Life and death of women in islamic prison in Iran

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    Life and death of women in islamic prison in Iran

    Life and Death of Women in Islamic Prisons in Iran
    An Eye Witnss Account

    From Tahereh Ghorrat-al-Ain’s death at the instigation of reactionary mullahs [1] to today we have witnessed a century and a half of struggle of Iranian women for social justice and gender equality. It has cost the lives of thousands of women. In this article I will concentrate on one corner of this history: that which has taken place under the Islamic Republic of Iran.
    I will try to take the readers to Islamic Prisons and show the life, and death, of women in the Islamic doomsday. I will attempt to allude to some of the theological, ideological and Qur’anic foundation of this killing machine called Islamic Regime. In the third and the final part of this paper I will try to analyze the content of the partial compiled list of women killed by the Islamic Regime in the past 20 years.

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  • I aint no regime basher but half of this is bullshit!

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    to this poisonous kiss
    I struck the glass,
    it shatters bones in my fist.
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