• I don't think good music is dying. I just think there's an influx of crappy music that you have to sift through to get to the good music. (Basically what everyone else said already.)

    Like a slow scenery I'm losing all my faith
    In lifeless motion you're walking like you're dead
  • Music isn't dying. Good pieces are still released, but you have to find the most extraordinary of them, and you have to know how or where to find them.
    I think the common thing that the new songs have is that they are all a little bit...common. Nothing new about them, each one is a repeat of another one, and they are also massively "commercial' and electronic. I mean, where are the pure sounds out of the instruments? With no computer processing?

  • The music died in the '90... after Guns n' Roses...

  • They are dying but their music lives eternally...

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    I agree with you.
    40 years ago there was no reason to search for great music, you only had to turn the radio on.
    Today the music industry works differently, the mainstream doesn't provide great songs to you anymore.
    But in my opinion, this not only bad because it's great to be different from all the others. :)

  • I think the fact music is dying (for lack of a better anology) is due to the fact the world has gotten a lot smaller as far as communication and travel is concerned. Within the last century mankind has developed at a rate quicker than ever before, we built the first aeroplane in 1903, and some 60 years later mankind was in space. How many hundreds of years did it take for the chariot to become automobile? To some extent I believe the same applies to music, performing global tours like The Beatles did is really only a recent development, and now every musician wants to be as big as they were, but they never will because it's already been done and the element of something new is gone. Music has already conquered the Earth as powerful as it ever will, there will never be another Michael Jackson, never another Elvis Presley, never another Pink Floyd, so what will it take for there to be change?

  • Well said. Nobody will ever reach the level of The Beatles or Elvis because it's already been done and now it is impossible to stand out and capture people like that. Recording music didn't begin until the 20th century, so of course the music produced in that era is going to be the the golden era. Nowadays everyone is a musician so it's not as powerful as it used to be. I would go as far as too say that many musicians (not all) care about staying famous more than about being good.

  • ^^I agree. Everything about music used to be innovative back then. There were real music pioneers. In every kind of rock, whether that was classic or psychedelic or progressive or anything. Not only in rock but in music, in general.
    But since everything like that has already been discovered there's nothing left to find. And this is why the song writers turn to the computers to ask for help. Producing fake and so usual sounds.

  • I think the future of music is in combining the best past techniques, the analogue ones, with the best modern and forthcoming techniques, the digital and computer based ones.

  • I believe the mainstream pressure to breed comercial artists influences hugely on this matter. Also, it's hard to find some band that really catches your atention when almost every possible musical genre was created (decades later every slight change in a musical genre was astonishing 'cause there was yet much to be explored, it's tough to inovate nowadays with so many years of music development on the road).

    Spending your life waiting for the messiah to come save the world is like waiting around for the straight piece to come in Tetris.
    Even if it comes, by that time you've accumulated a mountain of shit so high that you're fucked no matter what you do.

  • It's not dying but music isn't as good as it used to be.

  • Two words: Look harder.

    The difference is that there's very little original music covered by the mainstream media (TV and radio) anymore. Listen to 6Music, read Drowned In Sound, The AV Club and Pitchfork, buy The Word magazine.

    And above all, GO TO GIGS. Turn up early to see the support act. Go to festivals and check out some bands you've never heard of. Go and support local bands. There's plenty of great music out there, it just takes a little more effort to find it.

  • Well said rubbersoultrain.

  • music changes over the years, the new stuff will obviously appeal less to older audiences which makes people think that 'good music is dying'. true that there's a lot of crap on the radio nowadays like all the r'n'b and rap that sounds the same played 24/7. so for example, you have to look underground and you'll realise there's still great hip-hop being produced out there, just nowadays the majority of the public seems to enjoy crap like ke$ha and flo-rida etc.

  • Absolutely not! There has always been some bad and good music. The difference is that what' s considered ''bad'' is more commercially successful and has more media attention, than more quality ''good'' music.

    Therefore ''good'' music today is not that easy to find. You have to look beneath MTV s Top 20 charts.
    Listen to Yeah Yeah Yeahs.:)

    Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream
    It is not dying...
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