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  • My name is Foe, and I collect CDs. I have a list of my collection at my web site, which I need to update this weekend.

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    Hi! :)

    My name is Tim, I'm 19, and I have a personal moratorium against mp3s. I buy almost exclusively CDs not only for the physical pleasures they give (opening the package, holding the disc, reading the liner notes and admiring the cover art) but also for their higher sound quality and their lack of DRM.

  • hello everyone

    I still buy CDs, and in fact I buy more CDs since I started downloading music off the internet than I did before.

    The internet has in my case mostly replaced the radio as a source of hearing new, interesting music, and sites like are going to spread that trend even more.

    However owning a physical copy does grant a certain satisfaction which owning the mp3's does not. I often buy albums which I've already downloaded, or if I come across an album by an artist I've downloaded some songs from, I'm often intrigued enough by what I've heard online to buy the album, even if I haven't heard any of the songs.

    Last album bought was Leaders of the free world by Elbow, and before that probably Mineur Agressif by Kimono (Icelandic band, worth checking out IMO).

    Anyway, cool to see this group, I think the world needs some convincing that the internet isn't killing music, as many seem to believe (Lars Ulrich for example). I know some struggling artists, and my advice to them is to get as much of their tracks online and free for download as possible, because once you've got people listening, the chances of some of them going to a concert or buying an album are much greater.

    Good times,

  • Hey there

    I'm charles, 15. I'm a big fan of music, alot of pop and some R&B/Hiphop. I love CDs, I just get a huge satisfaction out of going to the store, hunting them down, buying them, and looking at them. Playing them is nice too, but alot of the time I already have most of the tracks on my computer. I mainly buy the CDs for that satisfaction and to support the artists, of course.

    The last albums I bought were So Amazin' by Christina Milian, which is a really great album that any R&B/Hiphop/Pop fans should check out, and A Prarie Home Companion Soundtrack (alright, so if you couldn't tell from my icon, I like Lindsay Lohan).

    I agree with Steinn in his views on the effects of the internet on music. The internet is my main source of finding new music and testing it out to see if I want to purchase it or not. Without the internet, I'd be buying way less music because I'm not about to waste my money on something that I'm not sure I'll like.

  • introduction!

    hi im heather, new to the community and its nice to meet all of you! this looks like a really cool community! :D

  • Wednesday. Just turned 14. Lives in a small town in eastern Ontario, Canada and hates it. I buy CDs pretty much whenever I have money. I prefer CDs over mp3s because of better sound quality, pictures, liner notes and such and the feeling you get after you buy a CD. Also, I know this weird but I like that smell that new CDs have.

  • I agree with Steinn, too. Although I like to support artists that I really like (especially if they're lesser-known and not already making a ton of money off their music-- they need the support to keep making it!) I also like to try out new music before I buy it, to make sure that I buy the things I really like (and thus have the money to be selective in that way.) And by trading with my friends, I've been exposed to a lot more new artists that I just "have to have" albums from than I would be if I just listened to the radio and its small, non-diverse range of music, which doesn't really cater to my oddball tastes.

    I think my conscience would bother me to no end if I never bought CDs, because that'd be basically mooching off other people's hard work, but I try to purchase everything that I feel that I'm getting a decent amount of enjoyment out of... and now that I'm not buying random CDs just to try them out and see whether I like them or not, I can actually spend that money on buying real copies of the burned/downloaded CDs that I am enjoying.

  • Hello all,

    I'm Chris. I still buy Cd's because I too think it's important to support the artist, very important. Additionally, they work hard to put together good album art most of the time, and that goes to waste when you download tracks.

  • My name is Josiah.

    I've been spending most of my money on CD's since I was 14.
    I'm currently going to school in Minneapolis for music production/recording.

    I will always enjoy the physical medium of music more than digital.
    There's nothing better than taking the shrink wrap off of a brand
    new CD, opening the jewel case, admiring the artwork and reading
    the liner notes.

    under shielded lights
  • Hello

    My name is Mikael, I'm from Finland (Land of Snow and barbarians)
    I buy CD's, Vinyls, SACD's, DVD-audios, DualDisc's and MusicDVD's.
    I won't buy music as digits only in physical media. I wont even download it.

