• (ARGREC23) "An Analysis Of The Past: The Genesis Of Experimental Processes"…

    27 May 2014, 00:09 by JohnLithium

    Download here: https://archive.org/details/ARGREC23

    While our gaze may be firmly set towards the future, it is important at times to indulge in retrospection. After all, without a firm grasp of where we came from and who we once were, we have little to no hope of firmly establishing who we will be and where we will go.

    To assist in this endeavor, Argali Records Netlabel presents "An Analysis Of The Past: The Genesis Of Experimental Processes". For this compilation, we asked experimental musicians to submit to us a track among their earliest recorded experimental output that they were comfortable sharing. In this transaction, this compilation is meant to stimulate retrospection not only among the listeners of the compilation, but the participants themselves. Old chestnuts and diamonds in the rough were recovered from the dusty corners of hard drives and shelves to be allowed their chance to shine.

    Twenty-five bands answered the call, resulting in a massive four-hour collection. Genres include industrial (in a very wide assortment of styles), glitched-out acoustic, ambient, rock-flavored cut-up collages, electronica, atmospheric power electronics, long-form synth improvisations, noise, guitar soundscapes, and (as always it seems with Argali compilations) many permutations, subversion, and mutations of the above-stated genres.

    Featuring tracks by shades of grey on a pink field (Brownian e/motion), Problem Anderer Leute, Beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand, mhz, Mystified, Rest In Satin Silence, Herr Schmitd Hat Krach, Marvin Ferguson/Luxurious Dagger, Otto V Rhino, Ayn Morgan, Bedawang, Josef Nadek, M.NOMIZED, Dave Fuglewicz, Anastasia Vronski, Earth Concrete, mascara, LaMunyecaAutómata, Dan Miñoza, Miracle Nails, OS125, TOTALITNÝ REŽIM, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, halluciphile, and Travis Johnson. Also featuring graphic design by John Lithium.

    Music from the past to illuminate the future.
  • Terra Engine: A Dark Place compilation now Available! (Free Download)

    27 Apr 2014, 15:15 by JohnLithium

    Download here: http://lithiumindustries.bandcamp.com/album/a-dark-place

    After several years of inactivity, Terra Engine returns with a final retrospective/compilation, entitled "A Dark Place". Within are a number of tracks from the albums "Power Ambience", "Khvarenah", and "Hive Mind" (here presented for the first time in high-fidelity .WAV format and equivalents), along with a number of recently discovered unreleased archival tracks, all recorded between 2007 and 2008. Although establishing a definite genre for this collection is somewhat difficult, but sounds and themes explored include what was once described as 'power ambience', dub, atmospheric industrial electronica, dark ambient, and other, less easily definable genres as well. In short, this collection is a window in to the past of it's creator, a glimpse of dark, occluded, and yet not devoid completely of light and hope.
  • Ghost Ornithology by TEXTBEAK and TNDROND

    21 Mar 2014, 17:05 by onetruetextbeak

    Ghost Ornithology
    Textbeak and Jason Adams - Watching Birds Fall 03:26
    Voctave - Fauxmotion 04:52
    Textbeak - Iris 03:11
    Bath - Foldre (Textbeak Version) 03:06
    Voctave - Inflect 04:48
    Bath - Fold (Voctave Remix) 05:51
    Bath - The Folded Grin (The Ceremonial Dagger Black Cat Remix) 09:45
    Textbeak - Iris (Peter Percept Remix) 04:10

    Ghost Ornithology is the second collaborative release as TEXTBEAK and TNDROND and is a follow up to 2012's The Spirit of Opposition (on I had An Accident Records). TNDROND is an acronym for the cult-like organization The New Deal Representatives of Northern Disco, which is an umbrella for Textbeak's musical collaborators including members of the 1954 crew and his band Bath. The name is a reference to the crew's usage of cold beats and atmospheres which are quite evident on this esoteric release that swims in icy waters between bass grooves and haunted skies. The title Ghost Ornithology is a nod to the arcane witch house warlock The Ceremonial Dagger and his Ghost Triangulations series of releases.

