Looking like a metal fan

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    Looking like a metal fan

    I think that this topic has been discussed to death but it still intrigues me, and I hope I can bring a new side to this.

    First of all; I don't look like I'm a fan of anything. I keep my hair short and tidy, wear unoffensive and semi-colorful clothes and so on. Not because I'm afraid to look like I'd want to, I just don't think my looks are that important and I don't see a reason to look any different than I do now.

    I assume a lot of you look like metal fans, so from you I ask; what draws you into wanting to look like that (and this is a completely non offensive question)? Because I mean you have to be drawn by SOMETHING, I personally do not feel any kind of draw to grow my hair long and start wearing patches or anything.

    I have a few templates I ASSUME are possible reasons for that;
    -it simply looks cool to you
    -as a metal fan you're "expected" to look like a metal fan
    -it gives a sensation of unity within a community that is neglected by outsiders quite often

    So yeah if you think I'm an idiot because of this thread e-kick my ass or something, but some opinions or explanations would interest me.


  • I do look like a metalhead. Hair down to my mid-upper back so far. Leather biker biker jacket. All my clothing is black and I often sport Bathory, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and Darkthrone shirts with, on occasion, black suspenders.

    Primarily I have this appearance because to me it is the coolest look. Pure aesthetics really. Not to impress anybody, but its a look ive aspired to since my early teens. Im definitely not seeking attention, nor do I need anyone to comment on it. Its a stepping stone for me because i always have been a shy person. Growing my hair out was nerve racking for me when I first started. Ive conditioned myself not to care in a sense. From my perspective, its liberating.

    It has also been a good way to meet people with similar tastes. Ive received quite a few devil horn salutes simply because I was sporting a Hellhammer shirt (Dont know about you guys, but its a rare sight amongst metalheads in this town. Too many poseurs and semi-dedicates, so those knowledgeable with the old underground movement are very supportive and welcoming). So yeah there is a sense of unity.

    Being "Expected" to look like a metalhead has minimal influence on me. I do have a band project and ill admit the long-haired windmill headbanging, gunslinging guitar player sporting spiked leather is a look I like to see on a band playing. Goosebump inducing visuals for me. So its more of how I expect a metalhead should look like.

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    • 14 Apr 2012, 13:04
    Oh, that's interesting. In where I live it's not uncommon to walk in a bus and see someone in a band shirt. When Iron Maiden played in here every other person I saw out town had an Iron Maiden shirt.

  • Used to have long hair, often wore band shirts. Loads of my friends were all "hey man you need to cut your hair" or "dude, if you get drunk and pass out we're totally gonna shave your head" etc etc. I didn't give a shit, but eventually I did cut my hair, however that was due to my hair being really thick and after a while it was halfway down my back but also really big and curly and it became such a goddamn hassle. I've also stopped wearing band shirts (or any kind of graphic tees). Looking at my profile, you can see I don't listen to metal as much as I used to, but the truth is I stopped adhering to the "metal look" long before that. It looks good on some people, but I'm not one of them.

  • Oh yeah, by band shirts I mean around here you usually see nothing but the most popular metal band shirts if at all. Theres nothing wrong with say a Master of Puppets t-shirt, but its a good indication that the individual wearing it probably doesnt listen to more than 10 - 20 metal bands altogether, and if he does you can guess that they are signed on Nuclear Blast. Sure I was in the same boat when i was a young teen, but these days if i see a dude wearing a Death Strike t-shirt I know I can immediately relate and talk about those early extreme bands and we'd probably hit it off without small talk bullshit. Otherwise its just awkward if I start mentioning all these relatively obscure bands and the Megadeth fanatic on the other end has no idea.

    I can see Slack's issue. Ive been hit on simply because of my long, golden hair haha so the look works for me and is a definite plus. I gotta say though, Trailer Park Boys are Canadian icons. You'd fit right in around here if you wore a TPB shirt.

  • I used to have long hair, but more because I got tired of haircuts than because I wanted to present a certain image. But eventually I got tired of hour long showers, so now I'm back to short hair.

