Crazy insane hair tips?

  • Crazy insane hair tips?

    Aside from the not washing, which was a popular technique when I was in high school (back in the stone age), what else do you suggest? In addition to the not washing, we twirled the hair with our fingers alot. It seemed to help it to clump up better.

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    • 3 Jun 2006, 23:55
    my brother tries to make an old Al Pacino ( he is the fan of him) hair style with that technique.. Not washing his hair for a week and smells bad :(
    i think this is a temporary attitude, rather i hope so..

  • Soap is the trick. I found you can 'rinse' your hair, just that you have to avoid the soap. I think the longest I ever went was like a month. Gross, but effective. My hair was like those bendy characters that you could shape however you liked.

  • Pour cement in it, then style it to the desired shape and let it dry. Indestructable hair, hell even pantene can't match that.

  • Sounds good, but I don't want to have the massive neck that goes along with it.

  • the only product i used to increase the power of my white boy 'fro was some stuff call hair clay. thus it didn't have the slick gelled looked of hair gel or wax.

    but if someone put there hands in there, they normally returned with the clay and some of my hair. interesting stuff it was. now i just go the, don't wash for week style as i can't afford hair clay as i am a poor uni student.

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