    Released by DARK DAZE Records

    Distributed by Sub Culture Records

    Mastered by Carlos Perón at liquidgoldmastering.de

    Pre-mastered by Brant Showers of ∆AIMON

    Cover drawing by Carmen Incarnadine ART aka Coco ᴐaᴚᴃoᵯᴃ

    Ghost Ornithology is available at these fine sites:
    Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IX0B1LQ/ref=dm_ws_sp_ps_dp?ie=UTF8&qid=1395340923&sr=8-8
    Urban Download:

    Ghost Ornithology opens with an unheard live in-studio one-take recording of "Watching Birds Fall" featuring deceased 1954 and Bath member Jason Adams (aka Agate) on synthesizers and Textbeak on vox. It also features two tracks from Voctave (aka Rob Ngy) in his cerebral funk style and three remixes of the Bath classic "The Folded Grin" (featuring Bath members Christie Elizabeth and Textbeak on vocals) by The Ceremonial Dagger (Black Bvs Records), Textbeak, and Voctave. Also included on this release is two versions of Textbeak's "Iris" including a chaotic glitch jazz edit by Andréas Marchal (of Vaatican Records France) in his Peter Percept guise.
  • ♫ Top 15 Albums of 2013 ♪

    27 Jan 2014, 11:57 by LadyElvina

    So here is my long overdue Top 15 Albums of 2013 list. ^^ Initially i was going to write down my thoughts on each entry in the list... and i did start backwards, from #15 up... But seeing how unforgivably late i got around to finally compiling this list, i think the whole point of it is kind of lost by now... Who cares anyway. If somebody does, just ask me in the comments about my thoughts on a particular entry ;-P

    As usually is the case with me, I am having much trouble to sort out places beyond the top 5... Starting with somewhere around #6 the rankings are the subject to my mood: one time I prefer this, other time that... So this list is just a blurry estimate...

    This list by no means strives to be objective: There are albums that I didn’t give nearly as much chance as they deserve (and some I haven’t had the stomach to even check out at all! - Sombres Forêts I’m looking at you!) – because they require a certain mood to be listened to that I have been lacking in my everyday life of the moment – thus they have been tucked away until the, ahem, “better” times... Which of course deprives them of their place in this whimsical list, but hopefully – be that they really deserve it! – they will get their share of plays in the (near) future. ^^

    15. Midnight Odyssey | The Crevices Below | Tempestuous Fall // Converge, Rivers Of Hell

    This split of 3 different projects of the same musician called Dis Pater has appointed the saddest end of the latter 2 – much to my dismay, because I for one MUCH preferred The Crevices Below to the other 2... Same on this album – my fav. tracks remain the most interesting and creative TCB ones – although one should hope that Dis Pater will more or less blend the discontinued projects with Midnight Odyssey, making it less noisy and boring, and more versatile...
    If treating the tracks separately in the context of their respective bands – the MO tracks stand out as being the better ones compared to MO’s previous releases. While both TCB and TF tracks are much in the same vein as their respective previous releases.

    14. Arx Atrata // Oblivion

    This album was a late newcomer into the “New Releases of 2013” list, which I discovered already few weeks into 2014... It probably hasn’t gotten its share of plays yet, but as it stands right now I am able to honour it with this #14 position ;P It didn’t really strike me all that much, but it’s a solid “easy listening” wintry atmospheric bm – great for this time of the year! ;)

    13. Fen // Dustwalker

    This album has been around for a year now, so it got its good share of plays quite a long time ago from now... I know I should revisit it these days, just haven’t quite gotten around to it yet...

    12. Kauan // Pirut

    Now this is one of those albums I was afraid to be coming back to... You see it made me quite emotional the first few times I was playing it... It is one of those highly melancholic sorts of music that makes you feel like “all is futile”, without being even remotely related to any kinds of suicidal depressive music genres... It is just so sad that I would probably only want to play it when I’d feel like crying... Which I didn’t feel like much lately so this piece of beauty could probably have ended up much higher otherwise... In relation to the former releases of the band – as much as I love Aava tuulen maa – I think Pirut could with time prove to be Kauan’s best release to this date...

