How often do you really buy CDs?

  • I buy a CD about once a week, on average. I don't really "do" downloads at all, but a very small percentage - maybe 3-5% - of my collection consists of them (almost always when the CD is unavailable/too expensive). Otherwise, it's CDs all the way.

    • Feyri said...
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    • 26 Apr 2012, 20:17
    i've been debating over this at the moment actually. I still want CDs but i find the price for an album is astronomical.

    my own collection has dropped severely in the last 6 years. i think in the last 4 i may have only got about 6 albums (physical copies). but in the four years previous i picked up about 400. reasons for this is, alot of the music i like doesn't get pressed to CD very often, i have a huge collection of music that i believe is still far too small, and i can't afford the price as i have to debate over 100,000 of releases that i want to buy. if they priced it more affordable at £1-£3 i would spend ridiculous money again.

  • I usually buy about 2-3 CDs per month, but there have been spurs - for example, when I discover a new artist whose music I absolutely love, I might buy several CDs from them at once.

    I never download music from illegal sources - if I want a preview of songs, I can always listen to them on Spotify or use Amazon's or iTune's previews. Many artist nowdays also have official YouTube channels.

    If I like only a couple songs from the CD, I might add the songs to my Spotify playlists, buy the songs from iTunes, or ask around if any of my friends have bought the CD so I can copy the songs I like. But there are times when a single song is enough for me to buy the entire CD.

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