    My clothing choices have always been utilitarian; whatever works. I don't particularly like the way band logos look, for what it's worth.

    I know some people who look like stereotypical metalheads who are fairly smart, so no offense to them if that works for 'em, but I can't stand herd mentality clique BS. If being "metal" or "punk" or unicyclecore or whatever means conducting myself in cliche ways, then fuck if I'm any of those things.

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    • 16 Apr 2012, 22:20
    I look less and less like a "metalhead" as the years go on, mostly due to having a job where I am supposed to look professional. So when it comes to buying new clothes now I usually just buy things that would be suitable for work as well - still predominantly black (or animal print), because I'll always feel most comfortable in that colour/prints.

    In saying that, I've never been one to wear a leather jacket or a bullet belt, personally I find it a little over the top for me since I don't ride a motorbike or use a gun :P ...my "metalhead" style is really just band shirts, studded belt, Dr Martin boots, and denim mini skirts.

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    I don't look the part of any fan of music in general. I have short hair, I can't grow facial hair for shit, and I have maybe a handful of band shirts in my wardrobe. I don't really think it matters, to be entirely honest - I sincerely love the genre, and as far as i'm concerned, that's more than enough.

  • ^ I cant argue with that. It all boils down to aesthetics really.

    I suppose its not very important because it has no bearing on the compositions themselves, but can anyone picture a 1988 James Hetfield shoegazing? I think the music's essence can be further emoted through visual aesthetic and the look I think we can agree fits the music. By fans as well, but more importantly through the band playing. There is no NEED to look like a fan I agree. But we all share the same passion here and we have different ways of expressing it.

    Though I imagine and i certainly hope ill get tired of this look. Subtly wane off of it as I settle into a career.

  • I have short hair and dress like an average person. I usually wear band T shirts but that's all.

    The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.
  • ive been growing my hair partly because of metal influence but also because ive always had short hair and wanted something different.
    I dress metal because i like metal art and i like to support music i like so i buy band merch.

  • ^basically what tomcatha said for me as well though I've already grown my hair quite a bit.

  • Well, I have been growing my hair for about 2 years (it's twice as long as it looks on my current avatar :P) and I started buying band shirts about a year ago, currently I own about ten of them.. But yeah but it doesn't matter a jackshit if you look "metal" or not

  • Half of the time, I'm in black jeans, boots and a band tee. Other half, a vintage, lace or velvet dress with a flower in my hair or a crocheted collar. It's like 90s black metal one day, 60s hippie the next. I may even mix 'em and wear my kutte with a lace blouse and pink tulle skirt. I love both aesthetics but feel untrue to personal taste and self expression with just one archetypal look. My musical style is also quite split, listening to Hellhammer, then Creedence Clearwater Revival right after. How one dresses is an expression of identity/personality and music is only one aspect of it. Thus, clothing does not always directly connect to or vividly portray what someone's playing on their ipod, nor does it need to.

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    • 25 Apr 2012, 19:46
    Some of you might have misunderstood the question, which was "why do you look like a metal fan IF YOU DO and what influences that?"

    I didn't want to imply you have to look like anything, just wondering what motivates you to doing what you do.

    The thread has been rather interesting to date.

  • @OccultRock awesome!

  • Interestingly I just had my hair cut short for the first time in a LONG time a few weeks back. Probably for a more unusual reason than most.... had my first amateur MMA fight (lost to a decision after 3 rounds :( ), and my hair just gave me the shits to no end. Training is a different story, but when your actually getting pounded in the face due to having hair in your eyes I think it's time for a change! That said I still wear band shirts all the time, jeans, leather jacket, battle vest etc.... I'll miss the long hair at gigs for sure but overall the change has been a positive thing. And as long you still listen to awesome music who gives a fuck what you look like. For the record my walk out music was Slayer - Black Magic. :D

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    Eh, I used to dress metal, now I don't. Largely because I think basing your personal aesthetic off of your favorite genre of music is indicative of a contrived personality. The only subgenre fashion I think really works is that of the traditional skinhead/mod - really slick fashion, that.

