Why do you still buy CDs? (HELP with my MA paper)

  • I still buy CDs because...

    A physical copy is a physical copy, there's no way having a mere mp3 on my computer would give the same sense of actually owning the music. CDs also cost money, and having limited amounts of cash means my music library is carefully assembled from music that I really like. I also like arranging the CDs, and it is weird since my room is anything but tidy with clothes lying on the floor, but my music is sitting on the shelf in alphabetical order by artist and album release date. Having all the releases of an artist neatly next to each other gives me a certain sense of pride and satisfaction - I feel like I am really supporting the band.

    The CD sound quality is also a lot better, and while music on the computer is handy I find music a lot more enjoyable when it's coming out of a good set of speakers rather than headphones. The louder the better. I love listening to albums without doing anything else, just relaxing and focusing all my attention to the music.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 26 Oct 2010, 17:52
    Cuz I like to TOUCH the cd =D Love to see the Booklet, pics. I love to see my cds <3

  • ^ What they said!

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  • Well, it feels good to buy CDs and you end up loving them even more ^^ And the booklet, and print on the CD.. gah so much

  • Quality is usually better and it just feels better when I know that I've bought the CD I'm listening, supported the band.
    I can play the CD in the car or somewhere where I can't use my iPod.
    Then I just like collecting things and love to see the collection I've gathered :)
    The booklet is also nice if that really is something else than one picture but I can't see that as a reason to buy CD :D

  • better sounding and they look damn good.

    • Hanare said...
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    • 13 Nov 2010, 16:01
    I just love to go to the music store and search, search and search until I find an album that I've always wanted to have and leave the store with a big smile on my face :). Sitting in your room and finding something in an online shop can't even be compared to that!

    Also, what's already been said - collection, booklets, and the price.

  • Yeah, agree with Hanare above.

    That reminds me, I must put everything in order at some point...

  • SolidClownfish said:
    I buy CDs to have something physical in my hand, and not just an mp3 file on my computer. Besides that, there is not much of a reason why I do it, as I rip it to my computer and put it on my shelve with the rest of my collection, and I primarily just listen to the CDs I bought on my computer.

    Same! Altho right now I only have the CD''s ripped I feel most passionately about....recent ones I've bought and my current faves. I don't want to have too much music on my laptop. If I want to listen to any of the others, I'll just play the actual CD, either on laptop or CD player.

    And most of the reason that have been mentioned. Also I like to be able to play them in other rooms in the house, for eg in the dining room where we have an amazing sound system.

  • I am buying less CDs these days, mainly because our big retailers have scaled back their CD sections in favor of selling books, t-shirts and video games. I still haunt a few of my favorite used CD stores, but I find the selection to be dwindling. It's rather sad. Having said that, I have no plans on stopping anytime soon. I still love CDs for both the tactice aspect of owning a physical copy and having a good library of music I can always go back to.

  • Sometimes I just can't find the album online or on iTunes. This is happening less and less all the time though. I worry about my hard drive getting fried and losing all my music. A CD is a physical copy, though those disintegrate over time and a little scratch can ruin a track forever. I listen to a lot of music that was big during vinyl's day and would like to one day replace my CD and mp3 collection with their vinyl counterparts, if I can still find them at that point of course. Also I miss being able to flip through the booklets in CDs while I listen.

    • nicoot said...
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    • 4 Dec 2010, 03:04
    Because I love the sound of lossless audio. Because it's accompagnied by artwork, packaging, textbook, digipak/slipcase/... Because sometimes (with progressive rock) there's a 5.1 surround sound mix DVD-a included. Because I love to add records to my collection and put them in alphabetical order. Because I indirectly support the artists (but that's not the main purpose I'm buying CDs for). Because I don't like to listen to single songs, without the album context (which should be certainly be done with concept albums). Because I enjoy listening to an entire record from beginning to end with headphones on and thus hearing every single detail you don't hear in your car. Because so many other reasons man :-)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 5 Dec 2010, 07:39
    Because I like it.

    • ayuxx said...
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    • 8 Dec 2010, 01:33
    Kalahan92 said:
    Quality is usually better and it just feels better when I know that I've bought the CD I'm listening, supported the band.
    I can play the CD in the car or somewhere where I can't use my iPod.
    Then I just like collecting things and love to see the collection I've gathered :)
    The booklet is also nice if that really is something else than one picture but I can't see that as a reason to buy CD :D

    All of the above, plus many more reasons, most of which have been mentioned before in this thread. Though I technically could use my iPod in the car, I don't really like how it sounds, nor do I like fiddling with it. And it has some hardware issues that cause it to fuck up occasionally. So I only use it on longer trips (3+ hours) when bringing a bunch of cds would be more impractical than using my iPod.

