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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 17 Jun 2007, 17:47
    tuff luff is wonderful, too. I really like every and anything by the Unicorns, personally.


    So great.

    "Smoke plumes become clouds.
    You just blend in!"

  • innoculate the innocuous

    "bananas make me unwind,
    watermelon makes it awesome"

    best line EVER!!!!!

    peach moon is defintely close behind this song though!!!!

  • .

    the clap.

    most definately

    • Crazium said...
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    • 17 Feb 2009, 20:00
    I Do It

    I Was Born (A Unicorn), The Clap and Jellybones are good too.

    • izak_90 said...
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    • 27 Feb 2009, 23:10
    les os (:

    signature Gomul
  • thunder and lightning & peach mooon tie for first for me

    • Crazium said...
    • User
    • 12 Aug 2009, 01:06

  • Tuff Luff. The penny whistle parade sound in it is one of the greatest pop moments ever.

  • Sea Ghost

  • my favorite is haunted house especially the end

    but i like all of them

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