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    i wear band shirts, have my hair long, etc... i started growing my hair out before i got really into metal though. short hair is boring, and if you ask me i'm fuckin' ugly in the first place so length of hair doesn't really matter either way!

    i do it just because metal is probably the biggest interest i have, and it helps attract like minded people. i guess i feel similar to Kugelsackenburg about it.

  • I do look like a metal fan - have long hair and often wear band t-shirts. I had wanted long hair even before I was a big metal fan and reckon I would have ended up with it even if my musical tastes had developed differently, but being able to headbang with it doesn't hurt. I wear band t-shirts because it's a good way to support bands, both financially and through wearing their name. It also allows you to communicate your interests to others - band t-shirts are always a good conversation starter, both with metal fans and non-fans.

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    I think I would mostly look more like a punk fan except during winter months.

    I have a couple Venom shirts, a Black Metal import, a Welcome to Hell one I can't find, a Napalm Death skull shirt, and a Mastodon shirt of some kind... otherwise, I come off kind of modern hippie looking... jean leggings are metal/punk as hell, but, John Lennon shirt, peace sign necklace that never comes off, always white shoes... uh... idk. I wear my leather jacket and peacoat a lot during winter months and fall.

    I just got a haircut so it's really short. Like, just above my shoulders. But it used to be quite a bit longer and a lot more... Jim Morrison looking. lol.

    Overall, people can generally guess that I'm a rocker, it's just that they don't guess death metal or doom metal. In university I was told I looked like a Good Charlotte fan... =/ but I blame that on things my mom bought for me over the holidays that I was too polite to take back.

    Oh well. People usually don't take me for a metalhead either because I don't wear metal clothes so terribly often or because I'm too nice/sociable, as if all metalheads are basement dwelling assholes.

    Society is weird.

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    Got long hair, band shirts and hoodies, jeans all the time, and I got a leather jacket that I plan to paint up (cause I can't afford patches, buying albums is enough for me). Some people I look like Dale Crover, others say I look like...Neige with a jewish nose. (goodgodwhy)

    I got this kind of look partly for aesthetic reasons, partly as expression, but also because having long hair is awesome. Warms your face up a bit during winter, and I don't even mind having long hair in windy days. Cutting my hair short would feel like castration for me.

    Quite often though, people don't even think I'm a metalhead, they call me a hippie. One reason for that could be that 99% of metalheads here wear a ponytail ALL THE TIME (even when partying, though I guess this is just typical of Eastern European metalheads), and another reason is that I don't own a pair of combat boots. (Call it ridiculous, but I hold the view that when camo pants/shorts and combat boots became popular clothing items amongst metal folk, metal just kinda got worse. I know that it's obviously correlation and not causation, but still, whenever I see someone dressed like that, Watain immediately come to mind. Or even worse: Celtic Frost's Monotheist).

    Though most of the time people are indifferent towards me, probably because I'm as introverted as it could get, while other metalheads here (again, maybe this is an Eastern European thing in general) tend to be overly sociable and loud, thus, obnoxious to the general public.

  • I fulfill just about every metal stereotype other than my hair being long and having any facial hair (due to genetic inadequacies preventing me from having either). Other than that, I wear a leather jacket or jean jackets covered in patches, a metal band t-shirt almost every day, tight ripped jeans, combat boots, and I drink a lot. I see no reason why it's a big deal if you don't dress "metal" but I personally find it kind of lame if you do that because you're embarrassed about it (and I've known several people like this and it's usually a sign that it isn't a big part of their lives and that they aren't/weren't passionate about it to begin with). Regardless, your taste in music is what matters in the context of this group and I could otherwise give a shit about how you dress.

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    • 11 Oct 2012, 13:17
    I wear a leather jacket (the best garment ever) or just plain (black) jackets, band shirts/usual shirts, jeans and sneakers.
    I got short-to-average hair, though . I've had long hair once, but it just doesn't fit with my look. Taking care of long hair sometimes is a real bitch to me too.

    I have a few templates I ASSUME are possible reasons for that; -it simply looks cool to you -as a metal fan you're "expected" to look like a metal fan
    Pretty much, yeah.

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