Introduce yourself :D

    • bas2204 said...
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    • 22 Dec 2011, 12:42
    I'm Bas. I'm 19 years old and I'm from a town in the Netherlands, called Venlo.

    We have a great Store in town to get CDs so I'm often there looking for that one CD I just have to have. I listen to all sorts of music but most of it is jazz, alternative, rock and a bit of pop.

  • My Name Is Kei.

    Hello, my name is Kei from ____. (I'm a private person when it comes to giving out personal information about myself. Only if, I know the person in real life.)

    Yes, it's actually my real name but, I do have a last name. I'm a huge AKIRA fan that's practically in love with the graphic novels and movie. Also, I'm a huge cd and vinyl collector that loves listening to them everyday. I listen to different musical genres ranging from classical to progressive metal. First, you'll see me listening to alot of old school & underground hip-hop music. Then, you'll see me listening to pop, folk, country, jazz, rock, advant garde, etc.

    Amoebas don't build houses and bridges, they only eat.
  • hiiii ^^ my name is dylan from the Netherlands, want to know more? just ask :P

    And i think i am addicted to cd's :O my goal is to get a wall full with cd's atm i got like 300 so still many to go :)

    hmm what music i like... rock,punk,metal,ska,balkan,drum and bass. almost every thing. o well

  • hi i'm Shannon. i'm from Michigan and i still buy cds because i don't even have an ipod or mp3. i'm 13 years old. LICK!

    have your people call my people :P
  • Hi I'm Selina from Spain. I'm 15 and still buy loads of albums and vinyl. I spend hours a week on eBay and Amazon searching for obscure music noone else has heard of and I get the biggest thrill ever from getting them :D Right now I have about 350 CDs and 100 vinyl :D

    "Some people never go crazy. What truly boring lives they must lead" ~ Blackie Lawless, W.A.S.P.
  • Name is Ernie, from TX
    I collect both CD and Vinyl, I just feel its way better to have a physical copy rather than just a digital. Into Metal, mostly 80s Metal, Maiden, Priest, Sabbath, Angel Witch, Sentinel Beast, Cloven Hoof, Coroner, Sentinel Beast etc.

    "A man who casts no shadow has no soul"
  • Hi. I am zvynuota. I am from Lithuania. I use for looking forward new music bands. I like write, read a books, listen to music, be housewife and so on..... My character is simple and few strange, but other thinks that i am sick.

  • Good day!

    Hello, My name is Tuomas.
    I am from Finland. Many people says that in Finland the people are quiet, shy and highly educated... Well many people from foreign countries who meets me in Finland they ask "Where are you from?"

    I am active, spontan, experimenting, "stuck from the mouth" guy.
    At horoscope im Sagittarius so that tells quite much about me.
    Im not really religious person but im still interested in these things.

    I Collect Cds, C-Tapes and Vinyls mostly and its okay to spend thousands for stereosystem.

    My hobbies are poem writing, making electronic music and playing drums, bass, didgeridoo.

    Music what got me into music:
    Instrumental Hip Hop, funk and jazz got me to drums.
    Stoner, Sludge and experimental music got me in to bass.
    Experimental, Ethnic, Drone, world music and "substances" got me into didgeridoo.
    Hip hop, Techno, Minimal, DUBstep, drum and bass/jungle, music got me in to electronic music.

    Nowdays I spend time to master these talents, collecting music, finding new influences, having good jams, travelling and finding a good place to study and work.

    ...Sound of a Matter...
  • hi, José from Portugal. i started buying CDs a couple years ago and still do. why? simply cause i just like the feeling of it... buying an album is so relatively rare these days that it feels special :P plus yeah if i want to buy music i rather have the actual CD. i'd buy vinyls too but yeah theyre kinda expensive in comparison and i dont own a record player

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 4 Feb 2012, 03:19
    Hi. I'm Sarah (obviously). I like buying CDs of things that I genuinely love. I like a lot of different genres, which seem to be influenced by what season it is, for some reason.

  • Hey :) My name is Bethany Lee, I'm sixteen years old and live in Florida. I started getting into music when I was thirteen, after I discovered My Chemical Romance. They'll always be my favorite band.

    I listen to what I like and usually stuff that's "good" and "quality music" to other people, I don't find myself enjoying, so i don't listen to it. I like mostly mainstream artists, just because it filters out that way, I don't purposely make it that way. I do listen to lesser known artists too. Like I said, I listen to what i like, what I relate to.

