• let's play

    13 Feb 2010, 10:57 by crimsonstar13

    Name your top 10 most played artists on

    1. Plastic Tree
    2. ギルガメッシュ
    3. ガゼット
    4. アンティック-珈琲店-
    5. LM.C
    6. UVERworld
    7. emmurée
    9. ムック
    10. SuG

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    1.What was the first song you ever heard by 6?


    2.What is your favourite album of 2?


    3.What is your favourite lyric that 5 has sung?

    La la la dee da? la la la dee da.
    Konna hazu ja nakatta darou..

    4.How many times have you seen 4 live?

    5.What is your favourite song by 7?


    6.Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?

    泣ヶ原 ..maybe

    7.What is your favourite lyric that 2 has sung?

    listen to my evolution xD

    8.What is your favorite song by 9?


    How did you get into 3?

    found them somewhere in the internet sea xD

    What was the first song you heard by 1?


    What is your favourite songs by 4?

    Maple Gunman xD

    How many time have you seen 9 live?


    What is a good memory you have involving 2?

    sweet laugh xD

    Is there a song of 8 that makes you sad?

    nooo XDD

    What is your favourite album of 5?


    What is your favourite lyric that 3 has sung?


    What is your favourite song of 1?

    ..too many to list.

    What is your favourite song of 10?


    How many times have you seen 8 live?


    What is your favourite album of 1?

    mm..maybe Nega to Poji

    What is a great memory you have considering 9?


    What was the first song you heard by 8?

  • deadman stuff vol. 2

    25 Sep 2009, 15:24 by KapiniuGrazuole

    Time is passing by and my little pathetic Deadman stuff collection is slowly getting not so pathetic :D

    As you may or may not know, my birthday was this month so I got some presents. Well actually most of it was money because people are scared to buy me stuff ;'D Good guys. But a bunch of my friends bought me something... fucking amazing!

    They bought me: two old ZOISite photobooks, 3 pics (it was a bonus from that crazy Austrian girl who was stupid enough to sell this stuff, but oh well thank you, dear, I will LOVE YOU till my last breath :D) and last but definitely not least - "in the direction of sunrise and night light" CD with "follow the night light" PV in it AAAAAND - original deadman autographs!!!! They touched that CD! How awesome is that?!!!!! *artificial respiration*

    GUYS, I'M IN HEAVEN. I can die happily now.

    So take a look at this..

    The whole set:



    "In the direction of sunrise and night light" CD with original autographs:

    pim pirim~
  • finally received deadman goods *w*

    11 Oct 2008, 16:27 by KapiniuGrazuole

    So today I received my order. I'm so happy.
    I ordered Mako's book, Kazuya's cd and a photobook of .
    Now I'm listening to Kazuya's project "gift". I never thought that Kazuya has got such nice voice *w*
    Also Mako's book is soooo beautiful. He really knows what is aesthetics :D

    And the photobook made me laugh (and scream). Those guys are so funny. And I saw Mako half-naked. It was TOO MUCH for me :D I mean I'm not a hopeless fangirl but that pic appeared so sudden and I was like "WOAAAAH O___O;;" lol my mother laughed so hard at me *blush*

    So yeah people... Still buy cd's! Now I'm waiting for my DBSK "Mirotic" & Gazetto "LEECH" orders and I'll try to buy upcoming DEATHGAZE album *w*

    I can show some stuff to you :)

    sorry I'm just too lazy to use my printer now -.-

    Love deadman so much!!!! ;>
  • Black:List x Exist†trace coupling tour 2008 in Europe ! []

    1 Sep 2008, 15:07 by Crossminds

    We recently announced the dates for Black:List x exist†trace coupling tour 2008 in Europe this October :

    Oct 12 : @ Gloria, Helsinki, Finland
    Oct 16 : @ Werkstatt, Koln, Germany
    Oct 19 : @ La Locomotive, Paris, France

    See you there !
    and still : or

    The Crossminds Team
  • A booking agency for Japanese artists...

    6 Aug 2008, 21:12 by Crossminds

    Who are we ?

    Crossminds Agency was founded in February 2008 by labels, bookers and managers of the Japanese & occidental music scene to help independent artists and bands tour Europe.

    Our agents worked with many artists, headlining our list are Kreator, Moonspell, Epica, Soulfy, Evanescence, Prodigy, Agnostic Front, Meat Puppets, and more…

    They've also worked with Japanese artists like the GazettE, ∀NTI FEMINISM, 葉×隠-ハガクレ-, Rice, Gram∞Maria, Calmando Qual, Plastic Tree, Dio - Distraught Overlord

    Additionally, we are proud to represent outstanding bands: Black:List, exist†trace ...
    Crossminds is organising their European tour this October, more info to come soon ! You can already check out the tourdate in Paris.

    To learn more about Crossminds’ artists, check our roster.

    The Crossminds Team