    11. Emyn Muil // Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga

    Same as Dustwalker, I have listened to this album way too many times, so it has probably lost its charm by now... I was very much in love with it at first, but now I think of it just as a nice tribute to Tolkien’s epic epos and Summoning-meets-Falkenbach kind of sound. Which is very nice and all but not very impressive anymore... But as I always say: there can never be too much Tolkien metal ;)

    10. God Is An Astronaut // Origins

    9. Oranssi Pazuzu // Valonielu

    8. Imperium Dekadenz // Meadows of Nostalgia

    7. Àrsaidh // Roots

    6. Nocte Obducta // Umbriel (Das Schweigen zwischen den Sternen)

    5. Cult of Luna // Vertikal

    4. Csejthe // Réminiscence

    3. Summoning // Old Mornings Dawn

    2. Caladan Brood // Echoes of Battle

    Lol, i just have to comment on that! :P Without any arse kissing, i do think Caladan Brood's release to be much better in every way than Summoning's! This is one of those cases where "the apprentice has surpassed the master". I love absolutely every minute of this, which i i cannot say about the previous entry. It's perfect in every way!

    1. Progenie Terrestre Pura // U.M.A.

    This album is an absolute-hands-down-winner of the year!! I cannot stress enough what a piece of musical beauty this masterpiece is! As much as i LOVED #2, this album surpasses even that (duh)! It's the most original and eargasmic piece of black metal i have heard in years! It also immediately claims the "Discovery of the Year" prize.
    ♥ ♥ ♥
  • 3 TEETH - NIHIL (Textbeak Remix)

    15 Jan 2014, 11:39 by onetruetextbeak

  • Two New Albums

    4 Jan 2014, 21:12 by JohnLithium

    Persona (Light)
    Persona (Dark)

    Recorded between 2011-2013, a double-LP featuring restructuring of archival material and new work. Includes industrial, drone, dark ambient, experimental, and minimalist expressions. Free to download. Cheers, and have a happy 2014.
  • My 2013 "Chosen Ones"

    4 Jan 2014, 02:55 by a-Me-with-a-You

    Hey people,

    I thought I'd move my "Best Records of 2013" list into last.fm's stratosphere, or whatever you call the limbo where journal entries go to die in our beloved site's social groups.

    Do feel free to disagree with me, if you don't mind being wrong.

    My 2013 "Chosen Ones" (aka there can be only ten)

    01 Torres - Torres

    02. Laura Marling - Once I Was An Eagle

    03 Bill Callahan - Dream River

    04. The Knife - Shaking the Habitual

    05. Julia Holter - Loud City Song

    06. Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City

    07. My Bloody Valentine - m b v

    08. The Men - New Moon

    09. Yo La Tengo - Fade

    10. Mikal Cronin - MCII


    Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)

    Villagers - Awayland

    of Montreal - Lousy With Sylvianbriar

    Waxahatchee - Cerulean Salt


    What? No Daft Punk, Kanye West, Deerhunter, Youth Lagoon or Phosphorescent. I thought I'd go ahead and start the outrage early. "-)
  • The Best of 2013 and why I hope there is better made in this year still to be found

    20 Dec 2013, 20:24 by blezman

    Many friends are telling me this has been a bad year for music, and lots of music websites seem to be backing them up by publishing end of year lists with top tens full of universally disappointing records like the new national album. Some friends aren’t even doing top tens this year because they don’t think there is enough good music. I can’t believe that with millions of people making music, able to work from a wider palette of instruments than ever before, exposed to more influences than ever before, we as a planet can’t have made 10 great records. But I don’t think I’ve found them this year either. I made a top 15 of the best I’ve found but I think it will be eclipsed by records made in this year that people will rediscover and later claim as classics. This has probably been the same for a few recent years. I’ve only just caught up with stuff like linda perhacs, liturgy and the pale saints and they blow away everything this year. They particularly blow away most websites lists’. But that’s the lists not the music. Whether the music’s been good, bad or Ok, it’s clear it’s been a bad year for recommendations by music websites, prizes and newspapers.