    I opt for cds over vinyl because they're more portable, so I get more practical use out of them. I do most of my music listening on my laptop when I'm at home, and my cds are used in the car and for ripping purposes. Cd quality sounds perfectly fine to me over vinyl to my non-audiophile and slightly damaged ears (I never go to a live show without ear plugs anymore x_x).

    I feel like I've gotten more bang for my buck when I own a physical copy of an album than if I only had the album digitally. I think digital albums are usually far too expensive for what you're getting. A collection of cds looks far more impressive than a library of digital files.

    I don't have to be chained to my laptop if I want to look up lyrics, as most albums have the lyrics in the liner notes nowadays.

    Physical albums often have special editions that include extra goodies such as a DVD. For example, I got a really awesome Disturbed documentary type thing with their latest album. I've gotten live DVDs with some of my albums. Artists will usually sign the cd when you order directly from them if you ask them to (and sometimes you don't even have to ask). I've even gotten handwritten, personalized notes. It's pretty awesome. And more and more artists seem to be adding cool little things with their physical albums that you would never be able to get digitally.

    As somewhat of a collector, I love hunting down a rare and/or out-of-print album and the thrill of actually finding it. Then I have the odd satisfaction of owning something that not everyone in the world has.

    I could go into a nice long-winded rant about individual songs versus full albums, but that, while loosely related, will start straying away from physical versus digital. I think spending money on an entire album "forces" you to grow to appreciate all of the songs so that you don't feel like you've wasted money. I think it's a bit more respectful to the artist to not completely disregard a large portion of the songs they've put so much time and effort and resources into.

    Though it's not the biggest reason why I still buy cds, I do like the sense of security knowing I have backups for my albums should my harddrives crap out. Usually I end up buying a bigger harddrive and transferring everything over to that before that happens, though. But if it does end up happening, I am able to easily rerip my collection, including quite a few that I can't seem to find digitally.

    Oh, and I guess it supports the artist and the other people who helped put the album out for my enjoyment. Hehe

    Whew. That was longer than I originally intended it to be.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 9 Dec 2010, 22:47
    I like CD's, i support artists who I like and of course - best qualitty .

  • I buy CDs for a few reasons. An artist has put their time, effort and money into creating something for their fans. And they should be rewarded for doing so.

    Also i like to stand infront of my collection and pick things out at random, albums i havent listened to in ages. Certain CDs remind me of particular memories.

    I also think that i appreciate my CDs more then the stuff i download.

  • you appreciate the music more...
    you get more into the music
    you can collect them ;)
    you can show off with them

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    • 22 Dec 2010, 01:36
    An artist puts countless hours, effort, and money into not just music, but the manufacturing of a physical package as a whole; as someone who appreciates what a particular artist does, I feel it's only fair to support the product and help the artist to recoup losses and maybe have a dollar or two for a frozen burrito @ the end of the day- most of the bands I listen to are just like me- you have a dayjob, you bust your ass on an art/hobby (depending on who you ask), and have families to feed, so I look @ it from a grassroots standpoint- no different from going to shows or club nights to support the scene.

  • I still buy CD's because I love to collect and then organize my collections. Also more specifically to music I like to actually own the booklets and such. And 400 CD's organised on a shelf just look so great! Well...I used to have 400 CD's until I became a Heroin addict and sold most of them for money to buy Heroin....That's the biggest thing I regret about my addiction.

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  • *Because, I'm a musics collector.

    *Because, I listen to musics by my home and my car's-audio.

    on the radio, my favorites music-tracks (sounds) are not played.

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    do you?

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    • 24 Dec 2010, 13:53
    I buy CDs because sometimes is much much more cheaper. But then sometimes i buy CDs just for that cool booklet that comes with it. I like buying CDs because i feel it's supporting the artist and i think it's nice to have a few CDs around. :)

    Nowadays i tend to download music because some CDs are ridiculously overpriced but if it's a CD i really want then I immediately buy it. But im lazy and just find iTunes convenient and accessible! And when I don’t have the music I have, I use lastfm (ect) to listen to music online because I love music and im an addict.

    Oh and sometimes iTunes doesn't have the specific album i want. Vice versa with CDs.

  • I buy cds because:
    i want to support the Artist
    i love good Artwork
    i am interested in the lyrics and the Infos in the booklet
    you cant buy special ltd box Sets with a lot of beautiful extas in MP3 Form ;P

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  • 'cause is very exciting put that cd on the stereo and listing to the music with a very high quality.
    Plus, is amazing see the booklet, the pics, the lyrics, how the cd was recorded, when, where, who write the songs and compose the music... i really love to see this stuffs =)

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