Singing at the same time different lyrics

  • Singing at the same time different lyrics


    do you know any song where there are two or more singers singing at the same time different words?

    there're only two that comes to my mind

    Tilly and the Wall - Lost Girls
    Eisley - Brightly Wound

    both happen to be on my top bands. i sort of became fascinated by that but i don't really know any other songs that sound alike..

  • Funny, just last week I heard a new song with that occurrence:

    My Latest Novel - All in All in All Is All

    I'll have to check my library, there must be something more that is skipping my mind at the moment. I'll be back!

  • I'm still looking for My Latest Novel's song...

    Yesterday night i was listening to Ansty Pants and one of their songs has it!

    Amazing Kids Doing Amazing Shit

    It's funny that i listened the song a few times and only realized what was happening when i had my headphones on.

  • the chorus of I Can't Let Go by The Hollies

  • You can get the My Latest Novel song for free here:

    Another song with two people singing different lines:
    Sleater-Kinney - Words and Guitar

  • what a cool song!!! really liked it. thanks!!!! and i forgot about s-k. i think i have to listen my libary more carefully =)

  • Is there an actual name for when bands do this? I mean a technical name, like 'harmonizing', but not.

    Tilly and Eisley are two of my favourite bands too. I hadn't heard of My Latest Novel before, but they seem pretty good.

  • Cat Faces by Ugly Casanova

  • The xx - Crystalised

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