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Created on: 25 May 2007
For academics and professionals who study the internet and scrobble as they do.

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  • anarchyO

    Hello, can you please sign this petition to help save the internet from Global censorship. If this bill passes it the internet will never be the same. We probably would not even be able to use sites such as this one. Also this would strongly affect research in a negative way, It would be so hard for people to share information over the internet. So please take out a few seconds to sign this petition. This not only effects me but it effects you as well, thank you. :)

    30 Jan 2012 Reply
  • Weizenfan

    Hey guys, I am conducting a survey about user's buying behaviours and I would like to ask you a couple of questions (5 minutes approx.). The survey is part of my dissertation about the impact of online music services, such as or Spotify, on the music recording industry. My name is Daniel and your answers will help me to complete my master’s programme in Media Management at the University of Glasgow. Your answers are treated confidential and I am not trying to sell anything, and this is not a promotion or phishing mail. Here the link: Thank you for your help and please answer the questions as completely and honestly as possible. Cheers, Daniel

    8 Jun 2009 Reply
  • robinlisle

    A fun feature that allows you to compare your music taste with that of a group: The similarity between me and this group is high at 90.13%. thanks to martind for the link!

    29 Aug 2007 Reply
  • jeandjinni

    I wish had a set of bottom charts like did. I always found it an interesting mode of discovery of rare, amateur music. Good for laughs, too. I wonder how practical it might be to campaign the developers for a feature like that?

    29 Jun 2007 Reply
  • jeandjinni

    how mainstream are your tastes? use this tool to find out:

    11 Jun 2007 Reply
  • popgurl

    Those of us interested in Music 2.0 issues should check out the new group called Music 2.0

    5 Jun 2007 Reply
  • jeandjinni

    I blogged about it here:

    2 Jun 2007 Reply
  • popgurl

    I agree regarding the consolidation concerns. To me that big picture is the bigger worry than what may happen to this site in particular. I don't trust a corp's verbal behavior, but do imagine there are details spelled out in the terms of sale. CBS have been one of the better corps at honoring fans' creativity without going all batty about IP rights, that gives me some hope.

    2 Jun 2007 Reply
  • jtrane

    IMO, trusting a corporations verbal behavior is heroic at best. It's troubling to see continued corporate consolidation of news and entertainment media, which now include assaults on Net-Neutrality, Internet-Radio, and CBS/Sony's draconian DRM scenarios. I'm concerned that these radicals :) are more likely canaries in the mine in the larger scheme of things. LAST one standing?

    2 Jun 2007 Reply
  • popgurl

    Personally, I'm not convinced there are going to be any significant changes to how the site works or users' relation to it. I'm sure a few radicals will delete profiles, but according to Russ in a comment on my blog, for all the threats, they only had 130 more profile deletions than usual the day it was announced.

    1 Jun 2007 Reply
  • jeandjinni

    probably a similar result as on myspace when News Corp rolled in? increasingly tense relationship btw management and users, plus a gradual 'encroachment' of advertising under pressures to develop a profit model? anything specifically different in your view that might portend different outcomes?

    31 May 2007 Reply
  • popgurl

    Did we all see that CBS Corp just bought for a cool $280,000,000? They say current management will remain in charge. Speculations on the future?

    30 May 2007 Reply
  • popgurl

    If we're really clever we'll all listen to lots of great music in the next few months and then we can generate a sure-to-please playlist for Vancouver events...

    27 May 2007 Reply
  • jeandjinni

    We have charts now! Looks like the twee tops our initial (small data set) chart - Belle and Sebastian. Though Squarepusher and Autechre are posing an all-out techno-assault challenge to our group identity.

    27 May 2007 Reply
  • popgurl

    Black all the way, all the time.

    26 May 2007 Reply
  • jeandjinni

    Quick poll - who 'paints it black', and who prefers 'simply red'? (I prefer the red - well, today I do)

    26 May 2007 Reply
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