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  • Hello. My name is Caitlin and I live in Tennessee. I buy CDs because I like being able to look through the liner notes while I listen to the CD. Besides, I am too technologically inept to download music on a regular basis.

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  • I'm Sanna, I live in Northern Finland and I'm 21. Lately I've been unable to buy as much CDs as I would have liked (due to financing difficulties :) but it's getting better now :>

    I have a list of my cds here (it's in Swedish but I think you'll get the point anyhow). Peace.

  • I'm Matt, I'm 21 and I live in Maryland, USA. I love collecting CDs, going through all of the cool booklets and reading everything it has to be read. The thought of actually supporting artists that I love (especially if they're lesser known) gives me a good feeling. Music is something I have a huge passion for...and it'll more than likely be a lifelong passion.

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  • Hi. I'm Matt, 15, from Oz, and damn right I still buy CD's. Being into not-so-mainstream black metal, even if I was so cheap as to download all my music it wouldn't be possible anyway. I now have 16 BM cd's, 2 death metal cd's, about 8-10 old thrash cd's and a lot of shitty nu-metal cd's my older brother has bought me which I never listen to.

    I reckon downloading is wrecking and enriching the whole aspect of anybody making $ from cd sales at the same time. Downloading music help people to recognise certain artists and possibly want to buy their CD's or go see a show - it's that way for most of the cd's I've bought. Yet with some cheapo people simply downloading all their music it's making the CD scene slowly die. Therefore I reckon they should impose a ban on downloading of any really popular artists :P

    The main reasons I buy cd's are that I love reading the booklets, and I also sit in the smug protection that if my hard drive gets wiped, I will only lose the 100-or-so mp3's I've downloaded and the 500-or-so ripped from one of my friends' massive CD collections which I can easily borrow and rip again. Also, when I'm not on the computer or I'm not using my iPod, chucking on a CD is easy.

  • Hi, I'm Ed and I still buy CDs.

    Like many people before me have stated, I buy CDs because:
    - I like to have something tangible
    - Computers are unreliable!

    I still download alot of music, perhaps "illegally". However, I feel I'm pretty justified in doing so. Without being able to download music, there would be no way I would possibly able to afford all of the music that I enjoy listening to. The way I see it is that if I was in a band, or I was making music, I would rather people heard my music than not, regardless of whether I got money for it. Alot of the music that I do download is either out of print, extremely rare, or is only on cassette.
    I also try and support artists as much as possible, by going to see them live and introducing people I know to artists I think they will like. To me, few things are more pleasurable than lending someone a CD and them coming back to me and saying "Wow! I loved that!". I try and buy CDs from smaller bands to help support them, they're the ones that really need the money, and I try and buy CDs direct from bands if I can. I will also buy copies of my favourite albums, partly out of respect for the artist I guess. As often as possible, I will buy my music from local record shops. It saddened me when the local record shop in my home town (Canterbury, England) closed down. The guys that worked there were great and frequently recommended new bands or albums to me from the band tshirt I was wearing, or the patches on my bag, or the albums I was buying. Plus they'd import albums for you and not charge a ridiculous amount like places like HMV do.

    I do not think that downloading music is really killing music sales. Their are statistics that I have seen (I can't remember where... somewhere online) that suggest that the birth of the mp3 actually lifted CD sales for several years. I think that things such as the recent growth of the home video industry, due to DVDs are more to blame. People only have a finite amount of money to spend on everything. Whereas once people may have been more likely to buy music with their money, these days there are more things to spend lots of money on. I only really started buying films when DVDs came out and I have around 150. If I hadn't spent my money on them, I would have spent it on CDs. I think that record companies that go on about CD sales being ruined by downloading see it that every song that is downloaded would have been bought if you couldn't download it. That is simply not true.

