Discussing favorite Teena Marie Albums.

  • Discussing favorite Teena Marie Albums.

    I have a lot of favorite Teena Marie albums -- and one of my favorite ones is "It Must Be Magic". The topics covered on this album -- love, John Lennon, and so much more. The girl really expressed herself magically in her lyrics and in her impassioned vocals.

    This is brief with more to come when I have more time.

    Feel free to join the discussion if you wish, my friends.

  • My favorite album is "Starchild"

    "Starchild" was the first Teena Marie music that I was introduced to...my sister had the record in her collection. I discovered it when I was about 10 years old. I had heard "Lovergirl" and was curious about what the rest of the album would sound like. As I became older and I began to purchase my own music, I realized her talent and her songwriting. She IS a great artist. And may she live on forever through her music.

  • I can't just pick one, Sorry!!!

    Number one on my list is "Irons in the Fire", all of those jazzy tones; number two is "Ivory", the contemporary-ness of the disc is just so groove-licious; my number three is "It Must Be Magic", if "Fire and Desire" had been included on the original record, it would have been PERFECT.

    And finally, I have to include her least successful disc, "Emerald City", it is so experimental, but "Sunny Skies" seals the deal for me. The little girl sang her a%^ off!! She was such a great singer of soul and her jazzy tones made her all the more listenable, each time she released a record, I kept hoping it would be the one to make more listeners aware of her incredible talent. I really do miss her, more and more now that she is truly gone, but her music is a true testament to her artistry. She really did it her way.

  • Sapphire~

    I first heard of Teena Marie through Starchild and "Lovergirl" but as I learned more of soul music I kept gravitating back to Teena Marie and when I first heard "Fire and Desire" I thought I was in Nirvana. I admit to having just about all of T's work and the Greatest Hits as well, she earned her money with me for sure :)

    I think this CD is likely overlooked just for when it was released. Basically a lot of these new artists have lost what make music great. You gotta have the soul and passion for your work and not just dollar signs in front of your eyes. I think most of the true music lovers can tell who has the talent and passion and who is frontin.' Lady T's musicality is about the best in the business as well. I'm a sucker for the strings and they are used to perfection here.

    I love all of the Sapphire collection but Ecstasy, The Way You Love Me, Make It Hot and Cruise Control are the best selections. She had Smokey Robinson, Gerald Albright, George Duke and even Kurupt on this CD.

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