    In an attempt to be well listened I’ve tried to hear all the most important records this year. This has been a string of disappointments. Bands like my bloody valentine, arcade fire, the national, the knife, foals, chvrches and boards of Canada have disappointed. Artists like Kanye, Daft Punk, Drake and Timberlake are just pop that’s been overrated because most people needed a break from those failures. But all of these records are well reviewed generally and placed high in lists. I have a interpretation. It’s pretty mental. Skip 3 paragraphs ahead to the list or strap in. I see these websites and other reviewers as a little like bankers. They have a combination of goodwill, authority, reputation and position that makes them read. Bands need this same stuff to get listened to. I mean most of the million people making music don’t even have the magic attractive something to get their friends to listen to them. When a website gives a good review it lends a little bit of this to a band. If the band that received the good review is actually good the listener will remember having been sent to it by website and the band will be repaying back to the website the goodwill etc that it needs to make it well read in the first place. It’s almost easier to talk about this is in the jargon of French thinker Pierre Bourdieu. The review lends cultural capital to the band which is either returned with interest or defaulted upon based on the listener’s experience.

    This should make it in the interest of the website to recommend good records. But the problem comes when a website says something like “Arcade Fire are the most important band in rock right now” in the hope of getting exclusives or getting this band known as a Drowned in Sound or wherever band. The cultural capital has been lent out before the album is released. People will hear the rubbish album and blame the website even if they haven’t seen the review. The website might not declare the band a loss and instead try and trick the listener into thinking they will enjoy it when they’ve listened enough, or that it’s good but just not their taste. The disappointing album will still be well reviewed. The other problem is that individual writers aren’t interested in the overall cultural capital of the website, they might instead just want to avoid getting fired. So instead of lending or withdrawing cultural capital from the band (writing a good/bad review) they will instead hedge their bets and say , “this record shows an interesting transition” or , “may become an important part of their oeuvre”. These statements can only be falsified in a few years time and the writer hopes to be writing somewhere better or to be safely ensconced by then. So the rubbish album escapes without a panning.

    But the band does not completely get away with the rubbish album. A few years ago The Flaming Lips released a series of jams, “Embryonic”. The effect we saw in the last paragraph kicked in and it was Pitchfork album of the year. Pitchfork lost a lot of cultural capital on that. They also released a soundtrack to a homemade Christmas movie. They released a covers album fooling around with guests. To get somebody to listen to this kind of stuff costs cultural capital. I mean how many thousands of people listened to the lips jam? The same people would never even think of listening to Dylan jam, when Dylan is a far more important artist. When the release is that poor the capital is gone and the reviewers cut their losses on the band. So when the flaming lips released a good record this year it was underrated. The same will happen to this year’s underwhelming bands like The National.

    So this year’s poor music recommendations are due to the coincidence of so many big name bands producing duds at the same time. But 5 years ago this might not have mattered. Back then it was newspapers and magazines that had complicit relationships with bands where they advanced cultural capital in order to get exclusives and features. Back then websites had carte blanche. They had not already advanced cultural capital they then had to be loss averse about (the human instinct is to always cut our losses too late). The discovery of the good material released this year will be by websites not beholden to bands. But because no bands have given them cultural capital I don’t know of them. It’s enough to make you turn to drink or depressing records…

    So here are the best 15 records of this year I’ve found so far…

    15 – Lucky Pierre – The island come true
    It’s a sort of weird library music electronica. It sounds like the music used in seaside resorts or lifts but twisted into strange and interesting forms. Like the accidental beauty of sounds made by machines but then looped for a track.

    14 – Stara Rzeka – Ciem Cmury Nad Ukrytym Polem
    The sort of strumming guitars and proggy scapes you assume to have been made by a 70s commune but punctured by some bursts of right now black metal.

    13 - Teeth of the sea – Master
    Some awesome Krautrock meets Vangelis but exciting movie soundtrack style electro combined with some slow patchy and trumpety stuff makes this great at times but hard to listen through to.

