• Who are you?

    I'm just curious as to who is who on IVM's last fm group... cause it seems everyone has very different names.

    If anybody reads this, post your "name" on IVM here.

    I'm Colt, duh.

  • Nate.

  • Headless, haha.

  • The Admiral!!!!

  • I'm Brian...

    -Brian Alexander
  • Chris duh

  • sidekicksuicide

    real name Jon

  • I'm Jordan

  • I usually post under 'Tim' on IVM.

  • Levi D (sometimes matrixkitty.....lame i know)

    The ants...they're shooting some type of acid.....AHHHHH MY ARM IS MELTING OFF!
  • I'm... Dacheat... kinda obvious lol. I don't post a whole lot. I just lurk. :P

  • TheDestroyer68... i literally just joined hahaha

    Will I ever, ever stop choking? Will I ever, ever stop drowning?
  • phantommullet :D

  • Godzola

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