foreign indie pop <3!

  • foreign indie pop <3!

    names that spring to mind are
    brazil's Postal Blue
    germany's Space Kelly
    lots+lotsa japanese shibuya-kei/borderline indie pop artists

    any suggestions? :D

    leaving on a jet plane.
  • tercer mundo indie pop

    Argentina: Suarez

    • Djii said...
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    • 5 Nov 2006, 09:16
    France: Syd Matters, Nouvelle Vague.

  • Japan: Lamp

    as always, play nice and happy listening.
    • pedross said...
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    • 5 Dec 2006, 00:41
    from brazil too, Luisa Mandou um Beijo

    You can find it at soulseek

  • Guess it depends where you live, but from a US standpoint:

    - I'm from Barcelona
    - Suburban Kids with Biblical Names

    - Architecture in Helsinki

    UK (hardly foreign)
    - The Boy Least Likely To

    most of these bands are well known though

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 7 Jan 2007, 01:17
    Amelia, from uruguay (a tiny, insinificant country in south america)

  • Norway: Ephemera. Beautiful.

    ...and we rock because it's us against them
    • Tomb242 said...
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    • 22 Jan 2007, 16:39

    Luisa Mandou um Beijo

    Luisa Mandou um Beijo have now made their album available via the Aregueifa net label as a free download. It's pretty impressive stuff.

  • ^^ wow i'm really enjoying this!

    thanks guys.
    if you would like to recommend particular songs from the bands mentioned, please do so. thank you once again!

    leaving on a jet plane.
  • Sweden: Popsicle
    Norway: Whopper

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 27 Jan 2007, 17:28
    I love Sweden <3.
    It's so sweet.
    There is also El Perro del Mar

  • Cansei de ser sexy from Brazil

    If you've lost your faith in love and music the end won't be long
  • germany: guther.

    "it's obviously a 1977 ORIGINAL punk rock look-- i guess johnny fuckface is too stupid to realize it!"
    • Tomb242 said...
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    • 4 Feb 2007, 10:09
    Radio de Outono are another Brazilian band. We have written about them here:

  • from chile Les Ondes Martenot. You can find some songs on of all places.


    That Annoying Guy By The Watercooler At:
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 15 Feb 2007, 08:59
    • Tomb242 said...
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    • 17 Feb 2007, 22:48
    remixes of some of Luisa Mandou um Beijo song's can be found here.

    • samhunt said...
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    • 19 Feb 2007, 23:21
    Japan : Spaghetti Vabune!

    I know what I said - I just changed my mind.

    • C86kid said...
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    • 2 Mar 2007, 12:38
    Japan: Flipper's Guitar

    • stratum said...
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    • 10 Mar 2007, 16:13
    Finland: Cats On Fire

  • Sweden:
    Acid House Kings
    Club 8
    Bedroom Eyes
    Hello Saferide
    Maia Hirasawa


    • Anorax said...
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    • 7 Apr 2007, 19:05

    Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.
    • iysil said...
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    • 23 Apr 2007, 01:04
    dleitnick32 said:

    - Architecture in Helsinki

    also: The Lucksmiths, SodastreamThe Simpletons, Darren Hanlon, Anthony Atkinson. Although these aren't quite foreign to me..

    what a beautiful day for a crushing defeat, what a stupid waste of sunshine.
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