• FREE DOWNLOAD: Mea Vita - Fevral (2012)

    29 Feb 2012, 10:11 by AlexeyMad

    Label Synth-Me is happy to introduce the second release by the group Mea Vita – Fevral. The trio of fascinating girls - Felis, Lila and Winter joined to run a project in 2008. Darkwave and neoclassic were chosen as the most appropriate styles to express human feelings. Projecting emotions onto the present-day reality, Mea Vita narrates simple stories of nontrivial occurrences.
    While listening Fevral one can find notes of sadness and love, familiar to everybody. Original versions are supplemented with remixes by Digital Machine, Ariu Kara, Dree My Weird, Ainoma, Last Phase and Aggressive Remover. Dissolve in the atmosphere of winter evening with Mea Vita.

    You can free download: http://synth-me.ru
  • Why does copyright exist?

    12 Sep 2009, 22:48 by heminder

    If a $300 college textbook cold be copied and sold cheaper, the poor may become educated!

    When the printing press was invented, it was feared that an educated society would be ungovernable, so the first copyright laws were passed. Many 'pirate' printers and writers were imprisoned in the Bastille.

    The British church-government also influenced the distribution of knowledge. Ignorance became innocence, curiosity became sin, and mankind was born 'defective' with an 'original sin' of taking of the 'tree of knowledge'. Science became the enemy of faith, and the enemy of uppity church clubs.

    Today, restricting knowledge is an effective method of combating 'crime'. Censorship restricts almost every information-bearing medium, choking inspiration and holding back creativity. Sharing opinions and inspiration is now piracy, fighting for creativity and freedom of information is terrorism, knowledge corrupts youth and history itself is censored.

    Defiant curiosity and defiant creativity, the most essential civil liberties, are now sacrificed to perpetuate the class system. If you really think a $100 speeding ticket affects a 12K/yr cook the same as a 120K/yr executive, you cannot see past the empty title of a plastic 'democracy'. The poor are forcibly kept uneducated by the richer in order to provide an animalistic working class. Their sole weapons are the copyright law and organized religion.

    Copyright is the only legal weapon the rich can employ to halt education. When you share text, music, or videos, you are sharing an opinion of the world around you. You influence society. File-sharing allows anyone to publish anything. Why should the rich have exclusive restriction of communication, inspiration, comprehension, and understanding?

    Outlaw Copyright.

    Steal This Film II

    (the text is quotes from comments i've read, and decided to pass on)