New dark ambient releases from Subterrestrial

  • New dark ambient releases from Subterrestrial

    SUB004 Subterrestrial - "Conspiracy Music"
    Subterrestrial welcomes the new year with our first new release of 2011. Inspired by secret societies and conspiracy theories, "Conspiracy Music" features over an hour of ethereal and hermetic-sounding melodic dark ambient music.
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    Subterrestrial - "Forgotten Places"
    Minimal/Isolationist ambient album by Subterrestrial on Fm-Ra's brand new Rejected Netlabel. "forgotten places is an album where the mind gets immediately immersed. through it, subterrestrial pulls us out of the strictly functional roles we play in our societal wheel of change and reminds us of our own existences beyond that, opening ways to the finitized being's reabsorption in the vaster and obscured realm of reality where stillness rules."
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    Subterrestrial - "Esoteric Zoo"
    New album by Subterrestrial on Black Square Netlabel, catalog number BS033. "Esoteric Zoo" is inspired by fantastic creatures from Persian and Medieval European mythology. Seven tracks of rhythmic dark ambient and tribal industrial sounds, available now as a free download in your choice of super high quality MP3 or Ogg Vorbis.
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    Subterrestrial - ambient / downtempo / experimental music
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