    12 - Grumbling fur – Glynnaestra
    A kind of Coil esque vocal style and vibe but far more dense and pleasurable sonically with loads of pastoral type electro stuff going on.

    11 - Bonnie prince billy – Bonnie prince billy
    This is some of Will Oldham’s very best songwriting and on that front is a return to the form of the classic “lie down in the light”. He writes really calmly of religion and sex. Unfortunately the album is all on acoustic guitar making it a bit too minor musically to be a classic. He’s good on guitar but he’s no Robbie Basho.

    10 - Italians do it better – After dark 2
    Italo disco party. Feels crisp and wintery. Just fun.

    9 - Torres – Torres
    A singer songwriter playing her electric guitar like an acoustic. Mostly great songs too. Mostly.

    8 -Flaming lips – The terror
    At it’s best more psychedelic and spiritual than they’ve been before. Becomes boring in the second half. Probably it’s hurt by the fact that most mp3 rips of it include bonus tracks that detract from it.

    7 - Vampire weekend – Modern vampires of the city
    Ya Hey > Hey Ya

    6 - Savages – silent yourself
    Urgent Post punk. I think it’s the sound of Brazilian post punk. Their name nods to this as the most famous compilation of the sound is called the sexual life of the savages. They have the peppiness and urgency of As Mercenarias along with the Bauhaus style stuff of Chance.

    5 - Deafheaven – Sunbather
    A real exciting listen. It’s a sound I’m starting to love. The combination of the screaming and guitar sound of black metal with the dynamics and ambition of post rock or post metal. I wouldn’t say it’s the best album of the genre though, that has to be Weakling – Dead as Dreams or Liturgy – Aesthetica.

    4 - These New Puritans – Field of reeds
    This took 4 or 5 listens. There aren’t many musical hooks. It washes and it’s the vocals I finally hooked on as kind of plaintive calls come out of the ambience. It all seems quite unmusical but everything is in perfectly the right place. You can’t say any better than that. But it only works in the right place and time at the right volume.

    3 - Earl sweatshirt – Doris
    Earl stepped out of Odd Future Wolf Gang kill them all and matured. He’s stopped rapping about rape. But I hope he used to do that to horrify and disquiet. Now he’s managed to disquiet through strange productions and disturbing sounds. They really match his voice. It’s frontloaded though.

    2 - Fuck buttons – Slow focus
    This music seems so simple and powerful I wonder why all music isn’t exactly this. It moves, it pumps and it disquiets. One track is a complete dud. There are 6 tracks.

    1 - Julia Holter – Loud city song
    The richness of her voice perfectly matches swelling horns and detailed waves of samples. It seems calculated to create EPSM effects (head orgasms in plain English). The lyrics are really impressionistic. It’s got everything good I said about these new puritans but it creates the atmosphere it needs for itself.
    Julia HolterGrumbling FurFuck ButtonsEarl SweatshirtThese New PuritansFlaming LipsBonnie Prince BillyTorres

