I'm a fan of JG

  • I'm a fan of JG

    Hi everyone,
    I'm a new member of this group.
    And I was so surprised and dissapointed because our group has had 3 members.
    Perhaps people haven't known about our group.
    But i believe that the number of our group's member will increase in a near future

    I'm fan of J&D
  • I think like you, I'm a fan of JG,too and i want my group will Be increase in near future

  • I was so surprised when I learned he didn't have a group! I mean I know this is a site for music but I just thought Jake had a lot of fans & it was weird he didn't have a group lol.
    Thanks for joining :D
    Hopefully more & more people will find out about it.

    Can you think of any other artist connections I can add?

  • Dear Celestial,
    I think we can add links of his close friends' such as: Heath Ledger..., his girlfriend Kristen Dunst,people who have helped our idol so much in his career such as Dennis Quaid...

    I'm fan of J&D
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