What Band got you into Icelandic music?

  • What Band got you into Icelandic music?

    Well for me it was Múm but I am sure it's different for everyone I heard múm about a year ago and still can't get enough of them.

    Listening to them got me into Sigur rós and Sea Bear.

    If anyone can advise any other good bands that would be great.

  • I've loved Bjork for a long time, but Sigur Ros really got me hooked into Icelandic music.

    • zydek08 said...
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    • 16 Jul 2007, 10:11
    hmm, I love Sigur Rós, listening to them got me into Múm, Nilfisk and Minus .

    neli me tangere
    • ya_neck said...
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    • 18 Jul 2007, 22:59
    The first Icelandic band I knew was Björk ... but then there was Sigur Rós!! Out of this world, actually ... maybe most down to earth
    Later on I learned to know Múm, Dikta and Ampop altough I can't find lots of music of Ampop and Dikta

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  • I knew Björk, and had one album by her (liked it a lot, but wasn't really in love) then discovered Sigur Rós, and thought they were amazing. That got me into Amiina, Múm and the Album Leaf, and made me appreciate Björk a lot more.

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    • p3rh said...
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    • 27 Jul 2007, 00:35
    worm is green :)

  • I just found out about Amiina.


  • bjork and gus gus

    I belong to the land of song
  • bjork like 13 years ago...

    I belong to the land of song
    • MiLiTo said...
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    • 31 Jul 2007, 19:34
    Sigur Rós & Emiliana Torrini

  • Sigur Rós and Björk, now I'm discovering Múm and Emiliana Torrini

  • first Sigur rós and Björk, a few years ago

  • andrúm... go to rokk.is!!!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 19 Aug 2007, 22:33
    emilianas love in the time of science for few months now...and its a killer....bjork is so so...i also listened to a couple of her past bands....

  • first i listen bjork, then sigur ros, and emiliana torrini..and mum !!

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    • vrrn said...
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    • 10 Sep 2007, 18:59

  • amiina

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 17 Sep 2007, 19:05
    Björk of course...
    then Emiliana Torrini (i prefer Fisherman's Womam album)...and now i'm discovering Múm and i quite like it, then Sigur Rós and i really don't like it as much as others (any recommendations about this band?).
    oh, and i think that i like Gus Gus's album Polydistortion already and i only listened the samples...

  • Björk I think ... then Sigur and múm few years ago

  • Björk and then Sigur Rós.

  • sigur rós and múm

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  • björk, múm, sigur rós, slowblow, mugison

    • Matt89s said...
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    • 8 Oct 2007, 20:19
    Huh :)

    The SugarCubes
    Worm is Green
    Emiliana Torrini
    Tappi Tikarrass

  • Mùm mùm mùm

  • Björk, The SugarCubes, Gus Gus

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