• upcoming: Greg Haines & Wouter Van Veldhoven album!

    31 May 2008, 17:53 by frits

    After three days of painstakingly hard work in a small studio in Utrecht Greg Haines and Wouter van Veldhoven finished a collaborative album. It will be available from August/September this year.

    Released on the dutch Eat This Media label on 12" vinyl, the currently untitled album consists of four shorter songs making up Side A and one long track filling the whole of Side B.

    We will be looking for tour dates around the time of release, so any interested parties can get in touch at or

    Audio samples will be coming soon, but in the meantime why not look around the links below?
  • Wouter van Veldhoven debut album, gigs, projects

    13 Mar 2008, 08:40 by frits

    Hello everybody,

    1) Debut album!
    Finally my debut album is out! Hurray! my most delicate piece of music to date.
    It's called "four simple songs for five dead bumblebees" and is wrapped in a nice cloth, all handmade by friends. The number of copies is not unlimited (albeit a bit less limited than my previous EP-releases) so if you want it, don't hesitate :)

    the album can be ordered at eat this media (just send an email to to order it). so finally when you ask for an album you will get the album because I have absolutely nothing to do with the distribution! good for you, good for me :)

    2) Caves and such
    Besides the album I have some new upcoming shows, one of which is very much worth mentioning: I'll be playing at "cavesongs" on march 23th in a small hole/cellar underneath the huge Dom church in Utrecht. There are
    some ruins of an old roman building there and only 10 people fit in at a time. That's going to be special and cozy I guess :)
    Oh, did I tel you it is for free?

    There will also be a show at LVC in Leiden with Leo Fabriek, Soccer Committee and Machinefabriek on march 29th. Which I hope is going to be just as nice as the concert we did with the four of us on my birthday party, which will be broadcasted by concertzender soon.

    3) Art-snob...
    Nowadays Wouter van Veldhoven is not only a musician, he apparently is an artist too! That is to say, I'm invited to make an installation for an art centre. It's going to be a home-made synthesizer with electric, mechanical and accoustic components, very Pierre Bastien-ish and Godfried-Willem
    Raes-ish, but quite different as well. Combining selfresonating strings, clicking relay-sequensers, filters, switches and hopefully some rudimental tape delay/loopers it will be a very weird lofi experience. Not only sound will be made and manipulated by this machine, with help of Arlo Laibowitz also motion pictures will be incorporated. I'll make some pictures of the progress and put them online for interested people. I hope it will be suitable for regular gigs as well.

    That's it for now,

    All the best!
    Wouter van Veldhoven
  • [Belgian Electronics] Featured Artist: Foochow

    18 Feb 2008, 10:06 by Doorchaser


    Tim is an artist I know from . I always liked his perfect mix of electro-trance. and I'm glad to meet him here @! Cheerz

    Biography on

    In the early nineties, Belgium was known for its (Electronic Body Music) and dark electronic bands like Front 242, A Split-Second, Klinik, Dive, Insekt, Poesie Noire and The Neon Judgement. Non-Belgian acts like Skinny Puppy, Leather Strip, Cat Rapes Dog, Placebo Effect and many others produced a quite similar sound.

    At the same time, Belgium witnessed the birth of a dance-revolution that soon spread across the borders. First New Beat, then House and finally Techno and Trance were the natural offshoots of EBM.

    Round that time, in Ostend (Belgium), Tim Heddebauw aka 'Foochow' started playing keyboards and synths. The first musical experiments rooted in the more dark side of electronic music and took him - almost automatically - to EBM-, industrial-, electro-, crossover- and even gothicprojects. Later on, those experiments lead to more danceable projects.

    In 1999 Foochow was founded. Foochow, named after a Chinese city, was a new beginning and headed radically for the dancefloor. Push, Elysium, Front 242, Prodigy, Niels Van Gogh, Third Eye, Timo Maas, Ulanbator, Antiloop, Sasha, Paul Oakenfold and Paul Van Dyk are some Foochow-influences. Some are traceable, others are not.

    Trance Forward, the first full-cd (2001) contains a review of three years Foochow featuring 'old classics', rare tracks and some live dancefloor-fillers.

    In december 2001 Foochow's Intact was chosen for the compilation 'Dark Demo(n)s' by the Belgian Dark Entries Magazine.

    During almost two years everything remained silent untill Dark Entries selected Foochow again for its Dark Demon(s) serie volume 4. This time 'Apollo Angel' appeared on the compilation-cd.