    I also think that if bands and record companies made more of an effort with CDs, people would be more likely to buy them. If an album looks really cool, or has a bonus DVD or has some gimmick (like the System Of A Down albums, Hypnotize and Mezmerize that slot together to make one double album) If an album looks like some effort has gone into it, it usually tips the scales for me as to whether I'll buy it or not.

  • Gimmicks..

    Yeah, about those gimmicks, sometimes they're damn annoying. Gorgoroth, for example, have three bits of a pentagram on their first three CD's. And only the first CD is any good! And Darkthrone have an interview on nearly every full-length -- everyone knows only the first four CD's are good and the other 5 or so are shit, but you get tempted to buy the shit ones just to see the interview.

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    I'm Aaron, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    I still buy CDs, but quite frankly it's more truthful to say that I acquire music in any form that I happen to run across it. Except that my stereo system has broken down to the point where it's hard to listen to records any more, so it's mostly tape, CD and MP3. I don't buy many tapes any more, but I still record them(mostly favourite-song collections to listen to in the car, where I don't have a CD player). I download MP3s from, and whatever free ones I happen to run across.

    So where do the CDs come in? Well, I confess that I don't buy a lot of new ones, because I think they tend to be overpriced(especially in Canada), but I buy them second-hand, or as library discards. Though often those suffer from quality issues, but then so do records or tapes... Or I order them from, where they're new but I'm not paying money, just "reward points". I did actually buy some from CD Baby a little while ago, but that was after I finally managed to track down the collateral descendants of one of my favourite obscure bands from the 80's...and I may order other obscure bands from there as well.

    So, hey, I'm not a fanatic about CDs, but I do still buy them from time to time.

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  • I'm Johan, from Göteborg/Gothenburg, Sweden.

    I still buy CDs, but the first thing I do with them is rip to FLAC (lossless) format so I can play them on my SqueezeBox. I actually threw out the cd player to my stereo because I no longer have any use for it.

  • I'm Sarah, I'm 15. I live in Ohio. Which basically means I have a bunch of goats for neighbors. No kidding.

    Uhm, I still buy cd's because I think the music is more tangible when you can hold the cd in your hands. It's more fullfilling then downloading it all because then you're like "Okay sweet...What now?". When I get cd's I like to listen through the entire cd while I read the lyrics to the songs and look at the artwork and all that fun stuff. Plus it helps you appreciate the music, the artists didn't put all that stuff in the booklet for no reason.

    Even when I don't buy cd's I try to rent them or bum them off my friends before I upload them into iTunes. Downloading is my last resort. Plus my computer's too effing slow to actually download music too much.

    Yep that's about it...

  • Heya :)

    I'm Nina from Switzerland, currently relocated to Germany, and I feel old, being 27. :)

    Why I love buying CDs is right here: :)

    Nice to be here!

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  • I'm Martijn, 23 from The Netherlands, which is a bloody expensive country for a music collector ;)

    Why I buy CDs I kind of explained in a comment in the same journal as the previous poster (altairas_eye) which also made me aware of this group and join it :)

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    Sini, female from Finland. I have enough age and I live for and cause of music. My favourite artist is definetly Lil' Kim. I love hiphop, rap, r&b, soul, reggae and dancehall. Pop and rock is ok, but not really my thing. I love shopping <3 :)

  • What's up.

    I'm Andrew, from Delaware USA (a small state near Philadelphia). I'm a high school (secondary) teacher in Social Studies, but i've had previous experience in teaching Math and English/Literature. And i'm 23. And i have really really bad music taste as you'll likely see from visiting my page.

    Here are the awesome record company groups that i lead here on Black Market Activities, Eulogy, Ferret, Ironclad, Lambgoat, Mediaskare, Metal Blade, Prosthetic, Roadrunner, Sumerian, Thorp, Trustkill, Willowtip
  • Hey there. I'm Paula from Denmark via New Jersey! I love to buy CDs, especially used CDs because they're cheaper! I have found some real treasures in the used racks. I do download music, generally purchased from artist sites and authorized retailers (like Bleep) when I have trouble finding an item on CD, but I always prefer the tangibleness of having something shiny. :D

  • my name is steven and I still buy cds

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