• bands with fewer than 5,000 plays?

    An Early Ending

    • UDeF said...
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    • 4 Mar 2009, 00:41
    Blandish four girls from hungary. To me awesome.Muddyroad band from poland

    • xEvyn said...
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    • 6 Mar 2009, 08:12
    The Lonesome Fruit

    & me, but I want share my shitty music for it being shitty as shit.

    oh man, it's taking me over.
  • molly sunday
    ...to hear her u hav to go to myspace, tho

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 17 Jun 2009, 01:02
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 19 Jun 2009, 22:29
    • myadron said...
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    • 8 Aug 2009, 17:44
  • Monogrenade - pretty new stuff comming from Canada (1,111 plays). In my opinion they will be huge! Check their single here:


  • (((***** Don't judge a book by it's cover, judge it by it's content inside. *****)))
    • sp0q said...
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    • 13 Feb 2010, 17:31
    The Lyman Woodard Organization

    Great funky jazz from the '70s.
    If someone has Dedication or Don't Stop the Groove - please kindly share :P

    If everything's under control it means you're going too slow ;]
    • Skathi said...
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    • 21 Feb 2010, 10:58

    Bluegrass/ Folk/ Drinking Music/ A bloody good laugh!!

    ~ May the gods of Asgard, Guide you in your Journey ~
  • BFF


    BFF from Neverever Records is definitely an eclectic mixture. I hate that word though -- eclectic... Anyway, try a few BFF tunes on for size. Mossy.

  • Olias Fall Awesome folk punk singer-songwriter.
    Peace Corpse Really unique, dark hardcore.
    Fifth Column Not really sure why they have so few plays, since they are pretty well-known in the queercore scene (you know, since they started it and all). Anyway, in terms of the sound, they're kind of post-punk. They rule.
    Le Singe Blanc Crazy experimental music.
    Children in Adult Jails Unique hardcore/post-punk (for lack of a better description). One of my best finds.
    sinks Noise punk from Minneapolis. Awesome live.
    Leslie Winer Amazing proto-trip hop. Check it out if you can find it.
    Pariah Piranha Grungy queercore band.

    • filp said...
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    • 31 Jul 2010, 16:22
    Yellowstone & Voice Folk duo, from the 70's and similar to Simon and Garfunkel :)

  • D.O.V.
    Nice metal. Enjoy.

  • Closer, Night on earth, vassilikos

    Check them!They are Greek!
    Vassilikos is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!Vassilikos

  • This is my band:
    Chop Suzy alternative rock

    and just so it doesn't look like I'm just here promoting my own band here are a couple of other artists you should definitely check out

    The Rolling Blackouts Stones-y, Who-ish classic rock vibe
    The Flash Express blues explosion!

    Check out Chop Suzy. Free downloads. Here's a taste:
    Hot Chick Yard Sale
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 20 Dec 2010, 22:35


    I cant wait to try some of these on!! :)

    • UDeF said...
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    • 14 Sep 2011, 09:57
    The Mire (post-metal/ sludge/ progressive metal)

    Dewey (hardcore/ black metal/ sludge)

  • Hello, if you enjoy electronic pop, you might like this indie project

    Download tracks for free: www.cosmicboxer.com/download.html

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