• Idlewild live at the Logo, Hamburg, on April 26, 2007

    30 Apr 2007, 13:20 by weentroll

    Thu 26 Apr – Idlewild
    The Logo is one of the smaller clubs in Hamburg, they have lots of live music, but usually rather unknown bands. The building itself is a bit shaggy, and there's a big pillar right at the front center of the stage. Roddy made some jokes about that.
    The support band was from Münster and looked a bit like a hobby combo. Nobody understood their name, they had it nowhere on display (even the drumkit was Idlewild's). They played post-rock stuff, especially the drummer was not too bad. After they had finished, there was a bit of a crush on stage, as it is indeed very small.
    The audience was not the usual indie crowd, or they were but had dressed up for summer - it was still t-shirt temperatures outside when the gig started. People were quite enthusiastic. It was not sold out, about 150 people - which is good, as the only posters I have seen for this gig were on the Logo walls itself.
    Well, Idlewild came on and were welcomed enthusiasticly (but not hysterical - no flying underwear as far as I could see, no pogo). The put out quite an energic set, I will try to gather the setlist from my memory. The order might not be quite correct:

    Love Steals Us From Loneliness
    You Held The World In Your Arms
    Little Discourage
    Make another world
    I Want A Warning
    A ghost in the arcade
    American English
    If it takes you home
    Quiet Crown
    Once in Your Life
    In competition for the worst time
    In Remote Part
    A Modern Way Of Letting Go
    Future Works
    Blame It On The Obvious Ways

    The Weight of Years (with drummer Colin playing accordeon)
    No Emotion
    A I What I Am Not

    Songs old and new fit together quite well in this live set. The talk about the songs from the new album not being as energetic as the old ones was completely belied by this performance. Hope they'll come back soon!