• Tunc89 said...
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    • 29 Dec 2007, 15:50


    Recommend the last person who've posted something, based on his/her profile and top artists. This way, we'll discover new music we like and everyone's happy.

    • keitekk said...
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    • 30 Dec 2007, 01:55
    this is actually kind of difficult, but i'd suggest you might like Mutabor

  • hmm, based on the X JAPAN and l'arc~en~ciel in your charts, perhaps you would enjoy the TRAX?

    • Akink said...
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    • 5 Jan 2008, 18:50
    We share a many artists in common, including The Beatles (!), The Doors, The White Stripes, Pink Floyd... I see you like Cream (the first band that Last.fm recomended me), John Lennon...
    So maybe my second favorite band - Architecture in Helsinki?

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  • Well...

    I noticed you have Neutral Milk Hotel pretty high on your top list of musicians, so you might like Beirut.

  • Okay, Rocket. I think you may like Sunset Rubdown.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 8 Apr 2008, 02:05
    Well, your first artist is a Swedish (non-American) punk band, so maybe Gogol Bordello? Or maybe you just like intense music, in which case I recommend Gillian Welch.

    • CZMJ said...
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    • 14 Apr 2008, 13:22
    • Jharod said...
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    • 15 May 2008, 19:18
    I believe you should try Get Well Soon!
    It's a great band with eclectic sound(but rooted in folk) and beautiful, rich sound :-)

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  • you should probably check out Eels. I like 'em and we have a lot of similar artists.

  • I see some indie/indie pop here, I think you'll like The Apples in Stereo.

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    • jarvolt said...
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    • 18 Jul 2008, 06:43
    Maybe Puola? Recently discovered this band, they're kind of eclectic in styles. Mostly chiptune-y and a little weird.

    Perhaps not the best choice; the last.fm player isn't working for me right now so I can't preview the artists I don't know, I'm kind of going by Beck, Hot Chip, Battles, and Crystal Castles. Maybe a bad recommendation, I'm not good at recommending music in the first place.

  • i checked out puola (listening now, actually). i like it a good bit (no pun intended, but i'll take it). i thought i'd recommend you Messer Chups off the bat, while listening to the puola stuff. they are a treat. looking at your chart, i will also recommend God's Money by gang gang dance to you, as i have to many, as it is rad. thank you.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 8 Aug 2008, 00:10
    no hard feelings if my recommendations are way off the mark, but I'm going to go with The Seeds and Sunburned Hand of the Man

  • Man, tricky. How about Jens Lekman or The Mountain Goats? They've both got great new albums out.

  • For you, Alex, I would reccomend DeVotchKa and Humanwine (unfortunately they are not streamable on Last.fm at the mo). Let me know what you think.

  • Oh, and also The Magnetic Fields

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 31 Aug 2008, 17:11
    Delerium? You listen to a bunch of things I listen to xP Such a shame I reseated my charts.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 31 Aug 2008, 17:13
    You might like Guther... Maybeh...

  • Like Animal Collective? If yes, you might like Panda Bear.

  • maybe Guster or The Essex Green?

    • effaloo said...
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    • 3 Jan 2009, 00:41
    If you haven't heard of these already, I think you may like them: Final Fantasy, Andrew Bird, She & Him.

  • effaloo i suggest to you of Montreal (which youy've probably heard or at least heard of), Neutral Milk Hotel, and The Olivia Tremor Control

  • I think you'll like Detektivbyrån or something totally different: Deerhoof.
    ( I've seen some nice suggestions in this topic ;) )

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