Favourite Interpol Song?

  • Favourite Interpol Song?

    personally im torn between Song Seven(off the precipitate ep) and Pace Is The Trick, but if i had to choose id go for Song Seven :p

    what about you guys?

    Ross :D

  • for me take you on a cruise or song seven- it depends on humour ;)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 18 May 2008, 13:07
    Ohhhhh, very tough question...but I think overall, that I'd have to say "Narc" is my favotie Interpol song...I don't know what it is...it's so enamouring ..and it has this mellower sort of feel. "Narc" you've put a spell on me.

  • I would say The New or Evil, but it's a very hard decision :P

  • Untitled from Turn on the Bright Lights. It's still my favorite. God what a song! Later. :)~

    Serve God, then others, then yourself.
  • XD

    para mi leif erikson , the new ....muxos mas...pero este moment son esos!..

    !!!Can't You see what you've done to my heart!!!
  • Don`t know... I try to choose one favourite song, but I can`t...)) It`s impossible...) All songs are perfect!))

  • Re:

    Pioneer to the Falls

    yes, it's the single and there may be much better songs, i know, but this song has a very special meaning to me, so it's my favourite.

  • My favorite song - Not Even Jail from album Antics 2004 :)

    MusiC iN mY hEart and HeaD...<3
  • i guess it's impossible..i enjoy every single sound..

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 11 Jun 2008, 15:19
    My favourite songs are:

    Obstacle 1 // Take you on a cruise // Mind over time // Stella was a diver and she was always down // Leif Erikson // Pace is the trick.

  • This is like picking your favorite child. It's rude. But if I must...

    NYC is phenomenal. I adore that song more than Stella and I love Stella like a two dollar whore.

    "When there is nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire."
  • No I in threesome, Obstacle 1, NYC and Rest my chemistry

    • endofwt said...
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    • 19 Jun 2008, 00:06


    No I in threesome

  • All of their songs are great, as people have said, it's a very hard decision ;P
    Obstacle 1, Not even jail, C'mere, Evil, Narc...

  • oh wow... it's impossible.... i've one of each album... Not Even Jail, PDA and The Scale

    • DJZyew said...
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    • 22 Jun 2008, 16:20


    Definetly Specialist, PDA, Leif Erickson

  • Leif Erickson Paul's voice sounds amazing in this song...

  • You can't exploit the ghost's today...

    Untitled / Turn Off the Bright Lights

    (Kismet / Chagrin)
  • Public Pervert :) ... i love it

    Oligominerale , effervescente Naturale
    • JamieOL said...
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    • 17 Jul 2008, 22:34
    Most definatly narc.

    • Saharai said...
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    • 18 Jul 2008, 00:44
    NO I IN THREESOME!!!! i love that fucki**g song!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! and wrecking ball!!

    Plug in baby...!
  • Pace is the trick

  • i changed my mind.
    song seven and untitled.

    or maybe pda...
    obstacle 2...

    I can`t decide.

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  • 1*Leif Erickson...2*The New...3*Roland ...4*Rest My Chemistry...5*C'mere

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