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  • Jawbreaker live

    In 1996 I went to my first music festival, at the age of 15, with my best friend. We were going to see the Foo Fighters and Sonic Youth, and the odd other band, but I also knew that Jawbreaker were going to be there, and I knew one of their albums ("Dear You") because I had seen the video clip for "Fireman" and had bought the album as a result. So I was happy at the idea of seeing Jawbreaker too.

    I didn't know most of the songs they played at the time, and in hindsight I wish I had known all their albums at the time so I could've really enjoyed the show. But I do recall really enjoying the gig and thinking, "Dude, these guys are COOL!" Blake announced at this show that they were breaking up so this was one of their last shows. The audience booed at this, and I felt sad, yet privileged that I was getting to see them before their demise.

    So yeah, there is my Jawbreaker live story ;)

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  • jawbreaker live

    I fell in love with jawbreaker early on, luckily, so just as dear you was coming out, i got an advance copy at the college radio station i worked as music director at. i called up geffen, and told them that i wanted to do a promo and give away some backstage passes, and surprisingly, the rep i spoke with said that nobody seemed interested in covering the show they were playing at irving plaza with jawbox. i asked if i could possibly interview jawbreaker beforehand, and she said no problem. (i was also given 8 plus one backstage passes to give away, so i made tons of friends at school happy). anyhoo, i got there at like 3pm, and was let in, and i got to see them play jet black at their sound check (which i think, while standing next to the drummer from jawbox, and afterwards he leaned over and said, damn, i love that song. i could barely contain myself, and i must have said something stupid about how much i love this band! after their soundcheck, i got to talk with chris, the bass player, and wandered off to find their van and put money in the meter. he was interesting and generally a nice dude. i told him how years ago, i wrote jawbreaker a fan letter, and how he had written back to me and thanked me for being a fan and also complained about his upstairs neighbors having sex too loud. he laughed and told me that he was going through a difficult time then, and remembered it. finally i got to interview black backstage as jawbox was doing their sound check. i don't remember much, but i know i asked really stupid questions, like, how did you write a song like save your generation, which has like 9 chord changes in a row. he was an extrememly nice guy, and i think he could tell that my heart was pounding out of my chest. to sum it all up, seeing them perform jet black to me in an empty concert hall is, and will probably continue to be the most amazing experience of my life.

    • HiAlex said...
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    • 23 Feb 2007, 00:57
    It all started with the now-extinct mixed tape. Heard "want" my 6th grade year. Amazing the feeling of discovery when you're young. Due to a strict upbringing I never got to see anyone live until I left for college. Sadly, it was too late to see JB.

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    • 76296 said...
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    • 11 May 2007, 00:13
    I was only five in 1996, =[.

  • that's no excuse

  • closest ive ever gotten is a bootleg of them playing right before dear you came out. pretty much a 24 hour revenge set with housesitter and a few others. tight, but makes me feel sad for being 10 years old in 1994. :-(

  • Yeah, the magic came for me in the way of an accidentally downloaded music folder of "etc." mp3's when I was in 6th or 7th grade. Sadly, that was still after they broke up... I do have a lot of their live stuff on recordings, though.

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