    I dye my hair a lot.
    I'm a hippie and believe in love and peace.
    I'm sturbborn.
    I have my tongue pierced.

    Andddd I dunno, hi :)

  • hi my name is Lucas, 24 years old and i still buy CD`s. im not "anti-digital" in any way but i still prefer the physical thing. although i have to admit lately i did a very huge clean up of cd`s and kept only the essential, "less is more" as they say.

    Last Cd bought: New Blood by Peter Gabriel

    New Cd`s looking forward to coming out this year: Marina and the Diamonds, Rush, Marillion, The Killers

    anyway i guess that`s it, see you around!! cheers!!

  • Hello, I'm Grant, 20. My collection of CDs isn't huge but I have what I love listening to and that's all that matters.

    Anyways, I've recently bought the Red Hot Chili's Album - I'm With You; not bad.

    I'm very chilled, I welcome all hello's! :-D

    Peace. \m/

    I'll always be a geek, the thing is, I like being one!
  • Hello, my name is Fadhlian, but my friends in village call me Baim. I'm from Indonesia.

    Btw, I'm a vocalist (guitarist early, and sometimes as backing vocalist when a member as a lead vocalist) of a melodic pop rock band called The Marsu, hehe :D

    I also have a (one-man) band called Caravanheart, I play folk black metal, but now split-up :D

    What else? Oh, one of my favorite music genre is "Epic Symphonic Folk Metal" ;)

    If you want to know about me, you can contact me : hahahahahaha!

    Currently I still buy a CD. And I've got it for add a band to my Metal-Archives profile page. You can visit it. Thanks ;)

    • galemir said...
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    • 8 Feb 2012, 14:51
    Hullo :D

  • Hey guys, what do you call a fat computer? a dell

    I'd like to RECKON'ER panties!
    Kiss my shades!
  • Hello. :) I'm Catherine, 17. I'm from Scotland, and I still buy CDs. :P I do occasionally download things, admittedly, but I still have a much richer relationship with my physical media than I do with the files on my computer. There are few things I love more than an hour in an independent music shop.

    'An old man stands naked in front of a mirror, eating soup. He is a fool.'
    - Jacques-'Jacques' Liverot
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 7 Mar 2012, 06:34
    Hi guys, would you please watch this inspirational video and leave a 'Like', If you could share the video as well that would be awesome.

  • what can I say? Agata, 17, Poland, bass player - I'm quite good xD I love write fantasy stories and.... I think that's all.

    and I still buy CDs :D haha

    hello dudes ;)

    Duff: "Did I say bananas?"
    Slash: "Yeah hahaha"
    Duff: "I did?? No...!!"
  • Hello, I am Darryn from Converse, Texas. I love to have CD's but don't really have to money these days. I am the one man death metal band Perverse Imagery and I also play in the San Antonio thrash metal band Exiting the Law. If you are interested in checking out Perverse Imagery go to the bandcamp page.

    Exiting the Law has no songs recorded yet but the few songs we have are badass!

    "Music is like an ass, even if it's full of shit, someone will like it" - Baldrick
  • Hi, my name is Anna and I'm a soon-to-be 28 year old from Sweden. I've been buying CDs since 1992 so I've built up a wee collection over the years reflecting all the phases I've gone through growing up.

    I listen mostly to various kinds of Metal, Folk music and Soundtracks. :)

  • Hi my name is Jeroen, I'm 28. I'm from Tilburg (The Netherlands). And I'm still buying cd's. I listen to metal.

  • Tom here, from Wisc., living in Tx. I have in the past, over the past 17 years belonged to several Email Album Sharing Groups, and have collected 352 GB of Rock on an external hard drive. Most of the Albums that I really liked I have gone out and purchased a copy of my own. Not all new I must admit, but lots of them are only available in the Used Shops. Now, Lastfm has become my source for trying out different Artists. Rock On! Tom

  • Rodney Welch from Columbia. SC. I support both CDs and vinyl because they provide more of a listening experience than you get with MP3s. I like good, strong, user-friendly packaging: good graphics, lyrics, notes that tell me who played what on which tracks. Yes, you can do that with MP3s but it takes some work and you have to park your ass at the computer, and we all do that too much. Also, if you buy used CDs, which I sometimes do, you're actually saving money.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 9 Apr 2012, 17:07
    My Emmanuel. I'm 15. I'm quite new to music, discovering lots of new music all the time. I'm open to a lot of genres. I own one cd, which is "Bangarang" by Skrillex. I hope to buy more when I get have more money and get a job.

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