Great Ones by Great Ones Now Gone

  • Great Ones by Great Ones Now Gone

    In no paticular order, I am beginning a list of great albums by some of the great artists we have lost over the years. I chalenge each member of the group to add at least one album by one of the artists on the list. Let's see how many great ones we can compile, o.k.??

    I have started with 15 that I think are great. The album doesn't have to be the biggest hit of the artist or group, but it should be an actual album, not just a greatest hits compilation. Live albums may be listed also, as we know that there have been some great ones also.

    Please feel free to repeat artists, but for obvious reasons, not titles, and also feel free to discuss another person's choice, if you wish.

    This might actually be fun. Please join in when you have the time. Thanks!!


    1. Teena Marie, IRONS IN THE FIRE

    Irons In The Fire

    2. Michael Jackson, OFF THE WALL

    Off the Wall

    3. Nick Ashford of Ashford & Simpson, SOLID


    4. Amy Winehouse, BACK TO BLACK

    Back to Black

    5. Freddie Mercury of Queen, THE GAME

    The Game

    6. Rick James, STREET SONGS

    Street Songs

    7. Whitney Houston, WHITNEY HOUSTON

    Whitney Houston

    8. Marvin Gaye, HERE, MY DEAR

    Here, My Dear

    9. Luther Vandross, THE NIGHT I FELL IN LOVE

    The Night I Fell In Love


    10. Gerald Levert, PRIVATE LINE

    Private Line

    11. Curtis Mayfield, NEW WORLD ORDER

    New World Order

    12. Frank Sinatra, IN THE WEE SMALL HOURS

    In the Wee Small Hours

    13. Donny Hathaway, EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING

    Everything Is Everything

    14. David Ruffin of the Temptations, THE TEMPTATIONS SING SMOKEY

    The Temptations Sing Smokey

    15. Teddy Pendergrass, TP


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    Great Ones by Great Ones Now Gone (bnbmusic3000's List)

    Here is my list of "Great Ones by Great Ones Now Gone".

    1. Minnie Riperton - Come To My Garden

    Come To My Garden

    2. Minnie Riperton - Perfect Angel

    Perfect Angel

    3. Whitney Houston - The Preacher's Wife Original Soundtrack Album

    The Preacher's Wife Original Soundtrack Album

    4. Thomas Whitfield - My Faith

    My Faith

    5. Nat King Cole - Unforgettable


    6. Teddy Pendergrass - Life Is A Song Worth Singing

    Life Is A Song Worth Singing

    7. Phyllis Hyman - Can't We Fall In Love Again

    Can't We Fall in Love Again

    8. Michael Jackson - Thriller


    9. Marvin Gaye - What' Going On

    What's Going On

    10. Luther Vandross - Never Too Much

    Never Too Much

    11. Grover Washington, Jr. - Mister Magic

    Mister Magic

    12. Walter Hawkins - The Hawkins Family

    The Hawkins Family

    13. Walter Hawkins - Love Alive

    Love Alive

    14. Walter Hawkins - Love Alive II

    Love Alive II

    15. Whitney Houston - Whitney


  • Winelight

    As a boy, this was first introduction to jazz, my dad used 2 listen to this record all the time. Years later, we purchased the album on cd for him, and even 'til this day, he still listens to it a couple of times a week.

    1. Grover Washington, Jr. - Winelight


    record - he actually still has the vinyl in the album sleeve, the album cover is a little worn, but it was a nice looking cover, b/t/w, I have this on my iPod and my phone and when I wanna feel close 2 my dad, who, thank God is still with us, I listen 2 this too!

    God bless Grover, may he 4ever rest in peace.

  • My choices are Vesta Williams -- "Vesta 4U" & Phyllis Hyman -- "Prime of My Life" & "Living All Alone"

    I saw John-Boyy above me had written a little something about his choice. I thought I would try 2 do the same. Thanks 4 the invitation 2 do this.

    There is a history with me and this album...During the 80's, this woman, in her struggle to offer a great record. Just listening to her sing "Running Into Memories" still gives me chills.

    Vesta 4U

    I saw Phyllis Hyman in concert while she was promoting "Prime of My Life". I was very young and with my mother at the show -- what emotion and artistry she displayed. I got the impression she had lived some of these songs. Her performance of "Living All Alone" during the concert made me cry. She talked to the audience for 4 or 5 minutes b4 she performed this song. It was the sadness she displayed that I will never 4get.

    Prime Of My Life

    Living All Alone

    The 'Grate' Kate.
  • Luther Vandross, "Never Too Much"

    During my lifetime, I have listened to many albums that I have loved alot. Luther's Epic Records debut is a treasure. From start to finish, only 7 songs long, but a true gem. He set a standard for himself and for so many others. One of the princes of soul.
    Just magical.

    Luther Vandross

    Never Too Much

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