• Happy Birthday to the man who changed my life! Jeffrey Scott Buckley...

    17 Nov 2006, 17:40 by lareerocks

    I wish I could tell you in person how much you, your music, and your influence have meant to me over the years. Everything about you continues to inspire me. Today would have been your 40th birthday but instead you are forever young - immortalized by the music you left behind and those of us who refuse to let it die.

    You left this world almost 10 years ago as a talented semi-obscure singer, songwriter, and musician. Today, many artists at the top of the charts claim you as an influence: John Mayer, Incubus, Coldplay (they practically rip you off in my opinion, but whatever...), Radiohead, John Legend, Butch Walker, Rufus Wainwright, Jason Mraz, Howie Day, Jamie Cullum, Damien Rice. Countless up-and-coming artists are reminicent of you as well: Tony Lucca, Army of Me, Gavin DeGraw (even though he's a fucking douchbag - pardon my language), Matt Caplan, Joshua Kobak, David Ryan Harris, and more that I've probably never heard of. Whenever anyone performs Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" its YOUR arrangement they're singing. It's YOU to whom they're paying tribute.

    To my friends who read this:

    I know you've heard me speak of Jeff Buckley before. I KNOW you've seen the GRACE tattoo on my wrist. If you have any of Jeff's music, please listen to it today in remembrance of him. If you don't have any of Jeff's music HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE A FRIEND OF MINE? haha. Seriously, email or reply here and I'll send you some! It's inspiring, life-changing, timeless.

    Happy 40th Birthday, Jeffrey Scott Buckley!
  • Happy Birthday Jeff

    17 Nov 2006, 14:46 by buckley_fan

    Today marks the anniversary of Jeff Buckley's 40th birthday. I'm trying to picture him with the 40s looks, but i've been unsuccessful; he has this cute figure... i don't think he can grow old, just like his music doesn't.