• Kapeusz said...
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    • 16 Feb 2009, 19:14

    Your music. What? Why? How long?

    What music do you listen now and what have you been listening before? Has your taste changed by the time? Share it with us ; )

    When I was in primary school I used to listen to (sic!) techno, rap and hip-hop. When I was 14 my friend throw me into all that metal stuff. That was something I've been looking for and I didn't know what it could be. Firstly I wanted to be soooo tr00, I started from power metal, but very soon I turned into death and black. By the time I found Slipknot, Mudavayne and another nu metal bands and a lot more of another metal and some rock genres. After the short period of "tr00" time I met my love - hard rock. Led Zep, AC/DC and more. Yeah that was it! Then I accidentally started to listen Godsmack, my favourite band ever. First song was 'Straight Out Of Line" found accidentally on youtube. I thought 'another shitty piece of band-like-100-others', but I listened the song and... yeah!

    I hated indie and alternatives for so long. I realised it was stupid. I also started to listen more electronic, ambient, trip-hop and pop things and now... now I know one thing. Fuck genres - everything is just music.

  • 3-4 years ago my favourite band was Linkin Park. I listened to it almost exclusively. Then I got deeper into all kinds of Japanese music and Guano Apes. In late 2006, thanks to NFS Most Wanted, I've heard Disturbed and Celldweller for the first time. Celldweller is the one to blame for getting me interested in the industrial genre, even though Celldweller's frontman doesn't want to be associated with it ;). Its diverse, modern, and fresh sound appealed to me greatly, so naturally I started searching for bands, which fused electronica and rock as good as Celldweller did. It led me to Nine Inch Nails, which in turn led me to Filter, Zeromancer, Skinny Puppy, KMFDM - the stuff I listen to regularly nowadays ;). I also got into ebm and synth/futurepop.
    I am pretty open-minded - I also enjoy most of the music genres, except Rap and the noisiest variations of Metal - death, black etc. Feel free to recommend me any good bands you know.

  • I was one of those girls into OMG! boy bands then for one summer I started to get obsessed with rap.
    When I first entered Junior High a friend showed me X Japan and I fell in love with them. I proceeded to become obsessed with Visual Kei for the next six years. Scary.
    Not so long ago I was introduced to Kishidan and have been slowly began to follow their influences.
    I'm currently listening to all sorts of things that have been opened up to me by my poofy regent love.

  • i like the music of Rammstein, but i also like the music of Frank Sinatra, it's a little bit different, but that's the truth, i really like/honor the artists goods! Like Music, that's the way, you know! Doesn't matter about any styles!! best regards!!

    Ein Leben ohne Möpse ist möglich, aber sinnlos!!
    • Kapeusz said...
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    • 27 Mar 2009, 19:31
    but, maybe you tell how did you get into that music, maybe you tell something more ; )

  • The first music i ever listened to was Linkin Park (a friend showed me the album Hybrid Theory) I began to love their music more and more, and I actually listened to this for years ;) Later I found a CD of a german(im german, too ;) ) Punk-Group "Die Ärzte" (the Doctors in english). I began to listen to everything after that, but I really dont know how this started ;) By this Time, a real "Fight" between two genres, the german Rap and the Softer german Rock......I saw people insulting themselves because of their favorite music, but this is over by now, and im really glad i never said something like "Hip-Hop is shit" or so on

    • obloard said...
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    • 17 May 2009, 12:20
    hehe long time ago i was listening to the radio ;D but suddenly i got a internet so i could have started to looking for my own kind of music taste. I started with polish rap but that was changed when i discoverd(when i was learnig how to play a guitar) little harder music - Metallica, Disturbed, SOAD, BfMV and else. Its about hmm 7 years i changed my taste of music :) But I don't give a fuck about conflict of subcultures and i like listening other types, too (can be seen on my profil).

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 25 Oct 2009, 21:18

    lol, I really do have extensive musical taste.