    Only a few months later Foochow received even bigger news. Foochow was selected to play at the famous 'Belgian Independent Music Festival' (BIMF) at Hof ter Loo in Antwerp. The full line-up: The Klinik, Male Or Female, Insekt, Snowy Red, This Morn Omina, Stin Scatzor, Foochow, Foetal Void, Feature and Hedera Helix. Along with the festival Foochow appeared on an exclusive BIMF promo-cd and got a two-page interview in the Dark Entries magazine, fully spent to BIMF 2003.

    At the end of 2004 Foochow joined the Brussels electronic collective Je m’en Fish. A few months later the new CD ‘Past Progressive’ appeared and many live gigs and DJ-sets followed, even abroad.
    In 2006 the album Bass Beyond came out. On


    Foochow Live @ BIFFF 2007

  • Distant Fires Burning - Messierobjekten

    16 Dec 2007, 18:55 by Doorchaser

    Hi, on you can find a preview of the album I produced as Distant Fires Burning. It's a free download!
    The album itself is gonna be something for january 2008. Be patient and enjoy this song in the meanwhile!
  • The outro of domestic life and intro of homelesness. a new entry?

    1 Oct 2007, 15:20 by SebCatLitter

    yep, and what's most important: some muzak to download.
  • New releases by Eat Concrete Records

    19 Jul 2007, 12:00 by sandahr

    EAT005 - Twin Earth Atlantic (2LP)

    With mostly new alliances and an international variety of artists, Twin Earth Atlantic takes it all a bit further. Based around , downtempo beats and , this compilation is a journey across some of the most blooming, creative places in contemporary electronic music. Featuring well known, acclaimed artists as well as promising newcomers, the composition of the album is perfectly in sync with Eat Concrete's philosophy of being an antenna and a platform for music.

    Absolutely interconnected to Twin Earth Atlantic's sound are Bronze and Van, two collaborative tracks from the only two artists previously affiliated to the label, Ro Lee and ATeeze. Sharing a common history, both on the creative side of music for over ten years, Ro Lee and ATeeze are quite different in style and approach. Joining their skills, surpassing their individual talents, they created with Bronze and Van two great examples of what this album is trying to put across, inspiring music from a kaleidoscopic background.
    From the vanguards of electronic music come contributions like Daedelus' wonderous Remix of Nothing. Utterly incomparable to his contemporaries, creating a whimsical, magical sound, Daedelus is a true pioneer and a wizard with his music. Eat Concrete is proud to announce his appearance on Twin Earth Atlantic.
    Another LA based, prodigy producer, Take, delivers the crispy, crystalic sounding Tonight is Twin Earth Atlantic definitely resonates to 'the sound of LA', with more musical liaisons established into the 'city of angels' further along the album.
    With Aardvarck's elusive Money the album just as easily keeps it's universal feel close to home. Originally from the same region as Eat Concrete, Aardvarck remains a prolific factor in Dutch dance and electronics for almost two decades now.
    Further along the journey comes Low Res' delicate Dirty Lamentable Scheme, stretching Twin Earth's perspective into the stuff of dreams. Low Res' alive, spontaneous and vulnerable sound is a real phenomenon in electronic music, beautifully suited to this eclectic compilation.
    Featuring more groundbreaking music from; Sweden's funkiest: Hearin' Aid, Swiss soulman Skymark, George aka Junior Villain and the musical dreamteam Headset, Twin Earth Atlantic effortlessly matches up styles and sounds creating an unified composition that's pretty rare for a compilation.

    With a close focus on electronic music, Eat Concrete stays true to it's nature while setting a universal mood supporting such a wide variety of styles and artists. Evident to the label's approach, not fearing ambitions or expectations, Twin Earth Atlantic is a bold but logical expansion of the musical kaleidoscope called Eat Concrete.

    EAT006 - New Deal (2LP)

    A suiting addition to the musical spectrum of Eat Concrete, New Deal is a well thought out compilation of techno inspired music. Renowned Dutch musicians like Maarten van der Vleuten, Orgue Electronique, Sensory Overload, Pete Concrete, Berend G. and Mr Blomski, European pioneer 69db and US hero Blipvert cover a spectrum of music between them, weaving together genres like , , , , and . Brought by a label focusing on quality and creativity, New Deal offers a concept of music rather than a tight vision of style.

