• Heating Up The Winter Season

    15 Dec 2008, 14:23 by BlueCanoe

    J-Mood Jazz Band takes these holiday classics for a fresh spin through the winter snow.  These superstar musicians have a warm, inviting vibe that is irresistible.  The interplay between the piano sax and vocals is remarkable.  Note the opening track, "Jingle Bells".  This standard melody jumps to life as the conversation between Mr. Carrozza's piano and Mrs. Carrozza's vocals commences.  The listener is eventually carried away when guest saxophonist Sam Skelton chimes in with his smooth, rich solo response.

    "Let It Snow" is the perfect follow-up to the up tempo rendition of "Jingle Bells".  One can feel the warm fire crackle as the mellow piano rolls in response to the call of the traditional melody.

    "Welcome to Our World" warms the listener to the true meaning of Christmas.  "...perfect son of God, welcome to our world...", sings Mrs. Carrozza with her lullaby-sweet voice.  This is a truly touching version of this modern gospel testimony.

    J-Mood takes us for a few more spins around the snow-laden sleigh track with "Sleigh Ride" and "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm".  You would never that J-Mood hails from the Southern USA with their enthrallment over cold winters.  Fortunately for the listener, these magnificent musicians have given us a glimpse into their chilly world...and have managed to heat things up in the process.

    A Midnight Clear
  • Out Of The Blue Review

    3 Dec 2008, 10:16 by vieille-chipie

    Out Of The Blue
    Great review on !
    Highest recommendation by -- Doug Boynton --

    Out Of (Up In) The Blue: Ray Guntrip, Tina May

    December 1st, 2008 by dwboynton | Posted in Reviews |

    On the road again - with about eight hours of flying time to spend up in the blue - on the way to an overnight and first stop (plane-change) at Frankfurt. I’ve brought along several new discs worth of stuff on the ‘pod, and this one was the first I listened to. Wow. Let me tell you about it.
    Over the electronic transom it came to my address - an invitation to download an album by Ray Guntrip, a self-described “prolific but, until now, little-known British jazz composer,” and Tina May, a lyricist/vocalist who put lyrics to nine of the eleven tracks on this disc.

    Good stuff, this - the razzle-dazzle opening track, “Exotic Stranger” has that sound of a classic you’re sure you’ve heard before. The tricky “Be Bop - I Gotta Get Away From You” combines deft lyrics with a fine trombone solo from Mark Nightingale, whose credits include Steely Dan. In fact, the entire disc is a tribute to what can happen when you put great charts, lyrics, and a girl singer into a room with a bunch of old pros. Gary Barnacle and Julian Siegel on sax, Dick Pearce on trumpet (”Santa Maria Dance”), and bassist Alec Dankworth headline a great group of musicians.

    It’s a good education (for me) in how much fine lyrics can add to great music. Each of these tracks offer enough, by way of solos, and extended stretches with no vocals - to get a real feel for how finely crafted this music is. But with the addition of Ms. May’s vocals, tuned so precisely to the music - well, it pushes the whole effort over the top.

    Laura Knight is the vocalist on the track for which she wrote lyrics - “Move The Mambo Way,” and the disc doesn’t miss a beat in intensity. The instrumental, “Simple Simon” wraps the disc - a fine showcase for Mr. Guntrip and the band.

    Available from all the usual vendors, both electronic and brick-and-mortar, on both sides of the Atlantic - this is a welcome addition to not only my collection, but to my library of musical experiences.

    Highest recommendation.

    by -- Doug Boynton --
  • Andrea Celeste opens "Jazz Around Midnight" (High Note Records)

    18 Sep 2008, 11:42 by cipu07

    Andrea Celeste opens the "Jazz Around Midnight" compilation for High Note (Shangai) with the song "The Power Of Our Love"!
    Distributed in Taiwan and China, this wonderful compilation features some of highest names of the international jazz scene such as Stacey Kent, Cassandre McKinley, Jane Duboc, Kelly Mittleman and many others.
    For more infos and purchase:
    Jazz Around Midnight

    Andrea Celeste
    The Power Of Our Love
    My Reflection
  • Tim Kuhl Group's Debut CD "GHOST" Reviewed by Lucid Culture

    2 Aug 2008, 22:05 by TimKuhlGroup

  • Magda Piskorczyk at City Sings Gospel Festival in Liverpool 1-15.06.2008

    5 Jun 2008, 01:41 by irqo

    On June 1, 2008 the International City Sings Gospel Festival started in the European Capital of Culture. Liverpool will celebrate Gospel Music in a variety of events running in the first half of June: concerts of 50 performers (soloists, bands, choirs), exhibitions, meetings, lectures, workshops.

    The Festival of Hope at Hope Street will be the most spectacular event of CSG 08. From the Anglican Cathedral to the Metropolitan Cathedral, the street will come alive for a massive free Gospel Arts street party. The organizers (Hope University, Merseyfest and Liverpool Lighthouse) expect 20 thousand viewers. The live music along Hope Street will span traditional to urban Gospel reflecting modern styles and genres, including hip-hop, rap, jazz, blues, d-j’ing, reggae, as well as cultural and music traditions from South Africa to the South Pacific. There will be nine stages with artists from Great Britain, USA, Estonia, France, Congo, South America, Nigeria, New Zealand, Samoa, Norway and Poland!

    Magda Piskorczyk, the first Lady of Polish Blues and Swing Gospel, performs with her band at the following events:
    International Concert Gospel Arts Summit (7.06, Liverpool Lighthouse, 19:00),
    Festival of Hope (14.06, starts at 10:30, Magda on two stages: Main - 12:00 and Falkner - 14:20),
    Tunnel Walk (15.06, Queensway Tunnel).

    Other performers:
    Chan (Chantelle Codner), Jahaziel, Kathy King, Stavanger Gospel Choir, Pacific Spirit, Ni-cola, Ken Klaudt, Toshca Comeaux

    More info:;;

    Magda PiskorczykJahazielKathy KingToshca Comeaux
  • Andrea Celeste's FREE DAILY DOWNLOAD @ All About Jazz!!!

    22 May 2008, 16:28 by cipu07

    Today you can download freely a track from the album "My Reflection" from ALL ABOUT JAZZ one of most important web sites for jazz music.
    The track is called "It Ain't Necessarily So" from Gerschwin brothers and it features two of the most important italian jazz musicians: Dado Moroni (piano) and Pietro Leveratto (double bass).
    Here you can find the link:



    Andrea CelesteDado MoroniPietro LeverattoMy ReflectionIt ain't Necessarily So