sweet band!!!!!!!!

  • sweet band!!!!!!!!

    Ahoy all you jam band loving peoples out there in interweb land. So I come to you today with news of some excellent bands I've recently had the privilege and pleasure of stumbling across, they go by the names of, Porter Batiste Stoltz, and the trombone fronted band, Bonerama. These guys are the JAM, they all rock, all kill at their instruments, all around badass times. You can find their music on archives.org, myspace, youtube, band websites, all the usual channels. Also check out this live clip of Porter Batiste Stoltz at the link below. Trust me folks, these bands are the real deal, definitely do yourselves a favor and check em out.

    Peace and Love


    • lkd519 said...
    • User
    • 29 Aug 2008, 07:07
    yeahh i saw pbs at roo this year- they were great!

  • Bonerama

    Yeah Bonerama is the shit. I also recommend Soul of the River, the Wood Brothers and Groove Session.

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