    When I was 5, I use to listen to children's Christian music. LOL, then when I was around 10, I started getting into all the mainstream r&b, and hip-hop scene. I was listening to that 'til I was 13. Then, in January of 08 I started getting into country. Like Sara Evans, and Sarah Buxton. I thought it was a good transition because I started to notice that rap songs today are just more about the 'good' life. And all the perks you get, and all the advantages. I never really saw anything different. Like their life story. Then, when I got into country it kind of changed. There was more life stories. They didn't always talk about fancy cars, and money. They talked about life. In a good way. It seemed like they were always thankful for something. Even if it was a sad song. Then, about 10 months later. I started getting bored with it. I couldn't find new artists that I liked. And even if I did they weren't really generally the ones that I Iisten too. So, I started getting into the pop/mainstream scene. Then, I seen one band in particular: Paramore. Then, I started getting into alternative. A LOT OF IT! lol, I liked female fronted alternative/rock. I seen Flyleaf and wanted to listen to them. So I listened to "I'm So Sick." and the screams scared me. LOL, I thought it was a devil thing. Then, I was watching this video on female bands and they were all screamers and I thought it was scary. Then after awhile I started liking it. I started getting into the mainstream bands like Walls of Jericho, and Arch Enemy. Then, I started getting into the underground bands like Stigma, and Kayzen. And to this day I am now mostly into female fronted metal bands. I know it's not a genre but still. Most of them are clean vocals though. I still love every genre. I can listen to anything from Julia Fischer (classical) to Hank Snow (country) to Hey Monday (alternative) to Mims (hip-hop) to Otep (METAL!) I hate being one-genre-minded. Besides if you're an 'all-around' person like me there's more music to look into. And more to discover. :D.

    • SIAK said...
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    • 17 Nov 2009, 02:22
    Until i was 12 or 13 I only listened to mainstream music. At the beginning of every month I got a CD with the Top20 of the past month. And that was all I listened to for some years. But then i saw Boom! by System Of A Down on television, and i was fascinitated by that music. They became my (first) favorite band and through a fan-forum i got into heavier music like Sepultura, In Flames, Kataklysm and so on. At this time I also started to 'hate' people who listen to hip-hop, techno and pop-music (which I don't do any longer ;) ). I got into a period where i wanted to be different . That was the time when i got into progressive metal like Dream Theater and Opeth. And i was really felling elitist, altough I didn't really liked that music. But I was feeling good, because none of my friends know those bands. Somewhere at that time I found my next big love (propably my biggest): Tool. A bit later I started listening to some alternative-stuff like Queens of the Stone Age and Rage Against The Machine. At that point I decided for myself only to listen to music because I like it, not because the artist is unfamiliar to most people. At the same time I discovered last.fm and that was one of the best discoveries I've ever made. Around the beginning of 2007 I started listening to Nine Inch Nails and they are now on the same 'stage' Tool were some years before. 2007 was also my year of progressive rock like Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, A Perfect Circle, King Crimson... In 2008 I started listening to post-rock. Really wonderful music.
    At the beginning of 2009 I discovered trip-hop and that brought me into electronic music. Right now there are only some few genres I can't stand: reggae, indie, black/death metal, grindcore and most of pop-music.

  • My "evolution" is tastes is quite big. When I was a child (9 years old), it was really the age when I started to listen to music. My tastes back then where limited to to the Spiderman OST, OV7 (crappy latin pop band that is now part of my childhood, so it's important), and probably videogames soundtracks, such as Zelda and Mario for the N64. Then I was 12, I really discovered more music: Kiss, Iron Maiden, many mainstream bands. Kiss was the only thing I really liked. I was excessively Christian, so I hated most metal bands (including Iron Maiden) because "I though they were against God". That changed when I had a lethal confussion with my life when I was 15 and Metal started to take part of me, specially Symphonic Metal which is really favorite genre. I started to love the bands I hated because of my "religion" as I completely dropped all my religion beliefs. Nowadays, you can see me listening to almost everything: Christian Music, Music Against religion (my personal favorite, ironically enough), Metal, and one of my personal favorites: Even the 9 years old Connie Albot. I have hard times liking Rap and Hip-Hop as many times they dehumanize women, although not all that music is like that I actually like Eminem.

  • i started out listening to pop and hip hop when i was in elementary school. when i was 11 i listened to pop-punk music. a lot of Avril Lavigne and Sum 41. then at 12 to 16 i listened to industrial, goth and metal music. i dont know what changed me but i just remember listening to all Rammstein and Lacuna Coil at 12 and at 14 wearing a KMFDM shirt to school and getting in trouble because of dress code. also, at 15, i first heard Depeche Mode's Violator which totally changed my life. despite the fact that my music taste changed many times since then and that album was always very pop, it was one of my favorites. at 17, i started to listen to more pop but i think that was because of new artists coming out that made pop more interesting for me. it also could have been the lingering influence of Violator, which never really left me. :]

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