• Silent Records

    17 Aug 2005, 16:57 by Fidgital

    G'day! I've just returned from Australia where I had a meeting with Stu from Undercover Undercover Records. Undercover has an electronic imprint called Silent which is remarkable. Courtesy of Stu, I have every one of their releases, and the label is batting 1000 - every disc they've put out is great!

    Coda - Coda are kind of like the Cinematic Orchestra, but with more of a chamber music and rock slant. Fantastic world music string quartet pieces with heavy live breakbeats and delicate keyboard textures. Their first album "There Is A Way To Fly" blew me away, but their new EP "For Our Animal Friends" is even stronger.

    Prop - Now sadly broken up, Prop were an incredible new music chamber ensemble, kind of like Stereolab meets Tortoise meets Steve Reich. Live marimba and vibes over breaks, with great, sprawling arrangements and a dash of the surreal. Their first album was an incredible journey, continued and further convoluted by a follow-up remix album. Since then, two members of Prop have gone on to form The Presets. Too bad they're not on Silent any more!

    Tracky Dax - Great Aussie nu-pop a la Prince and Jamiroquai, but with new breaks and fresh drum & bass production. Tracky Dax's very funky first album "Crimes of Fashion" was a loosely connected theme album about pop culture. Their new album "Watch the One" is a very anti-Bush political beast, and stronger than the first album.

    Silent have also put out a compilation called Nocturnal Emissions which is also strong. It collects a dozen different artists doing deep house, techno and breaks, but with some live instrumentation and a touch of pop.