the Airplane. These are mine

    10: Ballad of you and me and Pooneil
    9: 3/5 of a mile
    8: She has Funny Cars
    7: Saturday Afternoon (won't you try)
    6: Greasy Heart
    5: Volunteers
    4: White Rabbit
    3: Today
    2: Wooden Ships
    1: Somebody to Love

  • I'd probably just throw the Live At The Fillmore East album at them, and if that doesn't work, they're hopeless. Most of your choices are on it, and the live performance is good and quality is great. If you haven't heard it, I definately suggest it! Man, you post some great threads.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 30 Aug 2006, 22:36
    My Choice

    - Rejoice
    - 3,5 of a mile in 10 seconds
    - Plastic fantastic lover
    - Wild thyme
    - If you feel
    - Coming back to me
    - Volunteers
    - Saturday Afternoon
    - How do you feel
    - White rabbit

  • my list (no order i just cant bring myself to rank them):

    somebody to love, crown of creation, high flyin' bird, white rabbit, volunteers, ebryonic journey, 3/5 of a mile, we can be together, saturday afternoon, d.c.b.a.

    "The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not mov'd with concord of sweet sounds, Is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils."
    --The Merchant of Venice (V, i, 83-85) William Shakespeare
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 15 Jan 2007, 19:43

    Hi folks, just joined.

    Not in any particular order:

    Hey Fredrick
    When the Earth Moves Again
    Lets Get Together (sure covers are OK!)
    High Flyin' Bird
    Wooden Ships
    White Rabbit
    Comin' Back to Me

    Not really the Airplane, but one of my favorites: Sketches of China

  • okay when i wrote my list last i wasnt nearly involved in JA as i am now... so heres the revised edition:

    the ballad of you and me and pooneil, high flyin' bird, blues from an airplane, rock me baby, crown of creation, embryonic journey, we can be together, volunteers, d.c.b.a., saturday afternoon

    "The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not mov'd with concord of sweet sounds, Is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils."
    --The Merchant of Venice (V, i, 83-85) William Shakespeare
  • No particular oder:

    White Rabbit
    Third Week In The Chelsea
    Good Shepherd
    Wild Turkey
    When The Earth Moves Again
    Crazy Miranda
    War Movie
    If You Feel
    Embryonic Journey

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  • Hmm... hard to pick just ten, but I'd have to say (in no particular order of course) Martha, Young Girl Sunday Blues, Comin' Back To Me, Lawman, Wooden Ships, Last Wall of the Castle, Eskimo Blue Day, My Best Friend, Rejoyce, and We Can Be Together

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  • Favorites in no particular order:

    // Triad
    // Lather
    // Leaving On A Jet Airplane
    // Jane
    // White Rabbit
    // Come On And Take A Free Ride
    // Somebody To Love
    // Volunteers
    // Stop Children What's That Sound

    • Goatik said...
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    • 30 Oct 2007, 00:49
    hello... :)

    my list would be like this:
    >>blues from an airplane
    >>don't slip away
    >>crown of creation
    >>ballad of you, me and pooneil
    >>house at pooneils corner
    >>aerie(gang of eagles)
    >>two heads
    >>greasy heart

    i haven't named somebody to love and white rabbit (although white rabbit is my absolute favorite) because there isn't a living thing that hasn't heard it by now :)

    • Goatik said...
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    • 15 Nov 2007, 00:11
    omg, i totally forgot wooden ships and eskimo blue day.. :O

  • Well, let's see...

    1. Somebody to Love
    2. High Flyin' Bird
    3. Volunteers
    4. The Ballad of You and Me And Pooneil
    5. Hey Fredrick
    6. Young Girl Sunday Blues
    7. White Rabbit
    8. Triad
    9. Wooden Ships
    10. The House at Pooneil Corners

  • Hmmm... I can never sum up the Airplane in 10 songs... That gives each singer only 2.5 songs apiece...

    Here goes, with a newbie in mind:

    She Has Funny Cars
    Blues From an Airplane
    Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon
    Crown of Creation
    Greasy Heart
    Plastic Fantastic Lover (live at Woodstock)
    Fat Angel
    Wooden Ships
    The Farm
    Feel So Good

    That attempts to capture at least a hint of their varied essence, but I could really do better with 20 songs ;-)

  • 01.Crown of Creation
    02.Upfront Blues
    03.3-5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds
    04.Go To Her [Version Two]
    05.Let Me In
    06.Greasy Heart
    07.If You Feel
    08.Bringing Me Down
    09.Tobacco Road
    10.The Other Side Of This Life
    11.It's Alright
    12.White Rabbit
    13.Somebody to Love

    No good
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