    6 Dec 2013, 09:49 by onetruetextbeak



    01. Textbeak – Conquered (Ƈȣηῦȣӄę Remix By ѦPѺLLYѺN’S ▼ISѦGE)
    02. Aesthetic Perfection – The Dark Half (AAIMON Remix)
    03. THAT WAS THEN THIS IS NOW – Broken Wing
    04. Aesthetic Perfection – The Dark Half (BITES Remix)
    05. STRAIGHT RAZOR – Whiskey & Ativan (Monsieur Monsieur Remix)
    06. DJ Hell + Klaus Nomi – Cold Song 2013 (DJ Hell Official Remix)
    07. The Mystic Underground – Those Evil Urges
    08. EMELKAY – Space Hopper (H3X3N Remix)
    10. TSTI – Match To Friendship (Roladex Remix)
    11. spf5Ø – ❐~❍~❏
    13. Attaque – Public Order
    14. Clauss La Morgue – Crazy Remake
    15. Mad Major Melvin – Sad Wife (Madden’s Saevajo Remix)
    16. Si Begg – Entry Level Portable Synthesizer
    17. Maelstrom – Hunger
    18. LORD OF THE FLYEZ – Loving You
    19. Ta-ku – Closet Drake Fans
    20. DJ Assault & Socalled – Sleepover (Sinjin Hawke Remix)
    21. NФΔH ஜ3 – §ℭΔЯŁ€†
    22. Crown Hutch – QUARTZ
    23. Le1f – Damn Son (produced by Shy Guy)
    24. Erick Arc Elliott – 25
    25. Dylan Ross – Zag Like A Witch (pro. Rob People)
    26. Gerard McMann – Cry, Little Sister (Theme From The Lost Boys) (Kiwi edit)
    28. V I O L E N C E – i love u
    29. D∆YDRE▼M – jodi
    31. Ceremonial Dagger – Bloodless
    33. Ghettoscraper – Ghettogoth
    34. Noisia & Evol Intent – The Liquid
    35. Deathface & Lil Internet – 6 Feet Deep (The Panacea VIP)
    36. Ulterior – The Locus of Control (Godmode Remix)
    37. Teams – Alchemy
    38. VALIS – Don’t Recall
    39. Re-Arbeiten – Brutemachine
    40. Astro Zu – Zillion Dollar Uh
    41. Jii-Music – Mourning The Wendigo
  • The best ways to listen to music digitally...

    25 Nov 2013, 01:56 by ringwraith10

    I almost always buy my music in CD format. It is one of the best ways to support the band or musician, and I can see what music I have in a physical collection. Unfortunately, some music is hard to find in CD format, and can only be reasonably obtained in digital format. Aside from this setback, I also usually listen to my music digitally (after ripping it to my computer) when I am not driving (my 2006 Scion is too old to play music directly from my MP3 player or phone). Below is an ordered list of my preferred methods of listening to music digitally, with notes. Enjoy!

    (Note: I do not use Apple, so iTunes is not included here. I am also only listing options that can be accessed online -- everyone has their own favorite music player for listening offline)

    1) Last.FM: Though Last.FM has made some changes recently, it is still one of the best ways to listen to a variety of chosen music (picked by genre, tag, musician, etc.). Unfortunately, the biggest setback is that you cannot listen to a straight album on Last.FM.

    2) Amazon Cloud Player / Google Play: Unless you subscribe to Google Play, these are only good if you have either purchased music from one of these digital venues or have uploaded your music to their respective clouds. You can scrobble them if you use Chrome and download the "Last.FM Scrobbler" extension. If you have music available on one of these resources, though, you can listen to your music commercial-free.

    3) Spotify: Before you consider using Spotify you should read Sam Rosenthal's thoughts on why Spotify is hurtful to the music industry. Because of this I refrained from using Spotify for a long time, but I have recently begun to use it to listen to music I already own. My rational is that if I have already purchased the music, the musicians will gain no more money from me every time I listen to said album. If I listen on Spotify, however, the musicians will at least earn a few more pennies for my music plays. Spotify does, however, incorporate occasional commercials if you do not pay for a subscription. It can also be scrobbled with an in-program extension, which is linked on the Last.FM website.

    4) Pandora: I have put Pandora low on my list because it has several issues. I used to listen to Pandora frequently before better options became available, but Pandora does not let you skip more than five or six songs, yet has a tendency to play the same tracks over and over again. At times you may hear the same obscure song that you made the mistake of giving a thumbs up three or four times in the same hour. I do still occasionally go to Pandora, though, because it is a good way to find new music. It can also be scrobbled in Chrome with the "Last.FM Scrobbler" extension.

    5) YouTube: This is my final resort music option. I only use YouTube when I can't find the super obscure band I want to listen to anywhere else. Music on YouTube is usually illegal, and the musicians do not receive any compensation or royalties for the songs you play on YouTube. If you must use youtube, however, it will scrobble with the "Last.FM Scrobbler" Chrome extension. You also have to either create a playlist or search for your songs one at a time when you use YouTube. This is not a method I recommend.

    I hope this helps anyone who is looking for a digital music listening venue. :)