The member after me...

  • If you mean the kind found in Kim Chee, sure. But I'm at best 50/50 on the band.

    The member after me has tried Korean food...

    Education can't be confiscated at the border
  • True not bad.

    TMAM has would seriuosly consider selling their soul to the devil.

    No Life At All In The House Of Doll's. No Love Lost.
  • No thanks, I'd like to keep it if I really have one.

    TMAM was very involved in school activities.

    Magneto was left.
  • false

    tmam prefers cola over pepsi

  • Nooooooooo... I'm totally the opposite!

    TMAM likes Reese's Pieces candies.

  • True dat.

    TMAM has a hidden love for boyband-music

  • Not so hidden, but slowly dying.

    TMAM's favourite Lady Gaga song is Telephone.

    Magneto was left.
  • false

    TMAM has put to many comments in this thread.

  • Probably true, but anyways..

    TMAM Isnt into any sport.

    No Life At All In The House Of Doll's. No Love Lost.
  • Sadly true.

    TMAM has hazel eyes.

    Magneto was left.
  • True... Though I maintain they're green.

    TMAM has been to more than one continent.

  • Actually not :DD I've visited some islands though, so I get a gold star for trying.

    TMAM is shy.

    Magneto was left.
  • Depends on how much beer I've drunk. :D

    TMAM is a summer person

  • true. I usually hibernate during most of fall, winter, and spring.

    tmam is a morning person

  • Only if I'm staying up all night.

    TPBM plays Crash Bandicoot

    No squealing, remember that it's all in your head.
  • Eh? You mean one of them mindless, thumb-breaking, gamer-got-no-life things? NEVER! ( posts are far more interesting.)

    The member after me took piano lessons.

    Education can't be confiscated at the border
  • Nope.

    TMAM plays oboe.

    Magneto was left.
  • Afraid not!

    TMAM has had to spend the night in a hospital at least once in their life?

  • Yeah, I hit my head so they kept me under observation for one night.

    TMAM doesn't drink coffee.

    Magneto was left.
  • Yep, I never did develop a taste for Starbuck's primary product...

    The member after me has gone barefoot.

    Education can't be confiscated at the border
    • x_meel said...
    • User
    • 3 Aug 2012, 22:23
    True. I'm always walking barefoot around the house.

    The member after me is a photographer.

  • True. I am :)

    TMAM likes the new design changes made.

  • I'm 50/50 on the new layout.

    The member after me has crossed a Bridge over Troubled Water

    Education can't be confiscated at the border
  • Nah I prefer swimming through them.

    TMAM's favourite movie is a sad one. Like Bambi.

    Magneto was left.
  • Not Bambi exactly, but it's a sad one :p

    TMAM enjoys travelling by plane

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