I hate new last.fm update (Aug 2, 2012)

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Created on: 3 Aug 2012
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Current policy is just to chill, being non conformist and using the old scrobbler

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  • Lock_Out

    BTW steam also changed to some blue gay shit FUUUUU hate hate hate big picture mode BS

    3 Feb 2:48am Reply
  • sour7

    pics of old update .

    2 Feb 2014 Reply
  • Lock_Out

    Did it a looong time ago :- !

    7 Jan 2014 Reply
  • alin1

    @Lock_Out: "Also youtube is damn ridiculous". Install Youtube Center. Many, many options there.

    15 Dec 2013 Reply
  • Lock_Out


    15 Dec 2013 Reply
  • Lock_Out

    4Real! Also youtube is damn ridiculous! Sometimes I have to turn off javasript just to browse through!

    24 May 2013 Reply
  • GDAutumnMay

    LastFM is definitely changing but I'm not sure if it's actually evolving.

    23 May 2013 Reply
  • Lock_Out

    Sheat, you know photobucket also updated their engine recently, and what is stupid besides the attempt to clone tumblr somehow, now there's no feature to upload from the web! Totally lame! Also it says "Success!" after you upload files... LIKE IT'S SOME FUCKIN WONDER!!!

    4 Mar 2013 Reply
  • Lock_Out

    also new look STILL sucks, the new scrobbler is not stable... good thing is I didn't even tried to update mine :|

    26 Feb 2013 Reply
  • Lock_Out

    yeah, it's cool to be a group's leader cuz you can spam ppl :)

    26 Feb 2013 Reply
  • artheta

    I dislike what they've done to last.fm just as much today as I did at the time they rolled the changes out... but I don't appreciate this group being used to spam me with Lock_Out's music.

    25 Feb 2013 Reply
  • trekeyus

    I forgot I still had it zoomed out by one notch. thank god for web browser zoom.

    25 Feb 2013 Reply
  • trekeyus

    when they first rolled out the new layout that is

    25 Feb 2013 Reply
  • trekeyus

    sad thing is Im starting to get used to this new layout it's no were near as bad as it was.

    25 Feb 2013 Reply
  • Lock_Out

    this worldwide update whoring really really sucks

    12 Feb 2013 Reply
  • Cranigen

    I actually like the new update, problem is, they implemented a feature that scrobbles Album Artists, so... I hate the new update

    12 Feb 2013 Reply
  • Mod7Psyche

    http://download.cnet.com/Last-fm/3000-2169_4-10740407.html?tag=mncol;1 ← this plugin version is better than Beta-version. I hope back to normal-version...

    24 Jan 2013 Reply
  • i4ii4i


    7 Jan 2013 Reply
  • Lock_Out

    wow now we also have this slow comment load stuff, congrats yall

    22 Oct 2012 Reply
  • gymru

    I don't understand, what's happened with a button -add-? so uncomfortable. кнопка -добавить в библиотеку- отстойный неприметный крест.. как на могиле % бесит, что убрали наверх и чувствуешь себя незнайкой в солнечном городе, пока ищешь %

    8 Oct 2012 Reply
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