    Featuring many groundbreaking producers, New Deal starts out with Maarten van der Vleuten's Reptv, a severe techno track. Releasing music since the late eighties, Van der Vleuten's repetoire is huge. Effortlessly switching from to , and , he is always reinventing and innovating, remaining a pioneer and a classic at the same time.
    Orgue Electronique and Pete Concrete collaborated on Sons of the Sweet Soil, an übersweet and minimalistic track. Orgue Electronique is not just know for his releases on Bunker records and his collaborations with Legowelt, he has released three acclaimed solo EP's for Creme organization and tours all over the world, sharing stages with many well known artists.
    Pete Concrete, founder of the Eat Concrete label and responsible for compiling New Deal, solo, also delivers the enigmatic Maxwell Dreams On, techno on an acid highvibe, deep, straightforward and with soul. Involved in music for over ten years, Pete Concrete is known for his progressive style. Wether it be as a musician or through his label, he is always looking to set new standards and shift perspectives.
    Sensory Overload, Robbert Latumahima, is another pioneer from the Dutch undergound. As a musician Robbert sets himself apart with his minimalistic, industrial rhythms and deep spheric sounds. He has designed and built his own sequencer, using it for his famous live sets. Robbert performs throughout Europe, runs his own label (Sensory Overload Records) and his productions have appeared on labels like Team Wasted, Neutrope and Eat Concrete.
    One of the most prolific artists to surface from European underground techno is 69db, Sebastian Vaughan. Sebastian has been a consistent and driven performer for over fifteen years now and is considered an absolute master with his live-sets, known to bring live electronic dancemusic to another level. Working with the French Expressilon label since 1997, he has an impressive track record of releases, projects, collaborations and performances so far.
    US inspirator Blipvert (Will Redmond) takes the lead on New Deal as far as experimental goes. A composer and instrumentalist for over fifteen years, Will was part of a variety of ensembles from rock to jazz and experimental electronics. The music of his soloproject Blipvert combines glitchy noise, frantic rythms and alien soundscapes into a crafty collage of sonic mayhem.

    Reflecting Eat Concrete's nature as a label, this New Deal is a daring project and a work of true understanding and love of progressive electronics. Intertwining different styles and artists, New Deal accomplishes an elevating and refreshing compilation; Easygoing but enlightening, Eat Concrete's concept of a dancefloor record is one of broad perspectives and a straightforward motion.

    EAT007 - EAT007 (12'')

    With Eat 005 & 006 came recognition and support for a whole spectrum of music, revealing Eat Concrete Records to be one of the more sophisticated Dutch recordlabels today. Last of the trio comes Eat 007, nameless and blank sleeved. Weary of narrow genres or stigmatic styles, Eat 007 represents Eat Concrete's own mix of contemporary electronic music.

    Ill Fre2k On You kick-starts the record with his Eclectic Boogie. Lifting off on deep bass-lines, freaking out on funky riffs, this guitar fused acidfunk is a downright incinerating dancefloor track. Swinging into a more relaxed pass comes Stungk, a funky summertime disco-house production. Produced by someone going by the name Evicted Floors, Stungk will probably do the exact opposite of that...
    On the B-side Eat 007 breaks through to the other side quite literally. Pete Concrete's Stinger is a clear and transparent composition of musical space. Calm and precise, this down-tempo, soundscaped production is a mystical, mesmerizing time-stopper and a mind-dweller. Last we join Ro Lee for his Report From The Outside. An almost visual journey into a musical universe where you can hear the shooting stars, luminescent particles, the sonars, outerspace... Report From The Outside is a tight, uptempo production of highly dynamic and fresh electronica, winding up the record in full flight.

    This third of three releases is probably the most personal of all. Coming from some of Eat Concrete's closest friends and allies, this little 12'' can give a pretty good idea of how the label and the people behind it will not be forced or lost into some stream, style or standard. There's something highly dynamic, progressive and unpredictable about their way of making music.

  • 23rd of June 2007: Dubstep a GOGO II

    4 Jun 2007, 15:51 by jobtg

    We Are Happy to announce another edition of the Dubstep a GOGO party. Again we've invited the best dj's from both the UK and the Netherlands. This time we won't just shake theater Kikker, we'll shake the whole of Utrecht! Straight from the London underground come DJ Chef and DJ Hatcha. Both have greatly contributed to the dubstep sound, either by producing or by spinning records. The dutch crew is just as impressive with dj Bojcot Selectah and DJ U Dub. Both dj's jumped on the dubstep train as soon as it hit Holland. Or better, they drove the train into the Netherlands!

    Check out the event at: Dubstep a GOGO

    and at the Interzone Festival web site