Please recommend me good Iranian music...Thanks=)!

  • Please recommend me good Iranian music...Thanks=)!

  • hmmm my favourites are Ebi, Siavash ghomeyshi, Kaveh Yaghmaei. But thats good music if your after crappy dance music then theres plenty iranian artists out there xD

    I have the remedy
    to this poisonous kiss
    I struck the glass,
    it shatters bones in my fist.
  • Everything made by Azam Ali is more than just perfect =)

  • Well There are lots of good Iranian musicians but these are some of our bests:
    Traditional : Mohammad Reza Shajarian
    Vocal : Mohammad Nouri
    Pop : Googoosh
    Rock : Comment

  • My faves!

    Vigen - iranian country :D
    Masoud Fardmanesh - coolest voice!
    Leila Forouhar - nice modern pop
    Googoosh - the classic diva :)

  • Thanks for the recommendations. =)

  • Niyaz , Vas and of course the magnificent Azam Ali. I would suggest Arash as well - not very much pop, more like traditional modern ethnic music !

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